Rogers Family Records

Prominent American Rogers’ of Today

AGNES LOW ROGERS: prof. of edn.; b. Dundee, Scotland, 1884; d. William Thomson; M. A., U. of St. Andrew’s, 1908; author of “Experimental Tests of Mathematical Ability and Their Prognostic Value”, 1918. Add.: Bryn Mawr Pa.

ALFRED THOMAS: lawyer; b. St. Joseph, Mo., 1873; s. John; mem. Delta Tau Delta, Add.: Madison, Wis.

ALLEN: chem. engineer; b. Hampden, Me., 1876; s. Franklin G.; B.S. in Chemistry, U. of Me., 1897; awarded Grasseli medal, 1920, for work done in connection with fish skins for leather; mem. of Chemists’ Club. Add.: Brooklyn, N. Y.

ALLEN HASTINGS: mining engr.; b. Marshfield, Mass., 1871; s. Alfred; Democrat. Unitarian; mem. of Engineers’ Club (Boston & New York). Add.: New York.

ARTHUR: clergyman; b Providence, 1864; s. Horatio; ordained priest P. E. Church; Bohlen lecturer, Phila., 1909; mem. Phi Beta Kappa; author of Men and Movements in the English Church (1898). Add.: Evanston, Ill.

ARTHUR KENYON: coll. prof.; b. Dunellen, N. J., 1868; s. William Augustus; grad. Colby, 1891; author of “Life and Teachings of Jesus” (1894). Add.: New Haven, Conn.

ARTHUR SMALL: clergyman; b. Newberry, S. C., 1869; s. Atmar; grad. Erskine Coll., Due West, S. C., 1894; ordained ministry, Associate Ref. Presbn. Church of the South, 1896. Add.: Rock Hill, S. C.

AUSTIN LEONARD: seedsman; b. Cape Vincent, N. Y., 1855; s. Charles; grad. Eastman Business Coll., Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1885; founder, 1876, with bro. Everett E. of Rogers Bros. Seed Co.; continued business under same title after death of bro. 1890, and pres. since. Presbyn. Add.: Chicago.

B(ENJAMIN) TALBOT: clergyman; b. Rockland, Mich., 1865; s. Benjamin Talbot; rector St. James’ Church, Manitowoc, Wis., 1889-93; 8 times deputy to P. E. Gen. Conv.; author of pub. sermons, letters and newspaper articles. Add.: Sunbury, Pa.

BRUCE: typographical expert; b. Lafayette, Ind., 1870; s. George. Add.: Mt. Vernon, N. Y.

BURTON R(AY): veterinarian; b. Polk City, Ia., 1879; s. George W.; originated, 1901, plan for automatic tracing of animal tuberculosis through a. system of ear marking and has written much on this subject. Add.: Chicago.

(ROBERT) CAMERON: author; b. Santa Barbara, Calif., 1900; s. Robert Cameron; B.A., Harvard, 1923; on Editorial staff World’s Work magazine, 1923-25. Author of “The Magnificent Idler”. Add.: Garden City, N. Y.

CHARLES EDWIN: prof. civ. engineering; b. Saratoga Co., N. Y., 1874; s. Charles; began teaching at Lehigh Univ., 1901. Add.: Hartford, Conn.

CHARLES BUTLER: banker; b. Utica, N. Y., 1865; s. Publius V.; began as clerk with First Nat. Bnk. & Trust Co., Utica, 1889, pres. 1925; mem. of University Club. Add.: Utica, N. Y.

CHARLES GARDNER: zoologist; physiologist; b. Perry, N. Y., 1875; s. James Harvey; grad. Syracuse U., 1897; mem. of Phi Beta Kappa; Conglist. Author of papers upon effects of salts upon heart action, etc. Add.: Oberlin, O.

CLARA KATHLEEN (Clara Doria): singer; b. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Eng., 1844; d. John (“Father of English Opera”); grad. Leipzig Conservatorium,

1860; also studied at Berlin and Milan; author of “Memories of a Musical Career”. Add.: Boston, Mass.

DAVID CAMP: psychologist; b. New Britain, Conn., 1878; s. Daniel Owen; student Amherst, 1895-97; grad. Princeton, 1899; mem. of Am. Psychol. Assn.; Capt. Sanitary Corps U.S.A., 1918, 1919. Add.: Northampton, Mass.

EDITH NOURSE: congresswoman; b. Saco, Me., 1881; d. Franklin; grad. Rogers Hall Sch., Lowell, Mass.; rep. presdl. elector, 1924, receiving largest vote ever cast in Mass. for that office; mem. of Congressional Club. Add.: Lowell, Mass.

EDWARD SIDNEY: lawyer; b. Castine, Maine, 1875; s. James Harriman; admitted to Ill. bar 1895; mem. of Chicago Yacht Club. Add.: Winnetka, Ill.

ERNEST ALBERT: prof. dental economics; b. Vinton, Ia., 1866; s. Richard; prof. dental economics and roentgenology since 1912 in State U. of Ia.; has done pioneer work in lecturing and arousing interest in oral hygiene in pub. schs. in Ia. Add.: Iowa City, Ia.

