Rogers Family Records

John Rogers

H152 JOHN ROGERS: came from London in 1635; m. Frances …. (probably  Adams).
(1) John: 1632-1717; m. Rhoda King; m. (2), Elizabeth ….; m. (3),  Elizabeth….
(A) John: 1657-1738; m. (2), …. (probably Hannah).
(a) John: 1682; m. Deborah Hatch.
1. Daniel: b. 1708; m. Ruth Parker.
2. James: baptized 1726.
(b) Thomas: 1695-1727; m. Deliverance Slocum.
(c) Joshua: b. 1708; m. Mehitable Chittenden.
1. Joshua: b. 1737; m. Sarah Nash. Ch.: Joshua (b.  1764), John (m. Mary Lambert),
2. Caleb: 1718-1805; m. Mary Harlow.
A. Caleb: 1748-1833.
a. Reuben: baptized 1784; d. 1867; m. Abigail  Stoddard. Ch.: Reuben Harlow (b. 1807; m.  to Mich.), Andrew (baptized 1826), Edwin (b.  1812).
(B) Thomas: 1659-1745; m. Bethiah Ewell.
(a) John: b. 1714; m. Sarah Wing.
1. John: b. 1738; m. Sarah Chapman.
A. John: b. 1764.
B. Isaac: b. 1767; m. Olive Barker.
C. Abraham Booth: 1769-1843; m. Mary Keen. Ch.:
Abraham (b. 1793), Joseph (b. 1799), Isaac (b.  1807).
2. Wing: 1740-1800; m. Deliverance Chapman; m. (2),
Mercy Hatch; m. (3), Rebecca Sherman; m. (4),  Hannah Titus.
3. Joseph: 1742-1816; m. Mary Chapman; m. (2), Elizabeth  Kirby.
A. Stephen: 1770-1835; m. Alice Estes.
4. Stephen: 1748-1826; m. Lydia Lapham.
A. Aaron: 1776-1866; m. Dinah Folger.
a. Moses: 1803-1886; m. Beulah Wing. Ch.:  Stephen (b. 1828).
b. Elisha: 1813-1887; m. Elizabeth Mitchell.
(I) James Swift: b. 1840; m. Annie Buffam Earle.
(b) Thomas: 1716-1810; m. Deborah Otis.
1. James: 1756-1832; m. Deborah Smith. Ch.: James
(b. 1790), Thomas (b. 1802).
(2) Joseph: died 1716; m. Abigail Barker.
(A) Joseph: d. 1760; m. his cousin Judith, once removed. Ch.:  Moses.
(B) John: m., 1722, Leah Lincoln; m. (2), widow Sarah Wing  Turner.
(C) Timothy: m. 1710, Sarah Dingley Keen; m. (2), Damaris  Macomber.
(3) Timothy: d. 1728; m. Eunice Stetson.
(A) Timothy: 1690-1763; m. Lydia Hatch.
(a) Timothy: 1720-1798; m. Desire Sylvester.
1. Prince: 1765-1832; m. Mary Gorham.
(b) Israel: 1722-1811; m. Bethia Thomas.
1. Israel: 1748-1831; m. Hannah Rogers.
2. Nathaniel: 1750-1833.
A. Abijah: 1782-1867; m. Mercy Hatch.
B. William Clift: 1784-1805.
3. Thomas: 1752-1841; m. Agatha Hatch.
A. Thomas: d. 1864; m. Lavina Soule, who was of  the 7th generation from George Soule, of the  Mayflower; m. (2), Polly Clift.
B. Martin: 1784-1848; m. Sally Grinnell.
a. Martin: 1819-1857; m. Emma Jane Doe.
b. William Thomas: b. 1821; m. Frances Augusta  West.
(I) Charles William: b. 1853; m. Ada Isabella
Black. Ch.: Raymond Francis (b. 1880),  Renworth Robin (b. 1882).
(II) Byron Martin: b. 1855; m. Annie Adelia  Brier. Ch.: Donald Brier (b. 1895).
