Terry Rangers, Company D

Steven C. Ferrill, Captain, Bastrop County, promoted Major and Lieutenant Colonel, resigned in May, 1861, amd died in Fayette County November 14th, 1868.
Charles Leroy Morgan, 1st Lieutenant, Bastrop County, resigned in September, 1861, came home and commanded a regiment in the Trans-Mississippi Department.
J. W. Burdett, 2nd Lieutenant, Travis. County, resigned June, 1862, and died.
W. R. Doak, 3rd Lieutenant, Burleson County, present.
G. M. Decherd, 1st Lieutenant, Burleson County, elected
2nd Lieutenant April, 1862, and 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant General on Harrison’s staff.
R. T. Hell, 2nd Sergeant, Bastrop County, captured twice and once wounded.
J. Milam Duty, 3rd Sergeant, Travis County, discharged January, 1862.
J. H. Morgan, 4th Sergeant, Bastrop County, died in Nashville in 1861.
J. B. Cowen, 5th Sergeant, Bastrop County, died in Bastrop in 1867, noble soldier.
G. Bacon Burke, 1st Corporal, Bastrop County, wounded at Cassville.
Ed. Harris, 2nd Corporal, Bastrop County, died in Gallatin, Tenn., February, 1862.
J. H. Chessire, 3rd Corporal, Bastrop County, wounded May 9th, 1864, and hand amputated.
Sam Green, 4th Corporal, Bastrop County, died in camp of White’s Battery attached.