ERNEST ANDREW: educator; b. St. Peter, Minn., 1881; s. Charles Butters; mem. bd. govs. Nat. Assn. for Disease Prevention. Add.: Los Gatos, Calif.

EUSTACE BARRON: paymaster-gen. U.S.N.; b. San Francisco, 1855; s. Robert Clay; educ., Lehigh (Pa.) U.; served on U.S.S. Monterey in Spanish Am. War; was present at taking of Manila. Add.: Washington, D. C.

FRANCIS: musician; b. Roxbury, Mass., 1870; s. Henry Bromfield; grad. Harvard, 1891; instr. singing, Yale U.; mem. of Harvard Club; author of “Some Famous Singers of the 19th Century” (1914). Add.: New York.

FREDERICK MORRIS: clergyman and educator; b. Salem, Marion Co., Ill., 1872; s. Oliver Jasper; ordained ministry of Christian (Disciples of Christ). Ch., 1894; founder, 1920, and Chancellor of Calif. Christian Coll. Add.: Los Angeles, Calif.

GEORGE MCINTOSH: newspaper pub.; b. Ashtabula, 1879; s. Judson Artemus; studied in Adelbert Coll. A founder and trustee, Cleveland Mus. Natural History; mem. of Hermit Club. Add.: Cleveland, Ohio.

GEORGE VERNOR: newspaper pub.; b. Appleton, Wis., 1876; s. Benjamin Talbot; v.-p. and gen.-mgr., New York Tribune, 1913-23; mem. of many clubs. Add.: Munden, Va.

HARRY CLAYTON: clergyman; b. Mt. Sterling, Ky., 1877; s. Thomas F.; grad. Centre Coll., Danville, Ky., 1899; ordained Presbyn. ministry, 1902; Rotarian; author of “Seven Candles of The Lord” (1908). Add.: Kansas. City, Mo.

HARRY LOVEJOY: army officer; 1867-1925.


HENRY WADE: judge; b. Holland Patent, N. Y., 1853; grad. U. of Mich, 1874; mem. of var. organs., includ. Assn. Bar City of New York, Am. Soc., Internal Law; Phi Beta Kappa; author of “Two Centuries of American Law”. Add.: New York.

HOPEWELL LINDENBERGER: newspaper man; b. Chicago, Ill., 1876; s. Joseph Martin; LL.B., John Marshall Law Sch., Chicago, 1906; Dir. Am. Newspaper Pubs. Assn., 1912-22 (pres. 1916-18); Presbyn. Add.: Chicago.

HOWARD JASON: lawyer; exposition official; b. Stephentown, Renssaelaer

Co., N. Y., 1861; s. Edwin A.; grad. Williams Coll., 1884; admitted to bar, 1887; officer Order Red Eagle. Add.: New York.

JAMES FREDERICK: hygienist; b. Malta, O., 1870; s. James M.; grad., New Haven Normal Sch. of Gymnastics, 1898; Conglist; author of “Life and Health”. Add.: Washington, D. C.

JAMES GAMBLE: architect; b. Bryants Station, Ky., 1867; s. Joseph M.; grad. Yale, 1889; designed Harkness Memorial Quadrangle, at Yale Univ.; mem. of var. organs., includ. University Club. Add.: New York.

JAMES GRAFTON: Lawyer; b. Denver, 1883; s. Edmund J.; grad., Yale, 1905; pres. Mayor’s Advisory Council, Denver, 1923; author of “The Fire of Romance”, “American Alpine Club”, etc. Add.: Denver, Colo.

(JAMES) HARRIS: inventor; b. Franklyn, Tenn., 1856; s. James Webb; educ. private tutors and St. Charles Coll., London; has devoted life to scientific work, especially elec. research; discoverer of: visual synchronism and of underground and underwater radio communication, enabling the U. S. Govt. to carry on uninterruptedly during the World War. Catholic. Add.: Hyattsville, Md.

JAMES HOTCHKISS: pianist, organist; b. Fair Haven, Conn., 1857; s. Martin L.; educ., Lake Forest, Ill.; studied music in Berlin and Paris, 1875-80; composer of about 150 compositions, including songs, piano pieces, etc. Add.: Cleveland, Ohio.

JAMES TRACY: lawyer.

JASON: publisher and author; b. N. Y. City, 1868; s. Thomas; educ. grammar sch., N. Y. City; began as boy in employ of Sunday Mercury, N. Y.; successively adv. mgr. Chicago Inter-Ocean, mgr. Providence, R. I. News; mem. of var. clubs, includ. N. Y. Advertising. Add.: New Rochelle, N. Y.

JOHN: surgeon; b. N. Y. City, 1866; s. John; A.B., Yale, 1887; Fellow Am. Coll. Surgeons. Add.: New York.

JOHN JACOB: congressman; 1881-1925.

JOHN RAPHAEL: inventor; b. Roseville, Ill., 1856; s. Rev. John A.; A.B. Oberlin Coll., 1875; patented machine for setting type (the Rogers Typograph), 1888. Conglist. Add.: Brooklyn, N. Y.

