Rogers Family Records

Coltman-Rogers of Stanage Park

B110 ROBERT DE NORBURY: of North Lydbury, Salop. His great grandson,

B111 ROGER DE NORBURY: m. Margery (dau. of Thomas Schire de la Home); became possessed of estates in Home, 1314.

B112 JOHN ROGERS DE LA HOME: took surname of Rogers from his father’s Christian name; by deed dated 36 Edward III (1363), obtained from Philip le Mercer all his estates in Home where he settled; from that time to present, his descendants have held the estate of Home and resided there. From him was lineally descended,

B113 REV. EDWARD ROGERS: M.A.; of The Home; Rector of Myndtown, Salop; m. Mary Like.

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B114 THOMAS ROGERS: of The Home; 1749-1794; m. Mary Vanz”elen Powys.

B115 REV. JOHN ROGERS: Lord of Home, Wentnor, Salop; Rector of Myndtown and Maidstone, Salop; 1789-1856; m. 1816, Marianne Bodenham.
(1) John: of The Home–B116.
(2) Edward: of Inverness Terrace, Kensington Gardens; 1818-1891; m. 1866, Ada Deane. Ch.: Edward Thomas; Francis Bodenham.
(3) Thomas Percival (Rev.): M.A.; Vicar of Batheaston, Somerset;
b. 1821; m. (1), 1852, Kath. Mackarness; m. (2), Mary Broome.
Ch.: Percy John Mackarness; Edmund de Norbury; Arthur; George Herbert.
(4) Henry James Vanz”elen: b. 1833.

B116 REV. JOHN ROGERS [B115–(1)]: M.A.; of The Home, and of Stanage Park; J. P. Cos. Hereford, Radnor, and Salop; 1817-1878; m. 1851, Charlotte Victoria Newbold.
(1) Charles Coltman: now of Stanage Park–B117.
(2) Edward Powys: 1855-1920; m. 1881, Charlotte Williams.
(A) Charles Michael: b. 1884.
(B) Harry Powys: lieut. R. N.; lost his life in H. M. S. Monmouth, at battle of Coronel, 1915.
(C) John Davenport: 1857-1914.
(D) Arthur de Norbury: b. 1862; d.y.
(E) George Frank Vanz”elen: 1864-1900.

B117 CHARLES COLTMAN COLTMAN-ROGERS: of Stanage Park, Co. Radnor, and The Home, Salop; M.A.; J. P. Cos. Radnor, Salop and Hereford; High Sheriff, Co. Radnor, 1882; Vice-lieut. Co. Radnor, 1921; M. P., Radnor, 1884-85; Chairman Radnor C. C. since 1896; Chairman Local Educ. Auth. since 1896; Chairman Standing Joint Committee, since
1896; Chairman Territorial Assoc., 1910; various agricultural and educ. associations, including Council of Royal Agric. Soc. since 1896, Vice-Pres., 1918; assumed by Royal Licence, 1919, the surname of Coltman (from maternal grandfather) before that of Rogers, and arms of Coltman quarterly with his own family arms; b. 1854; m. 1888, Muriel Augusta Gillian Chapman.
(1) Guy Coltman: Capt. Shropshire Yeo.; D. L., Co. Radnor; b. 1891; m. 1920, Phyllis Mary Egerton; issue.
(2) Julian Coltman: late R. N.; b. 1898.

Rogers of Penrose

C118 JOHN ROGERS: of Truthwall, near Godolphin; 1625-1690.

C119 JOHN: of Treassowe; 1653-1725; held several successive offices in the Stannaries; a Deputy Vice-Adm. for S. Cornwall; a Capt. of Militia; m. (1), Thornasine Bawden; m. (2), Eliz. Julian; his son and his heir by 2nd wife,

C120 JOHN: of Treassowe; D. L.; 1690-1768; m. (1), cousin Amelia Bawden; m. (2), Cath. Rogers.

C121 HUGH: of Treassowe and Penrose; D. L.; 1719-1773; m. 1746, Anne Bishop; sheriff of Cornwall, 1770.

