Rogers Family Records

Rogers’ in the American Revolution

Officers of the Continental Army
Andrew Rogers (Va.). 2d Lieutenant .4th Virginia, 23d December, 1776; resigned 2d March, 1778.

Edward (Conn.). Captain of Gay’s Connecticut State Regiment, June to December, 1776.

Hezekiah (Conn.). 1st Lieutenant 5th Connecticut, 1st January, 1777; Regimental Adjutant, 12th June, 1777, to July, 1781; transferred to 2d Connecticut, 1st January, 1781; Captain, 5th December, 1782; transferred to 3d Connecticut, 1st January, 1783; Aide-de-Camp to General Huntington, 7th July, 1781, to June, 1783; retained in Swift’s Connecticut Regiment in June, 1783, and served to 3d November, 1783; Military Storekeeper, United States Army, 27th October, 1801; died 3d November, 1811.

Jedediah (Conn.). Cornet 2d Continental Dragoons, 15th February 1778; Lieutenant 2d June, 1778, and served to close of war. Captain Light Dragoons United States Army, 4th May, 1792; resigned 25th October, 1792.

Jacob (Mass.). 2d Lieutenant of Thomas’ Massachusetts Regiment May to December, 1775.

John (Conn.). 1st Lieutenant of Webb’s Additional Continental Regiment, 1st January, 1777; resigned 13th February, 1778.

John (R. I.). Sergeant 2d Rhode Island, 6th March, 1777; Ensign, 1st May, 1779; Adjutant, 1st May, 1780, to 8th September, 1782; wounded at Connecticut Farms, 23d June, 1780; 2d Lieutenant, 4th February, 1781; retained in Olney’s Rhode Island Battalion, 14th May, 1781, and served to November, 1783; Military Storekeeper, United States Army, 9th March, 1819; Honorably discharged, 1st June, 1821.

John (Va.). 2d Lieutenant 4th Virginia, 25th March, 1776; was Captain of Clark’s Illinois Regiment June, 1778, to February, 1782.

John, Jr. (N. C.). Paymaster 5th North Carolina, 11th December, 1776, to (???).

Joseph (Va.). Lieutenant of a Virginia Regiment; taken prisoner at Newberne, N. C., 26th September, 1778.

Joseph (Conn.). Ensign 2d Connecticut, 4th January, 1781, to 3d June, 1783. (Died 3d September, 1818.)

Josanah (N. Y.). Captain of Drake’s Regiment, New York Militia, in 1776.

Nicholas (France). Major and Aide-de-Camp, 12th May, 1777; served as Aide-de-Camp to Generals Coudray and De Kalb to 10th December, 1778, when he was brevetted Lieutenant-Colonel Continental Army and retired from the service.

Patrick (N. C.). Regimental Quartermaster 1st North Carolina, 3d November, 1776; Ensign 28th March, 1777; 2d Lieutenant 3d April, 1777; died 19th April, 1778.

Philip (Pa.). 2d Lieutenant 8th Pennsylvania, 9th August, 1776, to (???).

Robert (R. I.). 2d Lieutenant of Tallman’s Rhode Island State Regiment 12th December, 1776; 2d Lieutenant 1st Rhode Island, 1st January, 1777; 1st Lieutenant, 19th February, 1777; resigned 24th March, 1779. (Died 5th August, 1835.)

Samuel (Mass.). 2d Lieutenant of Henley’s Additional Continental Regiment, 1st January, 1777; 1st Lieutenant, 26th June, 1777; transferred to Jackson’s Continental Regiment, 22d April, 1779; regiment designated 16th Massachusetts, 23d July, 1780; transferred to 9th Massachusetts, 1st January, 1781; died 20th October, 1781.

Thomas (Mass.). Sergeant in Lexington Alarm, April, 1775; 2d Lieutenant of Gerrish’s Massachusetts Regiment, May to December, 1775.

William (Mass.). Captain in Lexington Alarm, April, 1775; Captain of Gerrish’s Massachusetts Regiment, May to December, 1775; Captain Massachusetts Militia, 1776-1781.

William (Pa.). Chaplain of Miles’ Pennsylvania Rifle Regiment, 6th April to December, 1776; Chaplain of Patton’s Continental Regiment, 1st February, 1777; Brigade Chaplain, 1st June, 1778; retired 16th January, 1781. (Died 7th April, 1824.)

William (S. C.). Lieutenant South Carolina Dragoons, 5th April, 1781; dismissed, — June, 1781.

William (Va.). 2d Lieutenant 4th Virginia, 19th March, 1776; 1st Lieutenant, 28th September, 1776; Captain, 1st April, 1778; taken prisoner 22d September, 1778; where not stated; exchanged in 1780; transferred to 5th Virginia, 12th February, 1781; retired 1st January, 1783.

