Terry Rangers, Company A.

(Enlisted by Lieutenant J. W. Sparks.)
Thomas Harrison, Captain, Waco, Texas, elected Major at the organization.

Rufus Y. King, 1stLieutenant, Burleson County, elected Captain at organization, wounded at Shiloh and resigned.

W. H. Jones, Falls County, Texas, elected Lieutenant at organization, wounded in East Tennessee, January 12th, 1864, retired.

M. L. Gordon, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant, Bosque County, Texas, promoted 2nd Lieutenant, wounded at Shiloh, and subsequently Captain of Wharton’sscouts.

T. C. Freeman, 1st Sergeant, Bell County, Texas, wounded gat Shiloh and discharged.

Dan Neel, 2nd Sergeant.

Rufus Beavers, 3rd Sergeant, Coryell County, wounded at Shiloh and discharged.

G. Thompson, 4th Sergeant, Falls County, Texas, died at Nashville, Tennessee.

Edward Ross, 1st Corporal.

Thomas A. Porter, 2nd Corporal.

William Baldridge, 3rd Corporal, Milam County, Texas, died at Atlanta, Georgia, in 1862.

A. A. Rundle, 4th Corporal, Burleson County, Texas, diedo near Courtland, Alabama., May, 1862.

James Allen, Falls County, Texas, discharged at Bowling Green, Kentucky
R. C. A. Rundle, Burleson County, Texas, appointed Commissary Sergeant.
Charles A. Allday, Burleson County, Texas, wounded and captured July 4th, 1863.
Preston Calvert Baker, Washington County, Texas, promoted to Lieutenant of White’s Battery in 1863, subsequently to Ordnance Department.
Gabe B. Beaumont, Washington County, Texas, wounded at Triune, Tenn., and discharged in 1863.
J. W. Brown, Falls County, Texas.
S. M. Baker, Washington County, Texas, discharged July, 1862.
C. F. Baker, Washington County, Texas, discharged November, 1862.
A.,C. Baker, Washington County, Texas, discharged.
Thomas W. Carson, Coryell County, Texas.
John Copehart, Falls County, Texas, discharged in, 1862.
Thomas Cade, Burleson County, Texas, discharged at Corinth, Miss.
Elijah F. Davidson, Falls County, Texas, wounded May 9th, 1862.
T. Jeff Dubose, Burleson County, Texas.
B. F. Denton, Falls County, Texas.
_______ Douglas, Grimes County, Texas, died at Nashville, Tenn.
W. H. Evans, Falls County, Texas.
Robert Elgin, Washington County, Texas.
________ Fielder, transferred from 11th Tennessee Infantry.
________ Foak, Fulls County, Texas.
Henry Grigg, Burleson County, Texas, discharged at Corinth, Miss.
D. Courthouse, Milam County, Texas, discharged at Bowling Green, Ky.
Sam S. Gott, Falls County, Texas.
W. H. H. Gordon, Burleson County, Texas.
Daniel Grahan, Milam County, Texas, supposed to have been captured.
Al. M. Gott, Falls County, Texas.
D. Gordon, Milain County, Texas, died in Pulaski, Tenn.
D. Holesworth, Milam County, Texas, killed at Shiloh.
John Hannah, Bosque County, Texas, prisoner.
William Harmon, transferred from 4th Texas infantry.
Jonah Jackson, Brazos County, Texas, killed in East Tennessee, December 29th, 1863.
D. C. Jones, Burleson County, Texas, wounded three times.
H. H. Jones, Burleson County, Texas, died in hospital at Montgomery, Alabama.
J. N. Jones, Montgomery County, Texas, killed June, 1864, on retreat from Dalton.
M. Jones, from Tennessee.
B. Johnson, Milain County, Texas, died in Nashville, Tenn.
J. H. Keen, Bosque County, Texas.
J. P. Kelley, Burleson County, Texas.
T. King, Burleson, County, Texas, died at Nashville, Tenn.
H. Kingsbury, Erath County, Texas, discharged at Bowling Green, Ky.
James Logan, Kentucky, killed December 29th, in East Tennessee.
J. M. Lane, Burleson County, Texas, killed at Farmington, Tenn., October, 1863.
