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History of the Indian Tribes of North America

Biographical Sketches and Anecdotes of the Principal Chiefs, Embellished with one Hundred Portraits, from the Indian Gallery in the Department of War, at Washington.

Thomas L. McKenney, of the Indian Department, Washington, and James Hall, Esq., of Cincinnati, produced one of the most artistic renditions of Native Americans to be printed. The usage of 100 portraits from the Indian gallery in the War Department provided a visual reference into the style of dress and personal appearance of many leaders of tribes. The biographical sketches and anecdotes should give you an overview into the life of each Indian and their relevance to their tribal affiliation and American culture.


McKenny, Thomas & Hall, James & Todd, Hatherly & Todd, Joseph. History of the Indian tribes of North America: with biographical sketches and anecdotes of the principal chiefs. Embellished with one hundred portraits from the Indian Gallery in the War Department at Washington. Philadelphia: D. Rice & Co. 1872.

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  1. I looking for my Indian heritage. I have the following information. Great grand parents on mother side was Marguerette perry who married a John DeGroat they Had a daughter Mary Isabelle DeGroat born 1872 in Sandston NJ died april 1955 in Rhinebeck NY. My siblings and I grew up in a foster home. We are doing genoligical information and heard stories of our great grandparents but want to connect the dots to our mother side our father side we are in 1500 in Europe. Thank you.

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