C. Phillip: 1787-1848; m. and had a s., Henry Phillip.
D. Howland: 1797-1875; m. Philenda Clift.
a. George Howland: 1825-1876; m. Eunice Ann Rogers. Ch.: George Calvin (1825).
b. Wales Allen: b. 1826; m. Sarah Ann Tilden.
c. Nathaniel Clift: 1833-1875; m. Sarah Elizabeth Seabur. Ch.: Willis (b. 1860), Parker (b. 1866).
E. Warren: 1804-1849; m. Elizabeth Potter; m. (2), Jerusha Green Cloon.
a. Henry Warren: b. 1831; m. Caroline Augusta Bates; m. (2), Olive Ann Randall. Ch.: Clarence Abel (b. 1859), Hamilton Everett (b. 1857).
4. Asa: 1745-1836; m. Abiah Oakman; served in the Revolutionary War, through to the end.
A. Asa: 1787-1851; m. Ruth Rogers. Ch.: Augusta (b. 1820), William (b. 1825), Edwin Thomas (b. 1826).
B. Amos: b. 1791; m. ….; had John and ??
C. Henry: 1796-1852; m. Harriet Greenleaf ??
a. Edward Henry: 1824; m. hannah Susan Blanchard; m. (2), Mary Frances Mann; served in the
Civil War; was also a representative in the General Court.
b. Charles Emery: b. 1829; m. Martha Symmes Lothrop. Ch.: Isaac Lothrop (b. 1858).
c. Sydney Greenleaf: b. 1832; m. Hannah Marie Dill Stoddard.
(II) Charles Stoddard: b. 1854; m. Alice Minetta Kane. Ch.: Charles Edward (b. 1882), Harold Stoddard (b. 1892).
(III) Franklin Greenleaf: b. 1860; m. Luna Oliva Hebard. Ch.: Ralph Hebard (b. 1892).
d. Andrew Jackson: 1833-1876; Gertrude Jennette Barrett.
D. Thomas: b. 1802; m. Jane Tilden.
5. Samuel: 1769-1832; m. Mary Rogers; m. (2), Rachel Clift.
A. Alfred: b. 1803; m. ….; had Samuel and William.
(c) Peleg: 1725-1820; m. Hannah Stevens.
1. Peleg: 1775-1805; m. Jemima Ames.
2. Nathaniel: 1757-1834; m. Hannah Ford.
3. Isaac: b. 1792; m. Hannah Ford.
A. Aldan: 1807-1891; m. Adeline Humphrey.
(d) Amos: 1755-1802; m. Rachel Wales.
1. Atherton Wales: 1763-1790; m. Mary Little.
(e) Zaccheus: b. 1730 or 31; d. 1817; m. Rebecca Lapham; m.
(2), Naomi Hatch.
1. Zaccheus: 1761-1816; m. Ruth Oakman.
2. Charles: 1768-1863.
A. Charles Bartlett: b. 1827; m. Hannah Elizabeth Patten.
B. Frances Henry: 1804-1844; m. Ann H. Meacom.
C. John Thomas: 1815-1892; m. Frances Elizabeth Mountfort. Ch.: John Thomas (b. 1850).
3. Benjamin: 1770-1846; m. Rachel Jones.
A. Benjamin: 1800-1875; m. Caroline Clift.
a. Benjamin Franklin: b. 1830; m. Blanche D’Eou.
b. Lysander Waldo: b. 1838; m. Fannie E. Howland.
B. Alvan: 1802-1885; m. Mary Dilloway Foster.
a. Charles Alvan: b. 1836; m. Sarah Elizabeth Hatch. Ch.: Alvan Herbert (b. 1863), Winthrop Lincoln (b. 1865).
b. George Edwin: b. 1843; m. Mary Ella Harden. Ch.: Harlow Harden (b. 1867), Bradlee (b. 1869), Foster (b. 1871).
C. Prince: 1808-1844; m. Lavina Parsons. Ch.: Prince William (b. 1833), Isadore Clifford (b. 1839).
D. Harvey: 1811-1888; m. Helen Johnston. Ch.: Francis Harvey (b. 1840), Henry Bateman (b. 1846).
(f) Adam: 1732-1834; m. Lydia Rogers: m. (2), Experience Thomas.
