Terry Rangers, Company B

John A. Wharton, Captain, Brazoria, County, Texas, elected Colonel of the regiment January, 1862, promoted Brigadier General, October, 1862, Major General, and transferred, wounded twice, transferred to Mississippi Department, and killed in private altercation at Houston, Texas, by Colonel Geo. W. Baylor.
Geo. M. McNeil, 1st Lieutenant, Brazoria County, resigned at Oakland, Ky., in 1862.
William Henry Shark, 2nd Lieutenant, Brazoria County, promoted.
T. J. Bennett, 3rd Lieutenant, Brazoria County, promoted.
J. C. Herndon, 1st Sergeant, Brazzoria County.
William Groce, 2nd Sergeant, Austin County, Texas, elected 1st Lieutenant January 1st, 1862, resigned April, 1862.
E. A. Herndon, Harris County, Texas, wounded at Waynesboro, Ga., died in San Antonio, Texas, in 1876.
C. J. Gautier, 4th Sergeant, Brazoria County, Texas, detached to Texas with General John A. Wharton.
William B. Maxey, 1st Corporal, Brazoria County, killed at Newman, Ga., in 1864.
Sam Mimms, 2nd Corporal, Brazoria County, killed at Murfreesboro, with General Bedford Forrest.
Jule Manor, 3rd Corporal, Brazoria. County, wounded at Newman, Ga., July, 1864.
W. W. Nance, 4th Corporal, Matagorda, County.

P. Archer, Brazoria County, killed in Kentucky July, 1863.
Dr. J. C. Asheramb, Brazoria County, discharged at Corinth April, 1862, died January 20th, 1882.
Sam S. Ash, Harris County, promoted 1st Lieutenant and transferred to battery and wounded.
William. Ash, Harris County, killed at Shiloh April ith, 1862.
Gaston Ash, Harris County, discharged at Corinth, Miss., April, 1862.
P. A. Allen, Harris County, appointed Orderly Sergeant, wounded at Pollie, Georgia.
J. D. Afllect, Washington County, discharged by giving substitute at Sparta, Tenn., 1863.
_______% 9Aldridge, Brazoria County, discharged at Bowling Green, Ky., in 1861.
C. S. Bennett, Brazoria County, captured in Tennessee and paroled.
B. M. Bennett, Austin County, discharged November, 1862.
M. Bracy, Captain of company, Fayette County, Texas, transferred from Company P to Company B.
J. H. Burney, Brazoria County, present.
W. K. Burney, Brazoria County, discharged November, 1862.
Robert Burney, Brazoria County, discharged at Woodburn in 1862.
Green A. Bolinger, Brazoria County, killed in front of Atlanta on July 22nd, 1864.
Joe Bates, Brazoria County, transferred from the regiment in November, 1863.
Joe S. Baugham, Calhoun County, present.
T. J. Barker, Lavaca County, captured in Georgia.
H. C. Bradbury, Calhoun County, missing, supposed killed in Tennessee, in Wheeler’s raid in 1863.
James Bradshaw, Wharton County, Texas, transferred to the Havalina’s, Company G, Bowling Green.
William Bridges, Brazoria County, discharged early in 1862.
James Bush, Brazoria County, died in the hospital in Nashville in 1862.
J. Perry Bryan, Brazoria County, transferred to West Mississippi by promotion to 1st Lieutenant in 1863.
Sim A. Bryan, Brazoria, County, wounded and transferred to the Trans-Mississippi Department in I863.
S. I. Bryan, Brazoria County, transferred to Trans-Mississippi Department in 1863.
Robert Bruce, Brazoria County, transferred to White’s Battery in 1862.
E. M. Bussey, Brazoria County, blacksmith.
W. J. Bussey, Matagorda County.
J. L. Compton, Washington, County, one of Shannon’s effective scouts.
Robert Cuiston, Brazoria County.
William Cuiston, Brazoria; County.
S. S. Cris, Colorado County, killed in Kentucky July, 1863.
A. Crisp, Colorado County, discharged. in August, 1862.
R. C. Crisp, Colorado County.
Geo. M. Collingsworth, Matagorda, County, wounded in Cassville, Ga., May 12, 1863.
George Cheesman, Matagorda County, discharged in June, 1862.
