Terry Rangers, Company K

John G. Walker Captain, Harris, County, wounded at Woodsonville, Ky., in 1861, elected Lieutenant Colonel January, 1862, resigned in September, 1862, died September, 1869.
A. W. Morris, 1st Lieutenant, Montgomery County, wounded at Woodsonville, KY., resigned and died.
Henry Thomas, 2nd Lieutenant, Harris County, resigned January, 1862.
S. P. Christian, 3rd Lieutenant, Harris County, elected
Captain January, 1862, promoted to Major “July, 1863,
Lieutenant Colonel in 1865, wounded at Farmington, Tenn.
A. W. Hottle, 1st Sergeant, Montgomery County, promoted to Major and Quartermaster; died in Harris County. No other non-commissioned officers elected.

J. D. Alexander, discharged at Bowling Green, Ky.
J. H. Alexander.
H. Bowling, elected Lieutenant January, 1862; resigned May, 1863.
G. Bowling, wounded and discharged.
A. L. Baine, Washington County, killed at Murfreesboro.
J. W. Bowers, Washington County.
J. L. Bowers, Washington County.
H. J. Barfield, Washington County.
T. J. Burroughs, Montgomery County, discharged October, 1863.
R. R. Benjamin, Leon; County, killed at Dandridge, East Tennessee, January, 1863.
A. B. Briscoe, Harris County, elected Lieutenant March, 1863.
D. K. Browning, Washington County, killed near Kirkville March 13, 1863.
William Ballantine, Washington County, transferred to infantry.
G. P. Burke, Harris County, company clerk to brigade.
P. Ludgood, Harris County, wounded at Woodsonville, Ky., discharged.
James Bates, Montgomery County, discharged in 1862; died in Texas, 1865.
A. Billingsly, Washington County discharged in 1862.
Joe Collins, Victoria County, died at Bowling Green, Ky., in 1861.
J. A. Collins, Victoria County, elected Lieutenant December, 1862, wounded and resigned July 13, 1863.
L. S. Crunk, Washington County, wounded at Murfreesboro and discharged.
J. T. Coats, Victoria County, present.
S. T. Conway, Victoria County, wounded at Murfreesboro and discharged.
William Cheney, Washington County, present.
T. Chatham, Montgomery County, present.
W. Chatham, Montgomery County, captured and prisoner of war.
T. C. Clay, Washington County, promoted Ordnance Officer, Harrison’s Brigade.
R. N. Condren, Washington County.
Theo. Cafield, Washington County, discharged at Woodburn, Ky., in 1862.
James Cartwright, Washington County, discharged at Woodburn, Ky., in 1862.
N. B. Dillard, Washington County, died in prison.
R. L. Dunman, Harris County, present.
S. N. Dennis, Harris County, died in prison.
S. Epperson, died in prison.
L. H. A. Epperson, killed at Chickamauga.
J. W. S. Emerson, prisoner of war.
F. M. Elam, thirteen horses killed or wounded under him.
W. H. Elkins, died in Bastrop County in 1878.
Sam Everett.
J. C. Fowler, killed in Tennessee.
Jahn Farmer, wounded at Murfreesboro and discharged.
John Faster, Montgomery County, killed in Montgomery County in 1868.
J. W. Forsgard, promoted to Ordnance Department.
W. M. Grubb, Washingtton County, now minister of the Gospel.
T. A. Golder, prisoner of war.
J. A. Glover.
John Grisett, Washington County, discharged in 1862. J. R. Grant, transferred to the 8th Infantry from Hood’s Texas Brigade.
Thomas Haynes, Washington County, discharged and killed by accident on the way home.
Daniel Hoffman, Harris County, elected Lieutenant May, 1863, and killed at Farmerville.
Henry Hunter, elected Lieutenant, promoted to Captain, wounded at Farmington and died..
John W. Haskell, elected Lieutenant in 1863, killed November 28th, 1864.
A. L. Hammond, died March 23rd, 1871.
W. H. Hannon, County Judge of Brazoria County after the war.
H. Hemnoff, present,
Thomas Hoxey, promoted Major of battalion, discharged May, 1862, died in 1864.
C. Janks, Washington County, died in 1867.
A. Jan”, wounded and discharged.
Ben Johnson, discharged in Kentucky in 1862.
J. A. F. Jackson, wounded at Woodsonville, Ky.
E. G. Jackson, present.
J. Cicero Jenkins.
J. A. Katchler, Germany.
Theo. C. Lubbock, Harris County, promoted to Captain Trans-Mississippi Department, discharged November, 1862.
M. A. Lee, killed in Tennessee.
William Moss, killed at Murfreesboro July 13, 1862.
________ McClennan, discharged.
P. Milton, wounded at Farminbgton, Tennessee.
D. C. Muckle, Montgomery County, killed November 28, 1864.
D. Mitchell, Montgomery County, died in prison.
J. Mitchell, Montgomery County, wounded September 17th.
J. F. Matthews (“Doc”), Washington County, elected Lieutenant July 25th, Captain October 7th, 1864, twice wounded, died December, 1881.
J. W. Matthews
W. E. Moore, wounded at Murfreesboro.
J. W. Martin.
Ed. Malone, discharged at Corinth died July 12, 1867, at Galveston.
Ed. McKnight, wounded and disabled for infantry, and transferred from Hood’s Brigade.
J. McCormack, died in Kentucky in. 1862.
A. McMurry, discharged, in 1863.
_______% 9McAvoy, transferred to White’s Battery in 1863.
A. Neils.
A. W. Proctor, Washington County, wounded at Waynesboro.
T. J. Proctor.
Ira Proctor.
J. S. Paul, died at Chattanooga, Tenn.
J. B. Pinkston, Montgomery County, wounded. J. H. Pinehback, died in 1887.
J. D. Parkas, killed in Tennessee.
M. T. Parks.
R. A. Parks, discharged at Corinth in May, 1862.
Wm. M. Pitts, died in Nashville, 1862.
J. W. Rowt, Washington County, discharged.
S. R. Rowt.
G. R. Rowt.
J. N. Rogers, discharged.
H. G. Rice, discharged March, 1863.
W. Robinson.
M. A. Royston, promoted Adjutant to regiment and Lieutenant Colonel, and Assistant Adjutant General.
Tom Reverly, transfered from Hood’s Brigade in East Tennessee.
S. P. Soser, died at Huntsville, Ala., in 1863.
W. Soser, discharged.
R. G. Simonton, wounded in Tennessee.
_______ Thaxton, Washington County, wounded in Tennessee.
J. H. Thompson, wounded and discharged.
D. W. Voght, present.
P. M. West, died in prison.
J. H. West
P. C. Walker, Harris County, died in Kentucky.
J. W. Woods, died in prison.
Tom Williams, wounded in Tennessee.
W. H. Warren.
T. T. Wayne, discharged.
Richard West, discharged in 1863, died, in 1869. Fred Weegan, died at Bowling Green, Ky.
Tom Walker, transferred, to 4th Tennessee.
Hays T. Yarrington.

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