Rogers Family Records


All of the works listed below will be found in the Library of Congress. Most of them will be found in the libraries of historical and genealogical societies. Some of them will be found in the libraries of all of the large American cities.

1 Americans of Royal Descent, 1891, Browning.
2 Appleton’s Cyclopedia of American Biography.
3 British Family Names, Barber.
4 Burke’s General Armory.
5 Burke’s Landed Gentry.
6 Burke’s Peerage and Baronetcy, 1925, 1926.
7 Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames, Bardsley.
8 Dictionary of National Biography, London, 1887.
9 Directories, City and Telephone.
10 English Surnames, Bardsley.
11 Heraldic Illustrations, 1853.
12 Miscellaneous Sources.
13 Officers of the Continental Army, 1775-1783, Heitman
14 Patronymica Britannica, Lower.
15 Private Collections of Family Data.
16 Revolutionary Records of the Respective Colonies.
17 Surnames of the United Kingdom, Harrison.
18 U. S. Postal Guide.
19 Who’s Who (British).
20 Who’s Who in America, 1926-27.
21 Miscellaneous Writings of Nathaniel Peabody Rogers, Manchester, N. H., 1849.
22 Memoirs of Rev. Nathaniel Rogers of Ipswich, Essex County, Old England, Boston, 1851.
23 Genealogy and Biography Sketches of John Rogers, Joseph Lemuel Chester, London, 1861.
24 Rogers of Dowdeswell, County of Gloucester, George Harrison, London, 1869.
25 Scottish House of Roger, Rev. Charles Rogers, Edinburgh, 1875.
26 Descendants of Rev. Daniel Rogers of Littletown, Mass., John Ward Dean, Boston, 1885.
27 Rogers Family of County of Essex, England, Henry F. Waters, Boston, 1887.
28 Four Perthshire Families, Rev. Charles Rogers, Edinburgh, 1887.
29 John Rogers Family in Plymouth, Mass., Josiah H. Drummond, Portland, Me., 1895.
30 James Rogers of Londonderry and James Rogers of Dunbarton, Hon. Josiah H. Drummond, Manchester, N. H., 1897.
31 Rogers Family of Georgetown, Me., Josiah H. Drummond.
32 John Rogers of Marshfield and Descendants, Josiah H. Drummond, West Hanover, Mass., 1898.
33 Hope Rogers and His Descendants, James S. Rogers, Boston, 1901.
34 James Rogers of Londonderry and James Rogers of Dunbarton, Josiah H. Drummond, Manchester, N. H. 1902.
35 History of Family of Rogers of Westmeon, Julian C. Rogers, London, 1902.
36 James Rogers of New London, Conn., and Descendants, James Swift Rogers, Boston, 1902.
37 Biography and Genealogy Tables, Jonathan J. Rogers and Descendants of Ezra Earll, C. H. Weygant, Newburgh, N. Y., 1905.
38 Descendants of Luke Rogers and Sarah Wright Brown, Ethel Brigham Leatherbee, Boston, 1907.
39 Rogers Family of England, embracing John Rogers, the Martyr, and D?? John ?? Underwood NewYork, 1911.



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  1. im related to captain moses rogers he is my great great great great great grandfather. my family still use the anme rogers

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