Terry Rangers, Company F

L. M. Stroble, Captain, Fort Bend County, resigned December 1st, 1861; died at LaGrange, Texas, in 1872.
W. R.. John, 1st Lieutenant, Fayette County, promoted to Captain June, 1862, wounded September 17th, 1863, at Gorsbyville, Ga., and Bentonville, N. C., in November, 1865.
Phoecian Tate, 2nd Lieutenant, Fayette County, resigned in May, 1862.
W. N. Tate, 3rd Lieutenant, Fayette County, resigned in December, 1861.
A. J. Murray, 1st Sergeant, Fayette County, promoted to Lieutenant July, 1862, absent at close of war.
V. T. Coop; 2nd Sergeant, Fayette County, discharged December, 1861.
C. D. Barnett, 3rd Sergeant, Fayette County, promoted to 1st Sergeant, wounded at Murfreesboro July, 1862, and at Waynesboro also.
J. T. Culpepper, 4th Sergeant, Lavaca County, wounded at Shiloh 1862, and in East Tennessee in 1863, and captured, but escaped in 1865.
A. G. Ledbetter, 1st Corporal, Fayette County, wounded at Shiloh and at Farmington, Tenn.
B. E. Joiner, 2nd Corporal, Fayette County, promoted to 3rd Lieutenant.
L. Watson, 3rd Corporal, Lavaca County, died in prison at Rock Island, Ill. was captured October, 1863, in Sequatchle Valley.
J. W. Roab, 4th Corporal, Fayette County, wounded in East Tennessee.

