Mier Prisoners, Fate Unknown

W. A. Alexander
David Allen
George Anderson
Alexander Armstrong 
James C. Armstrong
E. Arthur
James Barber
Daniel F. Barney
T. A. Barney
D. H. E. Beasley
Thomas W. Bell
Bates J. Berry
John Dusenbery
Samuel P. Bennett
Benjamin Z. Boone* 
Henry Bridger
Ransom Boswell
B. F. Bowman
John Brenon
Gilbert R. Brush
James Burke
Bush, Zed Isam
Captain Claudius Buster
William T. Carter
T. J. Censeleau
Geo. Wilson Clark
Charles Clark
Wm. A. Compton
Thomas Colville
Willis Copeland
Campbell Davis
Stephen M. Coodman
Daniel Davis
William Davis
Thomas Davis
W. K. Davis*
Freeman W. Douglas*
N. G. Downs
William Dunbar
Leonidas D. T. Edwards
Capt. William S. Fisher
Fenton M. Gibson*
Williams Gibson
James A. Glasscock
Cyrus K. Gleason
F. Grubbs
Robert Harris
F. W. Harrison
John Harvey
Oben D. Heddenburg
Charles Hensley
Wm. H. Hasmore
J. J. Humphries
John Hoffer
Frank Hughes
Edward B. Jackson
Jack Johnson
Wiley Jones*
Henry Journey
William Kiegler
Edgard Kean
Richard Kean
R. B. King
John Lacey
Wm. B. Lewis
A. J. Lewis
George Lord
P. H. Lusk
Patrick Lyon
Samuel C. Lyon
T. B. Maltby
Alexander Matthews
P. M. Maxwell
Wm. B. Middleton
Wm. E. Millon
John Mills
Lawson Mills
Wm. H. Moore
William Moore
H. B. Morrell
William Morris
Malcom McCanley
J. B. McCutcheson
Daniel McDonald
Samuel McFall
John McGinley
Chas. McLaughlin
James McMicken
John McMullen
Sam. McLelland
James B. Neely
Thomas Nelson
Harvey H. Oats
William Oldham
James T. Peacock
John G. W. Pierson
Wm. H. Prensley
Robert M. Pilley
E. H. Pitta
Lorenzo Rice
Francis Raley
A. J. Roark
A. H. Roberts
Mark Rogers
William Runyon
Capt. William M. Ryon*
Joseph Smith
Ezekiel Smith
Rouert Smith
Thomas S. Smith
Wm. M. Stapp
John Sweizy
John Sansbury
William Sargent
Wm. Y. Scott
W..H. Sellers
Dr. Wm. M. Shepherd
John Shipman* 
Donald Smith
Daniel C. Sullivan
John Tanney
Thomas Tatum
Thomas A. Thompson
William Thompson
Alfred. S. Thurman
John Toops
George W. Trahern
Robert W. Turner
D. H. Van Vechten
Wilson Vandyke
W. A. A. Wallace (Big Foot)
Joseph D. Watkins
Robert G. Waters
Francis White
William F. Wilson
James C. Wilson
Levi Williams
E. B. Wright
William Wynne
James Young
Isaac Zumwalt

*Fort Bend County man

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  1. Stephen Goodman went on to live his life near his brother John B. Goodman in Uvalde. He received Bounty and other grants for his service to Texas. He died in Lincoln County New Mexico in 23 March 1887.

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