Thomas D. Leanord, McLennan, County, Texas.
G. W. Laxton, Bell County, Texas.
John C. Lore, Captain, Erath County, Texas, elected 2nd Lieutenant at organization, promoted Captain, wounded at Shiloh and other places, and died at Stephenville, Erath County, in 1876.
D. Mumford, Milam County, Texas.
Albert Medford, Bosque County, Texas, died at Nashville, Tenn.
W. B. Martin, Burleson County, Texas, died of wounds received at Triune, Tenn.
R. D. McCann, wounded at Farmington and left on field..
J. S. Moser, Burleson County, Texas, died at Rome, Ga., September 8th, 1863.
Dan P. Moser, Burleson County, Texas.
Peter L. Martin, Burleson County, Texas, killed., at Dalton, Georgia, May 7th 1864.
Thomas Mitchell, Milam County, Texas, died at Bawling Green, Kentucky.
M. M. Moak, Burleson County, Texas.
Dan Neel, Bosque County, Texas, killed at Shilah.
C. W. Neel, Burleson County, Texas, wounded at Johnsonville, North Carolina, March 18th, 1865.
T. R. Owen, Washington County, Texas, wounded at Greenville, Georgia, died in June, 1874.
H. Pierson, Falls County, Texas, discharged at Murfreesbbro, Tenn.
M. H. Porter, Burleson County, Texas, discharged at Corinth, 1862.
T. A. Porter, Burleson County, Texas, wounded at Farmington and furloughed.
C. B. Pease, McLennan County, Texas, appointed Commissary 1862.
C. M. Peare, McLennan County, Texas, elected Lieutenant, commanded company two years.
Tom J. Pruitt, Falls, County, Texas.
J. C. Poole, Falls County, Texas.
Pat Rogers, discharged at Murfreesboro in 1862, and died in April, 1867.
_______ Route, Washington County, Texas, died at Chattanooga, accidentally shot.
G. W. Randle, Bosque County, Texas, discharged on account of bad health.
J. A. Randle, Bosque County, Texas.
John, P. Randle, Washington County, Texas.
Gaston Raynor, Comanche County, Texas, left sick in Tennessee, Wheeler rear raid, September, 1864.
A. Robinson, Falls County, Texas, wounded and left in the hands of the enemy at Bardstown, October 4th, 1862.
C. F. Ravels, Burleson County, Texas, died near Bardstown, Ky., October 1st, 1862.
W. C. B. Richards, Milam County, Texas.
S. L. Richards, Milam County, Texas, wounded in South Carolina February, 1865.
J. T. B. Richards, Milam County, Texas, missing.
Edward Ross, Milam County, Texas, killed in Forrest raid in the rear at Murfreesboro, Tenn., July, 1862.
Ed. Rogers, discharged by substitution at Corinth, Miss., in 1862.
William, Richards, discharged at Corinth, Miss.
T. D. Sanders, Burleson. County, Texas, furloughed to Texas.
A. J. Skinner, Comanche County, Texas.
J. T. Stewart, Milam County, Texas, prisoner.
Frank Smolker, wounded at Shiloh and died.
A. A. Stoveall, Burleson County, Texas.
Wiley Smith, Washington County, Texas.
A. Stoneman, Grimes County, Texas, wounded twice and, killed in North Carolina in 1865.
S. G. Sypert, Wharton.
J. Stonume, Grimes County, Texas, discharged by giving a substitute.
S. A. Stiles, Harris County, Texas, discharged at Bowling Green Ky., and killed at San Antonio, Texas, in an altercation.
J. H. Todd, McLennan County, Texas.
William B. Thompson, Washington County, Texas, discharged at Chattanooga, Tenn.
_______% 9Vaughan, Milam County, Texas, died at Nashville, Tenn.
A. A. Nilson, Burleson County, Texas.
W. H. Word, Nashville, Tenn.
J. H. Wallace, Washington County, Texas, wounded in East Tennessee, and left in the hands of the enemy.
John Aycock, Falls County, Texas, discharged at Bowling Green, Ky.
Bryant Aycock, Burleson County, Texas,. died at Bowling Green, Ky., in 1861.

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