S. L. Anderson, Fayette County, discharged, July, 1862.
J. H. Andrews, Colorado County, left in hospital on the field, of Shiloh mortally wounded.
O. H. Alexander, Fayette County, present.
P. H. Arnold, Lavaca County.
J. B. Allen.
B. F. Burke, Fayette County, wounded at Chickamauga.
Henry Brown, Bugler, Fayette County, wounded at Nolansville, Tenn.
T. C. Bennette, Fayette County, wounded at Grisbyville.
A. 31. Beall, Lavaca County.
Robert Bracey, Austin County, transferred to Company B.
J. K. P. Blackburn, Lavaca County, promoted to Lieutenant wounded at Farmington October 6th, 1863.
H. G. Burton, Fayette County, died in hospital July, 1862.
L. K. Crockett, Fayette County.
R. R. Crockett, Fayette County, discharged February, 1862.
J. E. Carlton, Colorado County, present.
B. T. Craft, Fayette County.
G. L. Chandler, Fayette County, wounded at Farmington October 6th, 1863.
S. G. Clark, Colorado County, killed at Tyrrell Springs in 1862.
M. P. Cheatem, Fayette County, discharged December, 1861.
J. A. Cook, Fayette County, discharged January, 1862.
S. B. Dehart, Colorado County, discharged January, 1862.
W. E. Drisdale, Fayette County, wounded at Manchester August 26th, 1862.
C. M. Duneway, Lavaca County, present.
Charles Dirr, Fayette County, present.
S. C. Drake, Colorado County, transferred to White’s Battery.
E. H. Emeh, Fayette County, died November 4th, 1861, at Bowling Green, Ky.
William T. Fitz, Fayette County, died in Colorado in 1876.
J. R. Flewelyn, Lavaca County, killed the first Federal that was killed: by the regiment.
L. P. Gordon Farrier, Fayette County, present.
S. A. Green, Lavaca County, wounded at Murfreesboro December 29th, 1862.
Sam H. Grover, Fayette County, killed in private difficulty in East Tennessee.
T. J. Grace, Colorado County, present.
G. L. Gwynn, Fayette County, died at Atlanta, Ga., in 1862.
C. Howard, Lavaca County, transferred to Company I.
John Humphrey, Lavaca County, discharged.
J. L. Harris, Fayette County, died at Decatur, Alabama, February, 1862.
J. H. Holman, Fayette County, present.
J. G. Haynie, Fayette County, captured at Columbia,
S. C., 1864 and drowned at Saluria, S. C., bridge in 1865.
J. P. Hutchings, Fayette County went to Brazil in 1866.
A. P. Harcourt, Fayette County.
W. H. Harris, Lavaca County, present.
F. F. Hooper, Austin County, present.
U. E. Herbert, Colorado County, captured in Middle Tennessee, and sent to Texas.
J. R. Hester, Colorado County, present.
W. J. Hill, Fayette County, discharged April 12, 1862.
J. D. Hunt, Fayette County, discharged December, 1861.
M. G. Harbour, Fayette County, died in Bowling Green, Ky., in 1861.
Nat. Holman, Fayette County, transferred from Wall’s Legion.
C. K. Izard, Fayette County, died in Athens, Ga., April, 1864.
A. Jones, Lavaca County, died in, Bowling Green, Ky., in 1861.
R. A. Jarmon, Fayette County, captured in Kentucky campaign.
S. L. Jarmon, Fayette County, wounded at Farmington October 6, 1863.
R. H. Jones, Lavaca County, present.
J.C. Justice, Fayette County; no better soldier.
J. F. Jenkins, Colorado County.
T. B. Jones, Fayette County, discharged. January, 1862.
C. B. Jones, Lavaca. County, discharged at Bawling Green January, 1862.
Redding Jones, Jackson County, discharged December, 1861.
E. Kogler, Lavaca County, killed in East Tennessee.
R. Kuykendall, Lavaca County, died at Nashville December, 1861.
P. P. Kirk, Lavaca County, discharged January, 1862.
Wm. M. Lewis, Fayette County, present.
B. P. Lewis, Lavaca County, discharged February, 1862.
F. Lindenburg, Lavaca County, wounded at Aiken February 11th, 1865.
J. B. Long, Fayette County, discharged April, 1862.
H. C. Middlebrook, Lavaca County, discharged December 16th, 1861.
W. H. Middlebrook, Fayette County, present.
J. H. McCreary, Fayette County.
W. S. Morton, Colorado County.
D. A. McGonigil, Lavaca County, wounded severely and discharged September, 1862.
W. E. McClellan., Fayette County, elected Lieutenant October, 1861, and resigned.
T. G. Mercer, Fayette County, died at Bowling Green November, 1861.
J. H. Moore, Fayette County.
R. L. Nevill, Fayette County, transferred to White’s Battery.
W. N. A. Norton, Fayette County; present.
S.B. Noble, Lavaca County; always on hand.
W. N. Penn, Fayette County, discharged December, 1861.
I. P. Phillips, Fayette County, died in Nashville in 1861.
J. E. Priest, Fayette County, died at Oakland, Ky., December, 1861.
D. C. Payne, Lavaca County, died at Nashville, November, 1861.
S. C. Patten, Fayette County, captured in East Tennessee in 1864, and never exchanged.
J. W. Pope, Fayette County, wounded at Aiken, S. C., February 11, 1865.
James T. Pettus, Colorado County, killed at Manchester August 29th, 1862.
A. Pontin, Lavaca County, died at Atlanta, Ga., November, 1862.
N. C. Reeves, Fayette County, present.
W. B. Reeves, Fayette County, discharged December, 1861.
M. H. Sanders, Fayette County.
J. H. Stevenson, Fayette County.
S. A. Street, Fayette County, killed while on scouting duty at Marietta, Ga.
C. O. Simpson, Fayette County, wounded at Cumberland Mountain July 4th, 1863.
W. B. Simpson, Lavaca County.
W. S. Scallum, Fayette County, died in 1862.
A. G. Seals, Lavaca County, died at Nashville November, 1861.
J. R. Stewart, Fayette County, discharged.
W. L. Thornton, Fayette County, wounded at Manchester, Tenn., also at Stockade; killed in pursuit of McCrook’s raid, July, 1864.
S. G. Thigpen, Lavaca County, present.
S. R. Tutilex, Fayette County, wounded at Murfreesboro December 29, 1862, Manchester August 29, 1863; discharged in consequence.
Henry Terrell, Colorado County, wounded in Stoneman’s raid, July, 1864, and in East Tennessee, December, 1864.
W. Wallace, Fayette County.
S. R. Woodward, Fayette County.
W. S. White, Fayette County, killed at Bentonville, N. C., March, 1865.
D. R. Watson, Lavaca County, captured October, 1863, and died in prison.
W. J. Ware, Lavaca County, died in Bowling Green November 1861.
T. H. Wood, Montgomery County, discharged November 1862.
J. W. Yarborough, Fayette County, died at Nashville December, 1861.

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