W. P. Churchill, Brazoria County, present.
E. G. Chambers, Austin County, present.
Robert Campbell, Lavaca County, died at Shelbyville, Tenn., 1863.
J. M. Crain, Calhoun County, present.
T. P. Crain, Calhoun County, present.
W. W. Cannon, Brazoria County, present.
William D. Cleveland, Austin County, appointed Regiment Quartermaster Clerk.
A. G. Chanapin, Brazoria County, detailed in saddle shop.
Tom Chanapin, Brazoria County, killed at Shiloh April 8th, 1862.
R. S. Chathan, Austin County, wounded at Bardstown, Ky., in 1864, and discharged.
K. H. Chathan, Austin County, died at Woodburn, Ky., December 6, 1861.
C. O. Cassey, Austin County, wounded and left at Murfreesboro, and subsequently captured.
J. D. Cochran, Austin County, present.
B. H. Davis, Brazos, Texas, promoted to, Ordnance Office and transferred with Wharton.
N. B. Davis, Brazos, Texas, present.
W. P. Dever, Washington County, present.
J. T. Dial, Brazoria County, wounded, accidentally April, 1865.
William Duncan, Brazoria County, wounded and left at Perryville, Ky.
John Eisel, Brazoria County, blacksmith, discharged at Oakland, Ky.
W. W. Eckols, Burleson County, wounded at Chickamauga, discharged and died from effect of wound.
John B. Estes, Brazoria. County, wounded at Murfreesboro, and died from wounds at Cave Springs, Ga.
T. J. Estes, Brazoria County, saddle shop.
A. Frank, Austin County, present.
Ike Fulkerson, Washington County, elected Lieutenant August, 1863, wounded at Cassville, Ga., May 12, 1863.
William Fleming, Guadalupe County, wounded at Shiloh and discharged.
Henry C. Flournoy, Brazoria County, discharged at Shelbyville, Tenn.
A. S. Gillett, Walker County, killed at Cedar Bayou, Harris County, in 1868.
J. Freeman, Fort Bend County, transferred from company H to B.
R. F. Garrett, Brazoria County, transferred to the Trans-Mississippi Department.
Henry W. Grabber, Austin County, wounded in Kentucky, taken prisoner and retained.
S. Girard, Brazoria County, discharged at Corinth, Miss.
T. Groce, Austin County, went off with General Wharton,
Gared Groce, Austin County, promoted to Lieutenant on Wharton’s staff and came to Texas.
A. Garland, Brazoria County, taken prisoner.
Dr. J. W. Gullick, Washington County, appointed Surgeon of regiment by Colonel Harrison.
Arthur Haynes, Calhoun County, captured in Tennessee.
D. Hardeman, Matagorda County, left with Wharton by request of War Department.
A. F. Haanmond, Washington County, present.
J. W. Harper, Austin County, died in 1866 from effects of the war.
John W. Hill, Brazoria, County, transferred.
Joseph Hageman, Harris County, discharged in 1862.
J. S. Hubbard, Calhoun County, captured in South Carolina in 1865.
A. J. Harris, Washington County.
J. Coffee Harris, Washington County.
D. Harris, Austin County, discharged by substitution.
J. P. Harris, Colorado County, wounded at Waynesboro, Ga.
J. P. Hutchinson, Calhoun County, rent with Wharton.
R. Howell, Brazoria County, discharged at Bowling Green, Ky., and reenlisted in 1865.
C. Haynes, Calhoun County, diseharrged at Bowling Green; Ky.
M. A. Harvey, Austin County, promoted to General Martin’s, staff.
A. C. Jones, Matagorda County, Color Sergeant, wounded November, 1863, and died in 1868 from effects of wound.
Andrew Jackson, Brazoria County, discharged at Woodburn, Ky., in 1862.
Jahn Jackson, Brazoria, discharged at Woodburn, Ky.
W. R. Jefferson, Austin County, discharged at Woodburn, Ky. was in hospital seven months.
J. T. Joyce, Austin County, wounded in a forlorn hope carrying a dispatch; discharged and died.
Thomas M. Jack, Galveston, Texas, promoted to General Albert Sidney Johnston’s staff.
Tom King, Murfreesboro, Tenn., killed at Marietta, Ga., June, 1864.
G. B. Lewis, Washington County, furloughed and killed with General Wharton at Yellow Bayou, in 1864.
Louie LeGierce, Calhoun County, captured at Franklin, Tenn., killed at Columbus, Texas, in 1876.