C122 JOHN: of Treassowe and Penrose: J. P. and D. L.; M. P.; 1750-1832; m. 1776, Margaret Bassett (sister of Lord De Dunstanville).
(1) John: his heir–C123.
(2) Hugh (Rev.): B.A., Jesus Coll., Camb.; Rector of Camborne; lived 1780-1858; m. 1815, Frances Jenkins.
(A) Francis: 1816-1885; unm.
(B) Hugh St. Aubyn (Rev.): B.A., Exeter Coll., Oxon; 1820-1891; unm.
(C) David: 1821-1844; unm.
(D) Frederick John: 1823-1844; unm.
(E) Hender: 1824-1860; unm.
(F) Reginald Bassett (Rev.): Vicar of Sancreed, Penzance; B.A., Oxon; 1830-1899; m. 1876, Laura Augusta Stuart.
(a) Hugh Stuart: C. M. G.; D. S. O.; lieut.-col. Shropshire L. I.; b. 1875; m.; issue.
(b) Francis St. Aubyn: b. 1879.
(c) Reginald Bassett: b. 1881; m. 1909, Laura Mary Muriel Chads.
(d) William Hender Molesworth: b. 1883.

C123 REV. JOHN [C122–(1)]: of Treassowe and Penrose; M.A.; Canon of Exeter Cathedral; J. P.; 1778-1856; m. (1), 1814, Mary Jope; m. (2), 1843; Grace Fursdon.
(1) John Jope: his heir–C124.
(2) William (Rev.): M. A.; Rector Mawnan; 1817-1889; m. 1860, Anna Barnes.
(A) Ralph Barron: M.A., Oxon; b. 1862; m. 1899, his cousin, Edith Mary Rogers.
(3) Reginald: of Carwinion, Falmouth; 1819-1877; m. 1853, Mary Frances Nankivel.
(A) Reginald Nankivel: of Carwinion, Falmouth; b. 1854; m. 1881, Mary Constance Hext.
(a) Reginald: 2nd lieut., 7th Batt. Rifle Brig.; 1882-1916; k. in action on Somme.
(b) Hugh Hext: M. V. O.; O. B. E.; comm. R. N.; comm. Renown during H. R. H. Prince of Wales tours in Canada and Australia; b. 1883; m. 1912, Agnes Helena Trevelyan Channell.
1. Cecil Trevelyan Hext: b. 1918.
(c) Edward Ambrose Gordon: Capt. R. G. A.; lived 1886-1916; d. on service through motor accident.
(d) Douglas Penerell: Midshipman R. N.; 1888-1906.
(B) Arthur: b. 1856; m. 1908, Margaret Hext.
(C) Hugh Henry: D. S. O.; lieut.-col. (ret.), R. A.; b. 1858; m. 1886, Fanny Rose Gibbs.
(a) Hugh: b. 1890.
(D) William Frederick Charles: 1861-1914; m. 1896, Millicent Evelyn Backhouse.
(a) Wilfred Edmund: 2nd lieut. Rifle Brig.; b. 1899.
(E) John: b. 1864; m. 1896, Madeline Poyn.
(a) John Percival: b. 1897.
(4) Saltren (Rev.): M.A.; Hon. Canon of Truro; Rural Dean; Vicar of Gwennap; 1823-1905; m. 1856, Julia Lucy Mann.
(A) Gerald Saltren (Rev.): B.A.; Curate of Branksome, Bournemouth; 1859-1905; m. 1886, Louisa Caroline Cornish.
(B) Horace Trevelyan: 1860-1887.
(C) Henry Cornwallis: b. 1865.
(5) Henry: Capt. (ret.) R. N.; b. 1820; m. (1), 1860, Jane Mary Enys; m. (2), 1877, Eugenia Shortland.
(A) Enys Henry (Rev.): of Enys Cornwall; s. uncle, John David Enys, 1912 (by Royal Licence, 1913, assumed surname and arms of Enys); M. A. Kehle Coll., Oxford; Vicar of St. Stephen’s Church, Brighton; b. 1861; m. 1896, Sarah Louisa Duffus, of Philadelphia; had, with other issue,
(a) Charles Reginald Sattren: b. 1897.
(B) Charles Gilbert: C. I. E.; Fellow of Cooper’s Hill; F. L. S.; b. 1864; m. 1906, Lydia Mary Wallace.
(C) Earnest: B.A., Oxon; Ind. C. S.; b. 1865, m. 1895, Rebecca Tucker; issue.
(D) Claude Somerset: b. 1867; m. 1908, Elsie Mary Anderson, of Trinidad; issue.
(E) Leonard (Sir): C. I. E.; M.D., Lond.; F. R. C. S.; F. R. C. P.; lieut.-col. Ind. Medical Service; Professor of Pathology, Calcutta; Bacteriologist to Govt. of India; b. 1868.
(F) Kenneth St. Aubyn (Rev.): C. M. S.; Missionary in British E. Africa; M.A., Oxon; b. 1869.
(G) John Davies: Comm. R. N. (ret.): b. 1872; m. 1914, Eliz. Alexandrina Macdonald.
(H) Edward: lieut. R. N.; b. 1882.
(I) Frederick William: b. 1892.
(J) Henry Peverell: b. 1896.

