Terry Rangers, Company I

J. G. Jones, Captain, Gonzales County, resigned at Shiloh, April 6th, 1862.
W. H. Harris, 1st Lieutenant, Gonzales County, resigned and died in 1861.
A. D. Harris, 2nd Lieutenant, Gonzales County, promoted Captain May 7, and killed, Alay 9, 1862.
J. H. Paramore, 3rd, Lieutenant, Gonzales County, wounded in 1862, promoted Captain June 2nd., 1864, wounded December 30, 1864.
JaMes Harris, 1st Sergeant, Gonzales County, died May, 1862.
Geo. W. Littlefield, 2nd Sergeant, Gonzales County, elected Lieutenant January, 1862, promoted Captain, wounded December 27, and resigned.
Chas. W. Mason, 3rd: Sergeant, Gonzales County, killed at Gonzales by William Baltzell in 1869.
Ed. T. Rhodes, 4th Sergeant, Guadalupe County, died in Seguin in 1878.
B. F. Burr, 5th Sergeant, Guadalupe County, killed at Shiloh April. 6th, 1864:
W. E. Jones, 1st Corporal, Gonzales County, elected Lieutenant May 7th, 1862; twice wounded; promoted Captain March, 1865.
J. D. Bunting, 2nd Corporal, Gonzales County, taken prisoner at Moss Creek January 12th, 1863.
N. B. Cotton, 3rd Corporal, Gonzales County.
L. A. L. Lampkin, 4th Corporal, Gonzales County; wounded twice, and came home in 1865.

G. R. Allen, Gonzales County, wounded at Rome, Ga., in 1864.
S. Andrews, Gonzales County.
Mat. Anderson, Grange County, discharged.
Thomas Balfour, Guadalupe County, discharged.
James Bankhead, Gonzales County.
G. J. Borthe, Jackson County, wounded twice.
J. E. Bowling, Gonzales County, wounded at Shiloh.
Lem Barnett, Bee County.
Wm. H. Baltzell, Caldwell County.
C. M. Bradshaw, Gonzales County, discharged in 1862.
Walter Burke, Gonzales County, discharged in 1862.
James Carlton, San Patricio County, transferred to Company E.
J. J. Colter, Liberty County, promoted to Lieutenant in Cadets C. S. A.
James H. Cobb, Gonzales County, wounded and furloughed.
V. R. Cook, Gonzales County.
R. D. Carpenter, De Witt County, wounded and captured Jule, 1864.
L. H. Cochran, Gonzales County, killed.
J. R. Cox, Guadalupe County, discharged, loss of voice.
W. M. Campbell, Fayette County
James Caruthers, McLennan County.
W. H. Babbett, Gonzales County, discharged.
J. L. Dunting, Gonzales County, discharged in 1862.
Robert Gilhorn, Gonzales County, discharged in 1862.
R. H. Ray, Lavaca County, died in Nashville, Tenn.,
Henry Thigpen, Lavaca County, died in Nashville, Tenn.
James McKinney, San Patriclo County, died in Nashville Tenn., in 1861.
W. Hutchings, Gonzales County, discharged.
T. P. De Witt, Gonzales County, wounded December, 1862.
J. C. Dilworth, Gonzales County, promoted, Lieutenant December 14, 1863, died at Gonzales in 1878.
James Duff, Gonzales County, died at Nashville, Tenn., in 1861.
Henry Donnett, Beaumont, Texas, discharged.
Randolph Fields, Liberty County, discharged.
W. D. Fry, Guadalupe County, promoted and transferred.
W. M. Evans, Gonzales County, discharged in 1862.
T. L. Whetter, Gonzales County, wounded at Shiloh and discharged.
J. D. Gilmore, Gonzales County.
R. B. George, Guadalupe County, killed at Scottsville, Ky., in 1862.
A. Biggs, Caldwell County, discharged at Chattanooga, Tenn., in 1862.
R. S. Simmons, Gonzales County, promoted to Major and Commissary in Wharton’s Division.
D. R. Ridley, De Witt County, discharged in 1862.
A. Cupputt, Gonzales County.
J. E. Hardy, Gonzales County, wounded at Murfreesboro December, 1862.
J. F. Paul, Victoria County, prisoner of war.
C. H. Howard, Lavaca County, prisoner and wounded.
W. P. Holcomb, Gonzales County, present.
Daniel Holcomb, Gonzales County, wounded at Cassville, Ga., in 1864.
R. B. Hardeman, San Patricio County.
J. N. Houston, Gonzales County, transferred.
T. Harris, Gonzales County.
William Hall, De Witt County, died in Nashville in 1861.
B. F. Mooring, Gonzales County, died near Bawling Green, Ky.
Edward Thorn, Gonzales County, died in Nashville, Tenn.
Robert Eskridge, Gonzales County, died at Murfreesboro March, 1862.
T. W. Jones, Gonzales County, wounded December 26th, 1863.
William Jackson, Lavaca County.
S. G. Jackson, Jackson County, wounded and discharged.
Jane E. Stephens, Gonzales County, died at Nashville.
W. F. Stephens, Gonzales County, died at Bowling Green, Ky.
W. H. Kyle, Calhoun County, wounded at Atlanta, Ga., in 1864.
L. M. Kokernot, Gonzales County, present.
W. A. Kendall, Gonzales County.
J. C. Latimer, Gonzales County, prisoner.
H. McKellar, Gonzales County.
John N. Rogers, Gonzales County, discharged.
C. M. McDonald, San Patricia County, elected Lieutenant and resigned, went back as a private; richest man in Laredo.
J. D. McClure, Gonzales County, wounded at Shiloh, and elected Lieutenant.
J. F. Miller, Gonzales County, Commissary Sergeant.
A. S. Miller, Gonzales County, wounded July, 1864.
Banquelle Miller, Banquete, Texas.
P. M. McKeller, Gonzales County, wounded and discharged.
T. H. Newbrit, Gonzales County, discharged.
R. G. Pullen, Gonzales County, wounded three times and discharged.
N. B. Polk, Gonzales County, present.
E. M. Stein, Gonzales County, prisoner of war.
H. D. Sullivan, San Patricia County, present.
N. H. Snyder, De Witt County, wounded at Chickamauga and retired.
P. H. Swanson, Gonzales County.
Louis Snyder, De Witt County, died at Nashville, Tenn.
John L. Norwood, Gonzales County.
M. Norwood, Gonzales County, died December, 1861.
Erskine Miller, Guadalupe County, discharged.
T. G. Miller, San Patricia County, discharged.
Jahn F. Tyler, Gonzales County.
J. W. Nelson, Gonzales County, discharged.
A. Sloaneeker, Colorado County, discharged.
Robert Taylor, Victoria County, killed at Shiloh.
W. B. Wood, Gonzales County.
William Wroe, Lavaca County, severely wounded at Shiloh.
A. G. Wood, Colorado County, wounded at Chickamauga in 1863.
.R. L. Young, Gonzales County, killed in Georgia May 12th, 1862.

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