Terry Rangers, Company E.

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L. N. Rayburn, Captain, Gonzales County, wounded at Shiloh in 1862, promoted to Major and resigned.
W. L. Poster, 1st Lieutenant, Gonzales County, resigned in September, 1861.
A. T. Storey, 2nd Lieutenant, died of wounds received at Shiloh April 8th, 1862.
P. H. Coe, 3rd Lieutenant, Gonzales County, resigned in September, 1861.
M. A. Hunter, 1st Sergeant, Gonzales County, wounded at Danbridge, Tenn., September, 1864.
C. C. Littlefield, 3rd Sergeant, Gonzales County, elected 2nd: Lieutenant and promoted, to 1st Lieutenant.
C. E. Littlefield, 4th Sergeant, Gonzales County, wounded severely at Manchester, Tenn., September, 1862, and promoted tro 2nd Lieutenant.
W. W. Wells, 1st Corporal, Gonzales County, wounded at Knoxville September, 1863, and permanently disabled in the arm; elected. 2nd Lieutenant.
D. D. Mitchell, 5th Corporal, Gonzales County, wounded at Bardstown, Sy., September, 1862, and died.
J. M. Hunt, 3rd Corporal, Gonzales County, discharged at Corinth April, 1862.

William Augustine, De Witt County, died in hospital at Nashville, Tenn., in 1861.
N. Ames, De Witt County, died.
A. T. Avery, De Witt County, killed at Fort Donaldson January 30, 1863.
N. H. Baldwin, Gonzales County, promoted to Sergeant and transferred to Mississippi regiment in 1861.
W. B. F. Bird,’ Gonzales County, dead.
Sim R. Bruce, 4th Corporal, Gonzales County, wounded severely at Prairieville, Sy.
G. H. Bruce, Gonzales County, wounded near Shelbyville, Tenn., in 1863.
G. W. Baker, Gonzales County, dead.
J. M. Bronnson, Gonzales County, wounded at Shiloh September 8th, 1862, appointed Quartermaster Sergeant.
T. J. Bronnson, De Witt County, discharged April 8, 1862.
A. T. Browning, De Witt County, wounded at Bentonville, N. C., in 1865.
J. T. Batton, 2nd. Corporal, De Witt County.
J. A. Brace, De Witt County, wounded while bearing dispatches to Bragg from Wheeler at Fort Donaldson in 1863.
W. H. Chaplin, De Witt County, promoted to Lieutenant of artillery.
M. Contraros, native of Mexico, De Witt County, severely wounded at Shiloh 6th of April, and discharged.
J. P. Caldwell.
A. Compton.
S. Chenault, present.
M. Cassidy, De Witt County, wounded July 4th, 1863, at Cumberland Mountain, Tenn.
F. D. Calhoun, De Witt County, captured at McMinnville September, 1863.
J. G. Collison, De Witt County, wounded severely at Cumberland Mountain, July 42 1863.
Hays A. Carson, De Witt County, present.
J. F. Colter, De Witt County, transferred to company I, and retransferred to E.
G. W. Cuppett, De Witt County, discharged.
William Davis, De Witt County, killed in Middle Tennessee in 1864.
R. S. Davis, De Witt County, killed in White County, Tenn., in 1864.
A. J. Duren, De Witt County, killed at Murfreesboro, Tenn., July 3rd, 1862.
W. F. Dickey, De Witt County.
W. F. Floyd, De Witt County.
R. H. Floyd, De Witt County.
W. H. Fisher, De Witt County, appointed Sergeant Major December 31st, 1863.
W. R. Friend, elected Lieutenant May, 1862, wounded at Macon, Ga., November 22nd, 1864.
C. C. Floyd, discharged December, 1861.
G. W. Fogg, died in Nashville December 2nd, 1861.
W. T. Fletcher, transferred from, 5th Texas Infantry March, 1864.
J. L. W. Gibson, wounded at Murfreesboro September 29, 1862, killed near Southern University July 4, 1863.
W. P. Gwynn, wounded at Murfreesboro.
W. D. Giddings, died at Nashville November, 6, 1861.
R. L. Gill, discharged June 6, 1862.
J. M. Hunter.
W. P. Hall, wounded at Bentonville March 20th, 1865.
J. T. Hays.
T. B. Hill, sent to the hospital in September, 1862, and never heard from.
E. T. Hendley, died at LaGrange, Texas, September, 1865.
D. T. Hall, dead.
M. D. L. Hargrove, discharged in, June, 1862.
J. M. Kirkland, present.
T. B. Key, 2nd Sergeant, died in North Alabama June 1862.
N. B. Kay, discharged in January, 1862.
J. W. Littlefield, badly wounded at Shiloh April 7th, 1862.
Robert Littlefield.
J. E. Lynch, wounded three times while scouting in 1861; killed near Raleigh, N. C., in April, 1865; last man killed.
William Locke.
W. P. McCarrity, captured and escaped.
John W. McGarrity, died in hospital November 8th, 1861.
C. M. McGarrity, died in September, 1862.
G. H. G. May, wounded at Bentonville, N. C., in 1865.
N. Michell, enlisted in 1861.
A. H. McClure, elected Lieutenant on December 25, 1862, at Nolansville Tenn.
W. T. Mahon.
1. Metz, discharged December, 1861.
S. S. Morris, discharged June, 1862.
A. R. Neill, discharged June 12, 1862.
Ferd Nolke.
R. Newcomb.
J. T. Nixon, discharged in December, 1861.
Uriah Peoples, from Company B, 2nd Tennessee Infantry.
D. N. Patterson.
D. C. Price.
J. J. Pitkin.
H. Rauft, Discharged January, 1862.
J. R. Roberts.
T. S. Richards, died of wounds received at Jonesboro in 1865.
A. H. Robinson, furloughed.
L. Squires, died at Bowling Green, Ky., in 1861.
Glen W. Shuler, wounded severely at Murfreesboro in 1863 and discharged.
Geo. W. Shuler.
D. B. Shuler, wounded at Moss Creek December, 1863.
H. Shuler, discharged in September, 1862.
T. S. Sanson.
M. Sullivan.
A. H. Sample, discharged October, 1862.
J. M. Sample, wounded at Shiloh April 6th, 1862; twice same day at Cassville, Ga., 1864.
C. M. Sherman, captured July 4th, 1864.
W. A., Smith, discharged February, 1862.
R. McE. Ware, transferred to Gano’s Brigade in 1862.
L. T. Ward, discharged January 8, 1862.
H. M. Tramwell.
R. E. Tramwell.
H. C. Thomas, killed at Moss Creek January 12, 1864.
E. P. Ward, absent on limited furlough, since enlisted.
J. G. York, killed in White County, Tenn.
J. L. White, promoted to Lieutenant and Captain, and wounded at McMinnville in 1864.
J. M. Wheat, promoted to Commissary Sergeant.
R. M. Wallace, captured at Moss Creek January, 1864.
G. A. W. Wright, wounded at Beardstown, Ky., October 4, 1862, and died.
Geo. W. White, discharged January, 1862.

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