Rogers Family Records

R. M. Rogers

R162 R. M. ROGERS: m. and had
(1) R. M. Rogers: m. Lydia McClaughry.
(A) R. M.: m. E. Celia Titus.
(a) R. M.: m. Mary C. Lammerson; m. (2), Cora Folerie; m.
(3), ….; has a daughter, Roberta, by second wife.
(b) Frank N.: m. Nellie L. Hutchins.
1. George H. Rogers: b. 1891; A.B. degree, Cornell Univ., 1914.
(c) May: m. Frank Luther. Ch.: R. Mayne Luther.
(B) James: m. Mary …..
(a) J. Walter: m. Margaret …..
(b) Ralph C.: m. Louise ….; ch.: Mary, Robert M., Louise.
(C) Olive: m. Rev. John Hilto

Amos Rogers

S163 AMOS ROGERS: father of
(1) William Orendo: b. 1821; d. 1879; m. Mary Orton.
(A) Fanny Marilla: b. 1855; d. 1858.
(B) Myron Amos: b. 1857; m. Lily Eggleston (d. Oct. 21, 1929).
(a) Inez Marie: m. Robert William Glenray Vail. Ch.: Robert William; Mary Elizabeth.
(b) Lois Maybel.
(C) William Herbert: b. 1859; m. Sarah Wilson.
(D) Charles Sumner: b. 1865; m. Bertha Marguerite Hitzel; b. 1871.
(a) Sumner Herman: b. 1897; m. July 18, 1929, Ruth Caldwell
(b. January 11, 1908).

Jonathan J. Rogers

T164 JONATHAN J. ROGERS: 1817-1870; m. Susan Weeks of Ohio; was of direct Mayflower descent.
(1) Benjamin Rogers: m. Annie Lewis Thomas, of Pendleton, Ind.
(A) Jonathan J.: m. Laura Trueblood.
(a) Harold Benjamin.
(b) Morris Jonathan.

Elijah Rogers

U165 ELIJAH ROGERS: (father was Scotch and mother English, names unknown); b. 1824; m. Nancy Beech; d. 1907.
(1) Elizabeth: b. 1846, near Marion, Ind.
(2) Willa: b. 1847; near Marion, Ind.
(3) John: b. 1848; m. Amanda Whitmore; later m. a second time. Ch.: Oscar Christopher, Maude, Marion, Louis, Elsie, Daisy, Thomas, John and one other child.
(4) Christopher Columbus: b. 1849; m. Maria Serepta Drown. Ch.: Clarion Lou (b. 1879); Cassa Carmeleta (b. 1881; m. J. T. Nicholas; has two ch.: Martha Elizabeth: b. 1915, and Roger Leland: b. 1918), Flora Leontine (b. 1883), Cecil Merle (b. 1884; m. Ruth Elizabeth West, 1921).
(5) Jake S.: b. 1853; m. Margaret Jane Shawalter. Ch.: Gertrude and Albert.
(6) Rachel: b. 1856, near Marion, Ind.
(7) Joel: b. 1858; m. Kit Delancet. Ch.: Nellie, Edna, Ray, Birdie and Hazel.
(8) Francis Marion: b. 1864; m. Mabel Mann. Ch.: Floy and Edith.

Col. James Wheeler Rogers

V166 COL. JAMES WHEELER ROGERS: b. 1833 at Kersey, Elk Co., Pa., d. 1894; served in the Civil War; m. Elizabeth Eddings (d. 1861); m. (2), Eliza McConnell (d. 1919).
(1) Roland Walter: b. 1853; d. 1891; m. Mary E. Reed.
(A) James Reed: 1883; m. Claire Crum.
(B) Mabel E.: b. 1885; m. Charles Bertrum Yomet; 2 ch., Gladys and Helen.
(C) Carl Rush: b. 1888; served with Batt. F. 7th F. A., A. E. F., during 1918; m. Lelia Brisbin, 1924.

Patrick Rogers

W167 PATRICK ROGERS: m. Cecelia McHug?? (or McCue); both born either in England or Ireland.
(1) Arthur: had James, David and Charles; lived in vicinity of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.
(2) John: b. Nittany Furnace (now Bellefonte), Pa.; m. Catherine Brumbaugh, b. in Penn Township, Huntingdon Co., Pa.
(A) Jacob Brumbaugh: of Altoona; m. Fannie Woodburn Kennedy, b. in Newville, Cumberland Co., Pa.
(B) Milton Brumbaugh: m. Cora Wagner, b. in Huntingdon Co., Pa. Add.: 314 6th Avenue (Juniata), Altoona, Pa.
(C) Cecelia: m. Elmer S. Free of Huntingdon, Pa.
(D) Lorenzo: b. in Huntingdon; m. …. Morrison, b. in Mifflin Co., Pa. Add.: Newton Hamilton, Pa.
(E) Lottie M.: m. John Hicks of Huntingdon; both born there.
(F) John Martin: m. Clara Simpson; both b. in Huntingdon.



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  1. im related to captain moses rogers he is my great great great great great grandfather. my family still use the anme rogers

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