Escaped at the time of the Surrender at Mier

Whitfield Clark
Caleb St. Clair
Left wounded at Mier, and escaped.

Robert Beale*
John Videler
Lewis Hays
Geo. W. Piland*
Nathan Mollen
William Rupley
Henry D. Weeks
Escaped at the village of Salado, and reached Texas.

John R, Alexander
John Blackburn
Rev. Thomas W. Cox
William Oldham
Escaped from Perote dungeon, July 2d, 1843.

Daniel D. Henry
Charles R. Reese
Killed at Mier.

James Austin
R. P. Bassett
Joseph Berry Dickson
Wm. H. Hannon
A. Jackson
John E. Jones
Dr. Isaac W. Towers
Calvin White
William Hopson
Died of wounds received at Mier.

Lynn Bobo
Hanks Kuykendall*
Stanley Locherman
Wm. J. McIllrea
Alexander McKendall
James Urie
Killed at the village of Salado.

Dr. Richard F. Brenham
Archibald Fitzgerald
John; Higgerson
Patrick Lyons
Lorenzo Rice
Drew black beans and shot at Salado.

L. L. Dash,
Jas. D. Cocke
Robt. H. Durham
Captain Win. N. Eastland
Edward Este (brother of Mrs. President Burnet)
Robert Harris
S. L. Jones
Patrick Mahan
James M. Ogden
Charles Roberts
William Rowen
James L. Shepard
J. M. N. Thompson
James N. Torrey
James Turnbull
Henry Whaling
W. C. Wing,
Shot at the village of Huehuetoca by order of Santa Anna.

Captain Ewing Cameron
Perished in the mountains after the escape.

William H. Cady
A. J. Lewis
William Mitchell
Perry Randolph
Sanford Rice
Lost in the mountains.

George Anderson
F. Bray
Jonathan Morehead
John Calvert
James B. Neely (recaptured at the Rio Grande and sent to the City of Mexico.)
Died in prison.

Robert Beard*
William Beard*
Samuel P. Bennett
John B. Blanton
W. B. C. Bryan
A. T. Burris
Thomas Colville
Robt. B. Crawford
P. C. Grosjean
Daniel A. Holowell
Charles Hill
Allen Haldeman
John Irvin
E. G. Kauffman
William Martin
B. Middleton
William Miller (1)
William Miller (2)
William Morris
Peter Rockfeller
Samuel Lel1and
John Owen
Elisha Porter
Carter Sergeant
Leonidas Saunders
Jahn Shipman*
Joseph Simons
Robert Smith
Patrick Usher
Wm. H. Van Horn
James S. White
Zacheus Wilson
O. R. Willis
J. P. Wyatt
Released at different times, By request of General Waddy Thompson.

George B. Crittenden
William Reese
Dr. J. J. Sinnickson
Robert Waters*
By request of John Quincy Adams and Mahlon Dickerson, of New Jersey

Israel Canfield
By request of General Andrew Jackson

P. H. Lusk
By request of the British minister

Charles Clark
Jerry Lehan
Thos. A. Murry
Donald Smith
By Santa Anna, himself.

Jeffrey Hill, and his two sons
Asa C. Hill
John C. Hill
Orlando Phelps
Escaped from the City of Mexico.

Robert M. Crawford
Patrick Dougherty
John Fitzgerald
D. H. Gatis
John Morgan
Captain William Thompson
Samuel H. Walker
James C. Wilson
Fate unknown

*Fort Bend County man

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