The following Rogerses served in the American Revolution from the respective colonies. Figures following some of the names indicate the number of times those names appear on the records examined:

Connecticut: Abiathar–2, Abigail, Abijah, Andrew, Asael, Bela–3, Benjamin, Bixpee, Chase, Chester–3, Daniel–2, David–4, Ebenezer–4, Edward–4, Elijah, Ephraim, Ethan, Ezekiel, George–3, Gideon–3, Gurdon –2, Heman–4, Hermen, Hezekiah–7, Hooma, Ichabod–2, Isaiah, Israel, Jacob, James–2, Jedidiah–3, Jeremiah, John–11, John, Jr., John 5th. Joseph–10, Joshua, Josiah–??, Lemuel, Leonard–6, Levi–2, Lewis, Martha, Moses, Nathan, Nathaniel–2, Nehemiah, Oliver–4, Peter–2, Philemon, Pansford, Richard, Rufus, Ruth, Samuel, Sharp–2, Sharper, Simeon, Solomon, Stephen–2, Thomas–3, Thomas, Jr., Uriah, Jr., William–2, Zabdul–3, Zephaniah–2.

Delaware: Hinson, Hugh, James–4, John–11, Joseph–2, Robert–4, William.

Georgia: Brittain–2, Burwell–2, Burwick–2, Dread –3, Drury–2, Drury, Jr., Edward–3, Jeremiah, John–5, Mary, Peleg–2, Peter, Reuben–2, Robert, William–2.

Maryland: Francis–3, John–8, Joseph, Joshua, Michael–3, Robert, William–6.

Massachusetts: Aaron–3, Abel, Abiathar–2, Abijah, Abishai, Abner–2, Alexander–2, Allen–2, Andrew, Artemas, Arunah, Asa, Bela, Benjamin–6, Caleb–5, Cato, Chase, Chester, Crisp, Daniel–11, David–6, Ebenezer–7, Edmund, Elias, Eliphalet –7, Elisha–3, Elkanah–2, Enoch, Francis, Frederick, George–3, Gideon–4, Giles–2, Henry–4, Hezekiah, Hugh, Isaac–3, Ishmael–2, Israel, Jacob–2, James–16, Jesse–3, Joel, John–33, Jonathan–10, Jonathan, Jr., Joseph–3, Joshua–2, Josiah, Leonard, Lewis, London, Lot, Mark, Moses–8, Nathaniel–8, Nehemiah–2, Noah–3, Paul–2, Peleg–2, Perley, Peter, Philip–2, Prince–2, Ptolemy, Ransferd, Richard–4, Robert–5, Rogers, Samuel–23, Seth–2, Silas–2, Simeon–4, Simon, Smith, Solomon, Stephen–3, Thomas–15, Timothy–5, W., William–12, Zaccheus–2, Zachariah–2, Zebadiah, Zebulon, Jr.

New Hampshire: Cato, Daniel–7, Daniel D., Daniel, Jr., James–6, John–11, Jonathan–2, Joseph–5, Josiah –4, Levi–3, Matthew, Nathaniel–2, Perley–16, Richard–2, Richard C. –3, Robert–2, Samuel–10, Thomas–4, Timothy–5, William–10.

New Jersey: David–2, Henry–3, James–3, Jedediah, John, Nathan, Nathaniel, Patrick, Richard, William.

New York: Abraham, Abraham, Jr., Allan, Allen, Amos, Ananias, Caleb, Daniel–3, Ezekiel, George–2, Hezekiah–2, Isaac, Hugh, Hughes–2, Jacob–3, James–4, James, Jr., Jarvis, Job, John –4, Jonathan, John, Sr. John, Jr., Joseph–5, Joseph, Jr., Joshua, Capt. Joshua, Lewis, Micah Michael–3, Mikel, Moses–2, Nathaniel, Othamel, Owen, Philip, Philip, Jr., Platt–2, Reuben–2, Robert–2, Rubin, Samuel –3, Solomon, Stephen–2, Topping, Uriah, William–8, Capt. Wm.–3, Wm. Ens., Zephaniah, Zopha.

Pennsylvania: Aaron, Alexander–6, Allan–2, Andrew–7, Anthony, Elizabeth–2, Ezekiel, Ezickel, Francis–5, George–2, Henry, Hugh, Isaac, Isaiah, Jacob, James–8, Jeremiah–4, John–33, John B,, Jonah, Jonathan–2, Jonath, Joseph–2, Josiah, Matthew–7, Michael–7, Mishael, Patrick–3, Philip–3, Richard, Robert–5, Samuel–4, Thomas–10, Timothy–6, W., Will, William–23.

Rhode Island: Clarke–4, Daniel–6, George, Greene, Guy, Isaac, James–25, John–31, Jonathan–14, Joseph –3, Josias, Leban–3, Peleg, Robert–30, Samuel–8, Thomas–12, William –6. Vermont: Hugh, John–5 Samuel, William.

Virginia: Abraham, Andrew–2, Anthony, Aquilla, Barnard, Barnitt, Benjamin–2, Boling, Bolling, Bowling, Corneilius, David–3, Drury, Edward–2, Ezekiel–2, Francis, George–2, Henry, Hosea–2, Jacob, James–2, Jeremiah, John–8, Jonathan, Joseph–2, Lewis, Matthew, Melvin, Michael, Patrick, Peter–2, Rhodam, Richard, Robert–2, Shadrick, Solomon Stephen, Thomas, Tully, Ulysses, William–4. Total, 1085.



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  1. im related to captain moses rogers he is my great great great great great grandfather. my family still use the anme rogers

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