JULIA ELLEN: author, lecturer; b. La Salle Co., Ill., 1866; d. Daniel Farrand; Ph.B., State U. of Ia., 1892; lecturer in nature study in summer schs.; inst. in civic improvement and nature subjects since 1903. Add.: Long Beach, Calif.

LESTER BURTON: coll. prof.; b. nr. Commiskey, Ind., 1875; s. John Hamilton; studied U. of Chicago; special lecturer on edn., 1919-20; mem. of Phi Delta Kappa; Methodist; Mason. Add.: Los Angeles, Calif.

LINDSAY: univ. prof.; b. Baltimore, Md., 1891; s. George Wilson; grad. Baltimore City Coll., 1908; A.B., Johns Hopkins, 1912; Albert Shaw lecturer on diplomatic history; author of “The Postal Power of Congress”. Add.: New York.

LORE ALFORD: bacteriologist; b. Patten, Me., 1875; s. Luther B.; B.S., U. of Maine, 1896; asst. bacteriologist, N. Y. Expt. Sta., Geneva, N. Y., 1899-1902; mem. Soc. Am. Bacteriologists (pres. 1923). Add.: Washington, D. C.
LOUIS WILLIAM: theosophist; b. in Lima Co., Iowa, 1859; s. John Foster; student Western Coll., Toledo, Ia.; Nat. pres. Am. Theos. Soc., since 1920; lecturer; Author of “Hints to Young Students of Occultism” (1908). Add.: Chicago.


MAX: comedian.

MCLAIN: surgeon; b. Clyde, N. C., 1874; s. James Jackson; pres. of bd. and surgeon-in-chief, Clinton City Hosp. Add.: Clinton, Okla.

OSCAR H.: M.D.; b. Green Island, N. Y., 1857; s. William Clute; prep. edn. Troy (N. Y.) Acad.; chief med. dir. since 1912, N. Y. Life Ins. Co.; mem. of University Club. Add.: New York.

PHILIP FLETCHER: surgeon; b. Milwaukee, 1870; s. George James; grad. Yale, 1894; Interne Mercy Hosp., Chicago, 1897-99; Fellow Am. Coll. Surgeons; on surg. staff Base Hosp. No. 22 in France, 1918-1919. Add.: Milwaukee, Wis.

ROBERT WILLIAM: Orientalist; b. Phila., 1864; s. Dr. Samuel; grad. Central High Sch., Phila., 1880; grad. U. of Pa., 1886; spends summers in Europe and the Orient; mem. congresses of Orientalists at Stockholm and Christiana, 1889; author of “The Recovery of the Ancient Orient”. Add.: Madison, N. J.

WALTER STOWELL: b. Chicago, Ill., 1877; s. Charles A.; LL.B., Chicago Kent Coll. of Law, 1905; tech. adviser on elec. communications to Am. Delegation to Conf. on Limitation of Armament, 1921-22. Add.: New York.

WARREN LINCOLN: bishop; b. Allentown, N. J., 1877; s. Samuel Hartshorne; B.A., U. of Mich., 1907; Deacon and priest, P. E. Ch., 1911. Add.: Cleveland, Ohio.

WILL: actor and author; b. Oolagah, I.T., 1879; s. Clem Vann; educ. Kemper Mil. Acad., Boonville (short time); began in vaudeville, 1905; with Ziegfeld Follies since 1914; author of many humorous books. Add.: Beverly Hills, Calif.

WILLIAM ALLEN: cartoonist; b. Springfield, Ohio, 1854; s. Wm. Allen, educ. Worcester Poly. Inst. (non-grad); illustrator and cartoonist for many newspapers and mags. Author of “Hits at Politics” (cartoons). Add.: Washington, D. C.

WILLIAM ARTHUR: retired iron mfr.; b. Berkshire, N. Y., 1851; s. Dr. M.; began as clerk L. R. Hull & Co., pig iron, Cincinnati, 1874, became jr. partner, 3 yrs. later. He and another jr. partner formed own business under name of Roger and Trivett. Add.: Buffalo, N. Y.

WILLIAM BANKS: clergyman; b. Cincinnati, 1857; s. Jo eph Hill; studied at var. schs., includ. Woodstock Coll., Md.; taught English and classics, St. Ignatius Coll., Chicago, 1882-84. Add.: St. Louis, Mo.

WILLIAM NATHANIEL: ex-congressman; b. Sanbornville, N. H., 1892, s. Herbert; LL.B., Univ. of Me., 1916; mem. of N. H. House of Reps., several terms; mem. 68th Congress. Add.: Sanbornville, N. H.

WYNNE GREY: judge; b. New Orleans, La., 1874; s. Owen Wynne; educ. pub and pvt. schs.; admitted to bar, 1896, and practiced at New Orleans; mem. of Am. and State Bar Assns.; Episcopalian; mem. of Chess, Checkers and Whist Club. Add.: New Orleans, La.



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  1. im related to captain moses rogers he is my great great great great great grandfather. my family still use the anme rogers

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