Terry Rangers, Company G

W. Y. Houston, Captain, killed August 9th, 1862.
W. M. Ford, 1st Lieutenant, Bexar County.
William Ellis, 3rd Lieutenant, killed at Murfreesboro December, 1862.
M. Mitchell, 2nd Lieutenant, died in Nashville, Tenn., December, 1861.
D. F. Lilley, 1st Sergeant.
Pue Arthur, 2nd Sergeant, promoted to Lieutenant in White’s Battery; killed at Bandera, Texas, in 1880.
J. M. Tanquary, promoted to 4th Sergeant.
J. B. Brisco, promoted to 2nd Lieutenant.
E. R. Tyler, 1st Corporal.
Thomas H. Barry, 2nd Corporal.
William H. Jenkins, 3rd Corporal, promoted Commissary of regiment.
T. Drinkard, 4th Corporal, wounded and arm amputated discharged August 9, 1863.

0. Archer.
P. S. Archer.
James Booth, discharged.
A. Bauford, discharged.
W. H. Bigelow, killed May 9th, 1864.
J. B. Briscoe.
J. M. Bennett.
R. D. Burns, promoted to Harrison’s staff died in San Antonio July, 1872.
A. T. Bradshaw, transferred to Company D.
D. J. Blair, wounded December, 1862, and discharged.
T. H. Barrett, wounded October, 1864.
Louis Dorho, present.
E. C. Barker, discharged January, 1862.
Thomas Bowles, Travis County.
James Barker, died in hospital at Nashville December, 1861.
Dan Bradshaw, discharged April, 1862.
L. Campbell, promoted February, 1862.
P. Childress, captured in East Tennessee in 1864, and drowned in attempting to save a lady in August, 1872.
R. B. Cotton.
S. Colman, transferred by substitution in April, 1862. Jeptha Cotton, discharged, January, 1862.
T. A. Devinne, company blacksmith.
James English, killed near Fayetteville, N. C., on February 8th, 1865.
James Ferrell.
James Garman, discharged on account of youth.
William Gainer, discharged December, 1861.
Ed. P. Gallagher, transferred to Mobile light artillery April. 8, 1862.% 9
William Hagwin, killed May, 9th, 1864.
J. C. Hagwin.
J. M. Howell.
D. H. Houston, Assistant Regimental Surgeon.
R. C. Houston, transferred to Rogers’ scouts.
Levi Humphreys, died at Bowling Green October, 1861.
Thomas Harris, died at Nashville November, 1861.
Silas Harmon, discharged January, 1862.
J. P. Johnson, wounded and disabled.
A. T. Kibbe.
Milo Kimball, captured near Rome, Ga”, in 1864.
W. M. Sever.
W. J. -Shirkey.
John D. Smith, discharged.
Ed. Tarver, transferred in April, 1862.
John Tynan, transferred to company K.
B. Thomas, killed February 12th, 1865.
J. A. Thomas, present, and a goad one.
Hugh L. Tally, wounded August, 1862, and again at Resacca.
Pope Voight, died at Bowling Green, Ky., in 1861.
S. L. Walker, wounded and discharged, captured and died February, 1865.
A. Wells, discharged. January, 1862.
A. Waddle, transferred to Starr’s Battery.
R. McDware transferred tro General Morgan’s Kentucky cavalry.
J. Z. Young.

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