Company H

Colonel Frank Terry, commanding, killed at Woodsonville, Kentucky.
Second Lieutenant-Robert J. Calder, killed at Moss Creek, East Tennessee.
Third Lieutenant W. D. Adams, died on the way home, after resigning his commission in the service.
Gustave Cook, promoted to Captain from Sergeant, January, 1862; to Major December, 1862; to Lieutenant Colonel May, 1863; to Colonel May, 1865; Wounded at Farmington, Griswoldville, Bentonville and Shiloh.
Robert Hodges wounded at Decatur, Alabama.
E. Griffin, captured, but escaped and died in 1869.
Jack Adams wounded at Washington, Georgia, in 1864.
Addie Autrey killed at Shiloh, April 8th, 1861.
Clem Bassett, wounded at Eagleville and Aiken, S. C.
G. R. Brom, transferred to 8th Texas cavalry as incapable of infantry service from wounds, and was again wounded at Waynesboro, Georgia.
James H. Brown transferred to 8th Texas cavalry as incapable of infantry service on account of wounds.
David Cook killed at, Shiloh, April 6th, 1862.
W. B. Earnest killed in second day’s battle at Shiloh.
Jesse Dean died in the hospital at Nashville, Tenn.
John Fowler wounded at Macon, Georgia, October 20th, 1864.
J. D. Freeman, wounded in skirmish in Alabama in May, 1862.
N. Freeman, wounded at Newman, Ga,, and Macon, S. C.
John Fisher, wounded at Waynesboro, Georgia, in 1861.
Jake S. Godley, killed at Moss Creep, East Tennessee
Steve Gallaher, wounded and captured at Murfreesboro, Tenn.
James Gallaher, wounded in skirmish and discharged.
E. D. Gibbon, killed in a,skirmish.
A. W. Heart, captured and died in prison.
S. H. Jones, wounded and captured in East Tennessee.
James H. Lowther, wounded and discharged, reenlisted, and died at Jacksonville, Alabama in 1864.
John Lanier, died in Nashville in 1861.
John H. Hiller, discharged, and died the night he got home.
Addie Moore, wounded at Chickamauga, and killed at Sandersville October, 1864.
Sana Moore, died in the hospital at Nashville, Tenn.
J. H. Morgan, killed in East Tennessee in 1864.
E. McDaniel, wounded at Fisher’s Creek in 1861.
Floyd. McCarty, died in 1864.
J. E. Perry, died in December, 1862.
John Ryon, wounded at Waynesboro, Georgia, in 1364.
S. B. Dory, killed in Middle Tennessee in 1863.
John Rory, captured and died in prison in 1862.
James Rector, died in Corinth, Mississippi.
A. L. Steel, wounded at Murfreesboro in 1862; promoted to Captain, and Assistant quartermaster, in 1862; wounded at Farmington, Ky., in 1863; promoted to Major of Engineers March 10th, 1865.
W. H. Silliman, died at Shiloh in December, 1861.
W. B. Spencer, killed at Shiloh in 1862.
R. A. Torrance, discharged on account of amputation of leg from wound received at Moss Creek.
Henry Thompson, wounded at Shiloh and discharged.
G. T. Walker, promoted, Orderly Sergeant in 1862, and Assistant Adjutant on General Wharton’s staff in December, 1862, and was killed December 29th, 1862, at Murfreesboro.

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