Geo. R. Allen, Bastrop County, always there.
Hugh Allen, Bastrop County, good soldier.
N. J. Allen, Bastrop County, killed at Brickhouse, East Tennessee, December, 1863.
W. N. Albright, Bastrop County, missing in battle, East Tennessee.
C. P. Autry, Bastrop County, discharged November, 1861.
Joseph Bunton, Bastrop County, discharged Novembers 1861.
Joel Bunton, Bastrop County, discharged November, 1861.
J. P. Billingsly, wounded December, 1862, and killed in 1864 at Atlanta, Ga.
R. Burger, Bastrop County, wounded at Eagleville, Tenn., March 13th, and again at Moss Creek, East Tennessee, same year.
Jeff W. Burleson, Travis County.
Aaron Burleson, Travis County, wounded; a good flanker, killed in Bastrop County after the war.
J. Al. Brannan, Travis County, wounded near Rome, Ga., in 1864.
T. B. Banks, Travis County, no better soldier, formerly of Webberville, Travis County.
W. R. Black, Houston, Harris County, elected Brevet 2nd Lieutenant December, 1862, and wounded at Knoxville November 17th, 1863, now dead.
A. J. Burleson, Travis County, discharged December, 1861.
Elisha W. Black, Bastrop County, died at Nashville, Tenn., February, 1862.
W. N. Beall, Bastrop -County, first man killed, at Woodsonville, Ky., December 17th, 1861.
F. A. Batt, Travis County, discharged at Bowling Green, Ky., early.
J. W. Conner, Bastrop County, a good one.
John M. Claiborne, Travis County, appointed Sergeant Major in 1862, and Adjutant December 31st, 1862, wounded three times.
W. H. Caldwell, Bastrop County, badly wounded September 7th, 1864.
C. G. Caldwell, Bastrop County, discharged.
F. H. Corbell, Caldwell County.
Dave S. Combs, Hays County, present
Volney Catron, Travis County, present.
J. B. Campbell, Bastrop County, taken, prisoner.
John Crane, Bastrop County, killed at Shiloh April 6th; 1862.
D. A. Doty, Bastrop County, present.
W. R. Davis, Travis. County, present.
Eo. S. Dodd, Travis County, hung by Federals unjustly as a spy at Knoxville, Tenn., June, 1864.
J. Davidson, Travis County, died at Bowling Green, Ky., in December, 1861.
Sigman Fredberger, Bastrop County, wounded at Murfreesboro December 22nd, 1862, and died of wounds.
Joe R. Ford, Travis County, wounded, since died in Fulls County.
John A. Gage, Bastrop County, killed at Aiken, S. C., February 12th, 1865.
Tom A. Gill, Bastrop County, one of the best soldiers in the regiment.
Perry Green, Burleson County, transferred to White’s Battery, attached.
James H. Galt, Bastrop County, present.
B. Campbell Giles, Travis County, present.
L. B. Giles, Travis County, wounded at Woodsonville December, 1861.
J. L. Garth, Bastrop County, appointed Hospital Steward.
L. L. Giles, Travis County, killed at Woodsonville December 17th, 1861.
F. M. Hill, Travis County, died November, 1861.
J. W. Hill, Bastrop County, present. o
R. E. Hill, Bastrop County, appointed Assistant Surgeon October, 1861.
D. 0. Hill, Bastrop County, present.
T. A. W. Hill, Bastrop County, present.
E. R. Hopper, Bastrop County, present.
J. R. Henry, Travis County, killed at Jackson, Alabama October, 1864.
Wayne Hamilton, Travis County, killed at Murfreesboro December, 1862.
Thomas Hart, Bastrop County, killed at Nashville October, 1861, first man to die.
E. D.. Hill, Bastrop County, transferred from Grandberry’s Brigade.
Isaac V. Jones, Travis County, present.
Wm. J. Hardee, killed at Bentonville March 1st, 1865.
C. Kyle, Hays County, present.
William Kyle, Hays County, present.
A. J. Kyle, Hays County, present.
P. R. Kyle, Hays County, wounded at Aiken, S. C., September,, 1861.
Ferg. Kyle, Hays County, elected 1st Lieutenant January 2nd, promoted to Captain November, 1862.
P. R. Kennedy, Bastrop County, killed at Waynesboro, N. C., November, 1864.
E. R. Kennedy, Bastrop County, present.
Frank Loftin, Bastrop County, killed at Woodsonville December 17th, 1861, second man killed.
A. T. Mogan, Travis County, appointed Orderly Sergeant June, 1862, accidentally wounded and discharged.
Robert Lewis, Bastrop County, died January, 1862.
W. H. Lovell, Hays County, died at Nashville December, 1862.
Woods S. Miller, Bastrop County, present.
Geo. Beardy Miller, Burleson County, wounded at Shiloh April 6th, 1862; the best.
W. C. Moore, Burleson County, present.
P. M. Mullen, Burleson County, wounded at Murfreesboro December 31st, 1862, and killed July 2nd, 1864.
James McArthur, Travis County, wounded at Waynesboro, Ga., in 1864.
F. W. McGuire, Washington County, present.
Geo. T. McGehee, Haws County, wounded at Aiken, S. C., February 12, 1862.
James F. McGuire, Washington County, present.
Charles McGehee, Hays County, discharged at Bowling Green, Ky., in 1862.
J. Milt Morin, Burleson County, discharged by substitution in April, 1862.
Jeff Miller, Travis County.
J. W. Neely, Bastrop County, Hospital Surgeon, resides in Kentucky.
William Nicholson, Bastrop County, wounded December 26th, 1863; killed near Rome, Ga., October 13, 1864.
D. D. Nunn, Bastrop County, wounded and subsequently killed at Waynesboro, Ga., in November, 1864. James T. Nolan, Bastrop County, present.
James Nicholson, Bastrop County, discharged at Bowling Green.
T. B. Peterson, Bastrop County, present.
Charles Pellam, Travis County, killed near Cleveland, Tenn., May 9th, 1864; no superior.
J. C. Pickle, Travis County, present.
T. B. Poe, Travis County, executed wrongly as a spy.
Sam Piper, Travis County, present; a good one.
T. J. Potts, Bastrop County, appointed Assistant Surgeon.
Roland Rucker, Travis County, discharged at Bowling Green, Ky., in 1862.
Jesse Roe, Travis County, died at Gallatin, Tenn., November, 1861.
W. P. Rice, Bastrop County, discharged in 1861
Joe B. Rogers, Travis County, present.
T. Mason Rector, Bastrop County, present.
John B. Rector, Bastrop County, present.
Kenner K. Rector, Bastrop County, wounded at Murfreesboro December 31st, and subsequently discharged. Dr. J. Royston, Bastrop County, discharged at Bowling Green, Ky., in 1861.
Richard Royston, Bastrop County, discharged at Bowling Green, Ky., in 1861.
W. H. Roberts, Travis County, discharged by substitution in 1862; since deceased.
W. B. Sayers, Bastrop County, appointed Sergeant Major, Adjutant and Inspector General, wounded at Johnsonville, N. C., March 10th, 1865.
Sam H. Screws, Bastrop County, killed in battle 1864.
W. A. Staudifer, Bastrop County, transferred to White’s Battery, attached.
W. Cicero Smith, Bastrop County, captured in East Tennessee.
M. Smith, Bastrop County.
C. W. Stone, Travis County, present.
R. B. Shipp, Bastrop County, transferred to post duty.
W. Oliver, Bastrop County, wounded at Marietta, Ga., and killed near Sparta, Tenn.
William Tarrant Simms, Bastrop County, present.
Reuben Slaughter, Caldwell County, wounded in battle, and afterwards killed on his way home.
Reuben Stroud, Bastrop County, transferred from 18th Texas Cavalry March, 1863.
A. K. Stewart, Burleson County, discharged January, 1861.
D. P. Smith, Bastrop County, died November, 1861, at Bowling Green, Ky.
M. E. Thomas, Austin, Texas, transferred to White’s Battery.
T. J. Taylor, Bastrop County, present.
M. H. Thomas, Burleson County, discharged at Bowling Green Ky., in 1862.
T. J. Varden, Bastrop County, present.
Felix Vaughan, Bastrop County, discharged at Bowling Green, Ky., in 1861.
Cal. Walton, Bastrop County, present.
J. S. Wyman, Burleson County, killed at Buckhead Church November, 1863.
Walker W. Wheeler, Austin County, transferred: by promotion to the Trans-Mississippi Department, and killed at Brenham, Texas, in 1867.
Paul J. Watkins, Hays County, wounded at Greenville, Georgia, in 1864.
Sam M. Watkins, Hays County, present.
Jerry Wilkins, Bastrop County, discharged in Bowling Green, Ky., in 1861.
Jahn: Washington, Travis County, wounded at Shiloh, exchanged, and discharged.
Joseph Young, Bastrop County, discharged April, 1862, and, died.
G. B. Zimpleman, Travis County, wounded July, 1861, and prisoner of war.

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