1. Samuel: 1761-1850; m. Patience Little; m. (2), Sarah Nash.
A. Samuel: b. 1790; m. Lucy Gay.
B. Atherton Wales: b. 1793; lost at sea about 1845; m. Celia Rogers; m. (2), Susan Mariner Miller.
a. George Atherton: b. 1834; m. Georgianna Cotrill Sherman.
b. Lucious Henry Chandler: b. 1840; m. Laura Juliet Eastman. Ch.: Atherton Wales (b. 1866), Daniel Eastman (b. 1875).
C. Adam: b. 1801; m. Sally Decrow. Ch.: Abraham Buker (b. 1830), George Henry (b. 1834).
D. Elisha: 1805-1887; m. Olive Jane Decrow.
a. Samuel Walter: 1833-1887; m. Amelia Henriette Frohock. Ch.: Walter Irving (b. 1883).
2. Walter: 1676-1860; m. Betsey Barstow.
A. Walter: 1807-1896; m. Emily Mariah Hayden; m.
(2), Emeline Susan Stone.
a. Edwin: 1834; m. Maria Louisa Jones.
(I) Fred Waldo: b. 1859; m. Rosella Smith Mason.
(II) Walter Barstow: b. 1869; m. Emma Frances Paull.
b. Albert Dana: b. 1828; m. Martha Ward Hollis; m. (2), Alice Mary Jones.
c. Homer: b. 1840; m. Ellen Eudora Perry.
(I) Howard Perry: b. 1869; m. Persis Steward Davis. Ch.: Homer (b. 1894), Tyler Stewart (b. 1895).
(II) Ellion: b. 1872; m. Mary Hackett Thompson.
(III) Harland Hayden: b. 1873; m. Ida Lois Rouse.
B. Samuel: 1813-1898; m. Elizabeth Jones. Ch.: Atherton Wales (b. 1848).
3. Adam: 1769-1857; m. Olive Gay.
4. Elisha: 1777-1832; m. Polly Oakman.
A. Elisha: 1807-1893; m. Sophia Clapp White.
a. James Adam: 1830.
b. Amos S?? b. 1831.
c. George Warren: b. 1835; m. Mary Elizabeth Bowman. Ch.: Fred Warren (b. 1855), George Otis (b. 1865), William Sumner (b. 1870), Frank Whitney (b. 1873).
(B) Samuel: baptized 1670; d. 1747; m. Jael Huet.
(a) Samuel: 1703-1761; m. Experience Thomas.
1. Thomas: 1735-1813; m. Submit Hatch.
A. Isaac: 1784-1853; m. Lucy Little Vinal.
a. Isaac Thomas: 1811-1897; m. Hilda Lewis.
b. Charles: b. 1823; m. Mary Keene Carver.
2. Simeon: 1737-1820; m. Sarah Clift.
A. Luther: 1778-1860; m. Abigail Little Tilden.
a. Luther: 1803-1853; m. Lydia Clift.
(I) John Luther: b. 1836; m. Ellen Maria Webb. Ch.: Fred Webb (b. 1870).
(II) Henry Clift: b. 1839; m. Lucy Adelaide Rogers.
(III) Herbert Tilden: b. 1845; m. Lilla Flora Bass. Ch.: Ralph Bass (b. 1877).
b. Wales: 1805-1890; m. Hannah Little.
(I) Marcellus Wales: b. 1831; m. Susan Elizabeth Holme. Ch.: Osborn (b. 1858), Howard (b. 1862), Wales (1865-1888).
c. Clift: 1806-1897; m. Eleanor Baxter.
d. Avery: 1814-1894; m. Lucy Jenkins. Ch.: Alfred (b. 1847).
e. Alvin: b. 1818; m. Harriet Augusta Fishley. Ch.: William Alvin (b. 1850), Frank Elmer (b. 1862).
(b) Ebenezer: 1713-1798; m. Sarah ….; m. (2), Hannah (Willson) Cole; first wife’s name was probably Stetson.
(C) John: 1700-1762; m. Hannah Sprague: m. (2), Sarah ….. Ch.: Stephen.



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  1. im related to captain moses rogers he is my great great great great great grandfather. my family still use the anme rogers

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