Other members of Company H, from Fort Bend County

Captain John T. Holt, resigned in December, 1861.
First Lieutenant Thomas S. Weston, promoted to Captain in, December, 1862.
W. D. Adams, Third Lieutenant, resigned in. August, 1864, and died in April, 1865, while on his way home.
G. Thompson, discharged in July, 1862.
E. A. Bolmes, discharged in, February, 1862.
J. H. Edmonson, Fifth Sergeant, promoted to Quartermaster Sergeant, transferred to Texas and promoted to Assistant Quartermaster, and died in Galveston, in 1868. He was a Brazoria County man, but enlisted in Fort Bend.
Dave S. Terry, son of Colonel Terry, and first corporal, promoted to Captain on General Wharton’s staff, and subsequently commanded the scouts; now in the soldiers’ home at Austin.
T. D. Barrington, wounded at Shiloh April, 1862, and left on the field in a hospital, and never heard from. Enlisted in Fort Bend County from Brazoria.
F. Z. Buckley, discharged in April, 1862, reenlisted and again discharged in 1864.
L. W. Atwell, died in Nashville in 1861.
R. J. Adams, was from Robertson County, transferred to Company K, and died.
B. F. Adams, discharged in April, 1862.
W. H. Albertson, Wharton County, captured in East Tennessee, January 17th, 1864.
F. M. Arnold.
Joseph T. Asher, detached to work in Confederate States armory.
Milam Borden, son of Paschal Borden, discharged in 1862, and died at Stafford’s Point, Fort Bend County, in 1864.
G. H. Bailey, discharged in December, 1862.
E. H. Byne, discharged in 1864.
William Byrne, discharged in 1862.
D. B. Bohanon, discharged in December, 1861.
A. Brown, Washington County, transferred from the 8th to S. D. Lee’s escort company.
William Bestiveck, discharged in 1863, and killed at Brenham in 1863.
Lytle Crawford, Galveston, present and always on hand.
G. H. Chambers, present.
O. M. Caleb, native of Virginia.
P. D. Crown, native of Kentucky, transferred to Gano’s Texas Squadron.
L. S. Caloway, Wharton County.
B. Caloway, Wharton County, died in February 1861.
J. L. Cog, Wharton County, wounded at Shiloh and captured in East Tennessee in July.
N. C. Davis, transferred to General Lee’s escort company. Died in July, 1871, in Georgia.
R. A. Drane, Wharton County, absent, dead.
W. H. Darst (“Chuck”), discharged in 1862.
James Davis, Washington County, killed in Tennessee
D. G. Davis
Pembroke Dyer, discharged for minority.
Steve Etherton, discharged in November, 1862.
C. H. Edmonson, Wharton County, transferred to White’s Battery.
R. C. Ferris, discharged as under age.
M. L. Fitch, wounded at Murfreesboro in July, 1862, and discharged in consequence.
A. Ferris, died in, 1877?
D. C. Fielder, Wharton County, hounded at Shiloh and drowned in the Colorado River in 1868.
B. H. Fatheree, Liberty County, died in Nashville, Tenn., in 1861.
John Ferguson, discharged in January, 1862.
S. Glasscock, discharged in 1861.
M. B. Groce, transferred from 4th Texas infantry on account of wounds which rendered him unfit for that service.
M. Houston, Kentucky, died in Nashville, 1861.
L. Herbert, after the war lived in Montgomery
Ala. J. Hirschfield, Harris County, promoted to Captain of Wallis Battalion, and died August 12th, 1877.
Arthur Hirschfield, Galveston, wounded at Shiloh and at Dandridge in 1864, and captured.
Jackson W. Hall, Washington County, discharged in 1862.
Herman Emile, Washington County, discharged.
James Jones, discharged, underage.
E. P. John, Galveston, died in 1875.
C. Himp, discharged in December, 1861.
F. Kimball, Liberty County, wounded at Shiloh, captured in East Tennessee, and killed at Hempstead, Texas, in 1864.
J. A. Lilly, discharged in 1862 and reenlisted in a Mississippi regiment.
C. Lewiston, Freestone County, died in Nashville, Tenn. December, 1861.
J. A. Lackey, transferred from infantry on account of wounds received, which unfitted him for that service.
W. McIlroy, discharged.
C. A. Ifoore, Wharton County, died at Nashville, Jannary 1862.% 9
G. L. McMurphy, Galveston, promoted to Lieutenant in 1863.
W. P. A. Murray, Colorado County, wounded September 3rd, 1863, and promoted to Lieutenant in 1863.
Isaac McFarland, present.
J. McFarland, brother of Isaac, now dead.
C. H. McMahon.
A. D. McArthur, Jackson County, wounded at Shiloh April 6th, 1862.
M. C. McKethen.
N. H. Morrow, promoted to Sergeant in a North Carolina, regiment.
J. T. Maxwell, discharged in December, 1861.
J. A. McKenzie, Brazoria County, transferred to Company B, captured November, 1861. After the war served as Congressman from Kentucky.
Floyd McCarty, discharged in 1862, and died in 1864.
J. Miles, discharged in 1861. After the war served as Sheriff of Fort Bend County, and was killed by a Negro at Richmond.
C. D. Nelson, transferred to 7th Texas Infantry, and discharged in 1862.
Robert O’Brien, Jackson County.
Tom O’Brien, Jackson County.
J. D. Parmer, Austin County, wounded July 1862, at Murfreesboro, and again December 30th, 1862, and died in Alabama in 1863.
M. A. Page, Harris County, killed at Shiloh.
A. H. Perry, discharged in 1862.
W. J. Rhodes, discharged in January 1862.
Ed. Ryan.
W. T. Reeves, Wharton County.
S. H. Roarke.
E. T. Robinson, Wharton County, wounded at Moss Creek, January 1864.
T. M. Robinson, transferred from 4th Infantry on account of wounds, rendering shim incapable for infantry duty.
James Rector, died at Corinth, Mississippi.
W. J. Sevilley, Liberty County, wounded, at Moss Creek.
J. S. Stewart, Galveston, captured at Shiloh, escaped to, St. Louis, and again captured at Moss Creek; escaped at Louisville, and died of wounds in 1864.
Nelson W. Shaw, promoted to Midshipman in Confederate Navy.
A. Shehan, Wharton County, discharged May, 1861.
Harrison Tankersly, Brazoria County, present.
J. B. Van Houton, Harris County, captured land escaped.
J. G. Ward, Wharton County, wounded at Shiloh, and returned, to Texas.
J. M.. Weston, Surgeon of regiment, resigned, and returned to Texas.
H. C. Wiley, promoted to Orderly Sergeant, and discharged.
W. W. Waller, Austin County, died in, Nashville, December, 1861.
Clarence Williams, discharged, underage.
J. C. Williams, discharged in 1861.
Jonathan Coddinbgton Williams in December, 1861, had pneumonia in both lungs, which necessitated, his discharge. In 1862 he enlisted in Wilkes’ regiment, Carter’s brigade, was captured January 11th, 1863, at Arkansas Post; died in prison at Camp Butler, Springfield, Ill., March 23rd, 1863.
His brother, Joseph Smith Williams, was also a member of same command, and died at same place about two weeks before.

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