T. J. Levine, Harris County, present.
Caynean McLeod, Galveston.
T. A. Manor, Brazoria County.
Leander McNeill, Brazoria County.
Benjamin McNeill, Brazoria County, died at Oakland Station, Ky.
Pleasant McNeill, Brazoria County, died near Shelbyville, Tenn.
C. F. Maxey, Walker County,, died in Unionville, Tenn.
S. C. McBroom, Wharton County, died December 4th, 1875.
A. McDonald, Harris County, died in Nolansville, Tenn.
D. Eugene Munger, Austin County, killed at Bentonville, N. C., March 21st, 1865.
D. McCann, Austin County, killed at Murfreesboro July 13th, 1862.
N. Monks, Austin County, killed at Murfreesboro July 13th, 1862.
R. Morris, Austin County, killed at Hempstead July, 1.879, by R. Loggins.
John McIver, Tennessee, wounded at Murfreesboro December 31st, 1863.
W. P. Massenburg, Brazoria County, discharged, at Corinth, Miss., March, 1862.
Ed. Moore, Brazoria County.
J. A. McKenzie, Brazoria County, discharged; afterwards served. as a Congressman from Kentucky.
H. Manidue, Brazoria County, discharged at Woodburn, Ky., in 1862.
R. M. McKay, Harris County, elected Captain of company in 1862.% 9d
Dan McPhail, Washington County, present
J. M. Onions, Washington County, discharged on account of his eyes in East Tennessee August, 1862.
W. S. Oldham, Washington County, promoted to 1st Lieutenant on General Maxey’s staff.
Virgil H. Phelps, Brazoria County, present.
Ben C. Polk, Leon County, Regimental Bugler, a fearless man, killed in 1876.
James Patterson, Tennessee, killed at Murfreesboro December 31st, 1862.
William Pickett, Brazoria County, died in Louisiana September, 1861.
Mat. Roberts, Brazoria County, discharged at Bawling Green, Ky., in 1862.
Jesse Rice, Austin, County, discharged in Bowling Green, Ky., in 1862.
Robert Rugely, Matagorda County, present.
J. D. Rugely, Matagorda County, killed at Woodbury, Tenn., September, 1862.
Vic. W. Rogers, Harris County, discharged August 18th, 1862.
T. S. Rennan, Austin County, present.
William F. Smith, Brazoria County, present.
Joe Stewart, Austin County, died at Atlanta, Ga. W. S.
Stewart, Washington County, present.
F. Stansbury, Austin County, died in Nashville, Tenn., February, 1862.
James Station, Brazoria County, wounded at Shiloh and discharged.
W. L. Springfield, Austin County, wounded at Noonan, Ga.
E. B. Thomas, Galveston, wounded at Murfreesboro December 31st, 1863.
E. Thomas, Galveston, discharged in 1862.
0. Tilmon, Austin County, promoted to Lieutenant in White’s Battery.
S. Tillerry, Washington County, discharged at Murfreesboro in November, 1862.
J. Trumbull, Washington County, detached on Engineers Corps.
E. R. Terrell, Harris County, one of Shannon’s effective scouts.
Mat. Talbott, Matagorda County, discharged.
Theo. H. Thompson, Galveston, present.
William Ward, Brazoria County, killed at Murfreesboro December 31st, 1862.
W. R, Webb, Austin County, captured near Somerville, Ga.
J. Ding White, Austin County, killed while on scouting duty in North Carolina March 26th, 1865.
John W. Wiggins, Matagorda County, wounded, captured and paroled at Waynesboro, Ga.
I. Wilson, Brazoria County, discharged, rejoined and again discharged.
I.G. Wilson, Wharton County.
Ben F. Weems, Brazoria. County, promoted to Captain. Adjutant to Wharton; wounded at Murfreesboro in 1862.
Joe Walker, Matagorda County, transferred to Company Gat Bowling Green, Ky.
Joseph Yearby, Brazoria County, captured and paroled in Tennessee, now dead.
A. Hendricks, Austin, County, died in prison at Camp Chase in 1863.
W. B. Hardee, Alabama, son of General Hardee, killed at Bentonville, N. C., March 21st, 1865.
J.C. Hungerford, Alabama.
T. A. Hicks, Tennessee.

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