Pioneers of Chambers County Texas

“Texas Coastal Pioneers of Chambers County” by Varuna Hartmann Lawrence, published in 1952 by Royal Publishing Co., is a detailed account of the early settlers of Chambers County, Texas. This book provides an authentic history of the cultural and spiritual growth in the Gulf Coast region, accompanied by brief sketches of many early families in the area.

Varuna Hartmann Lawrence, a distinguished poet, historian, essayist, and artist, was born and raised in what is now Chambers County. Her deep connection to the land and people of this region is evident throughout her work. She received her early education locally, married, and became the mother of a large family. Her extensive knowledge of farm and ranch life, including her experience with Texas Longhorns and purebred Brahmans, enriches her historical narrative. Additionally, she has witnessed the transformation of her pasture lands with the advent of oil development.

Lawrence’s literary and artistic contributions have earned her a respected place in both academic and public libraries. Her poetry, reflecting her faith and philosophy of life, has touched many, while her paintings capture the natural beauty of Texas landscapes.

In “Texas Coastal Pioneers of Chambers County,” readers will find a condensed yet comprehensive history of the area. Lawrence’s gifted pen brings to life the intimate and interesting reminiscences of the pioneers, touching on themes of freedom, humanity, and the resilience of Texas’ early settlers. This book is a significant contribution to the annals of Texas history, preserving the legacy of the state’s pioneering families for future generations.

Texas Coastal Pioneers of Chambers County

Table of Contents

Family Sketches, p. 13
Allen, Algiers, Armstrong, Atwell, Baker, Barber, Barrow, Brooks, Bruce, Busch, Carey, Carmen, Cooper, Davis, Dutton, Ellender, Epperson, Farington, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Franziern, Franzsen, Goddard, Griffith, Haden, Hammond, Haney, Hannon, Harrell, Hartmann, Hodges, Icett, Ilfrey, Kilgore, Kingsley, Kipp, Labett, Lawrence, McCann, McCarty, McCrary, McGar, McLean, McNeice, Magee, Milam, Mills, Mitchell, Morgan, Muecher, O’Brien, Olford, Parker, Pounds, Rhea, Sharp, Shepherd, Smith, Stubbs, Voortman, Weiser, Williams, and Winfree.
A House Moving, p. 85
“The Goodnight Scrape,” p. 88
State Fair 1875, p. 92
Heirs of Humphrey & Sarah Jackson, p. 98
Heirs of James Taylor White, p. 105


Lawrence, Varuna Hartmann, Texas Coastal Pioneers of Chambers County, Dallas, Texas : Royal Publishing Co., 1952.

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