C124 JOHN JOPE (C123–(1)]: Treassowe and Penrose; M.P. for Helston, 1859-65; 1816-1880; m. 1844, Maria Hichens.
(1) John Peverell: now of Penrose, C125.
(2) Charles Fursdon (Rev.): M.A., Trin. Coll., Oxon; late Vicar of Penzance, Cornwall; b. 1848; m. 1877, Frances Fox Harvey.
(A) Woodis Pascal: b. 1883.
(3) Reginald William Scott: Capt. (ret.) R. N.; 1851-1910; unm.
(4) Andrew Trevarthian: 1853-1880; unm.
(5) Robert Henry: 1855-1881; unm.
(6) Philip Powys: 1857-1889; unm.
(7) Frederick Evelyn: b. 1860; M.A., Trin. Coll., Oxon; m. 1888, Sibyl Shaw.
(A) Philip Morton: b. 1896.
(8) Francis Bassett: b. 1862; M.A., Oxon.
(9) Walter: b. 1864; M.A., Oxon.

C125 JOHN PEVERELL [C124–(1)]: of Penrose, Co. Cornwall; J. P.; Capt. R. A. (ret.): b. 1846; m. 1880, Maria Adelaida Milaro (dau. of Italian Consul at Queenstown).
(1) John Lionel: Capt. Cornwall (Fortress) Engineers; b. 1880; m. 1911, Evelyn Ford.
(2) Robert Peverell: Capt. Wiltshire Regt.; b. 1892.
(3) Adelaide Maude.
(4) Elsie Margaret.

Rogers of River Hill

D126 SAMUEL ROGERS: d. 1746; issue.

D127 THOMAS: 1695-1758; m. 1724, Martha Davis.

D128 JOHN: of Sun Court, Cornhill; 1729-1796; m. 1762, Mary Neal; had, with other issue,

D129 JOHN: of Upper Footing, Surrey; 1768-1840; m. 1798, Eliz. Wellford.

D130 JOHN: of River Hill; F. R. S.; J. P.; 1807-1867; m. 1833, Harriet Thornton.
(1) John Thornton: of whom presently–D131.
(2) Reginald Wellford (Rev.): M.A.; Vicar of Cookham, Berks; m. 1871, Emelia Sophia Thornton; d. 1910.
(A) Reginald Thornton: 1875-1900; unm.
(3) Henry Middleton: late Bengal C. S.; m. 1880, Rose Janet Fell.
(4) Arthur Parry: late 68th Foot; J. P. Devon; 1843-1907; m. 1868, Florence Maria Unwin.
(5) Walter Francis: m. Louisa Curteis; d. 1895.

D131 JOHN THORNTON: of River Hill, Kent; J. P. and D. L.; formerly capt. 33rd regt.; lived 1834-1900; m. 1862, Margaret Bagwell.
(1) John Middleton: now of River Hill–D132.
(2) Arthur Edward: M.A., Oxon; b. 1871; m. 1902, Lily Eleanor Arnolt.
(A) Arthur John Patrick: b. 1913.

D132 LIEUT.-COL. JOHN MIDDLETON: D. S. O. (1900); of River Hill, Co. Kent; High Sheriff, 1918; late lieut.-col. 2nd Co. London Imp. Yeo.; b. 1864; m. (1), 1899, Muriel Blanche Gwendoline Morrison-Bell; m. (2), 1921, Hilda Stevenson.
(1) John Earnest Middleton: b. 1900.
(2) Peter Bagwell: b. 1908.
(3) David Morrison: b. 1909.
(4) Patience Muriel.
(5) Felicity Margaret.

Coxwell-Rogers of Dowdeswell

E133 RICHARD ROGERS: of Dowdeswell; m. Mary Browne.
(1) William: a Master of the High Court of Chancery; d. unm., 1734.
(2) John: m. and had,
(A) John: Rector of Dowdeswell; d. unm.
(B) William: Barrister-at-Law; d. unm.
(C) Richard: m. Mary Lynch.
(a) William: d. s. p.
(b) Richard (Rev.): LL.B.; m. Miss Curtis.
1. Hester Rogers: of Dowdeswell.
2. Anne: m. 1796, Rev. Charles Coxwell, of Ablington–E134.
(c) John: m. Miss Appleyard; issue.
(d) Edward: of Dowdeswell; d. unm., 1810; devised estates to niece, Hester Rogers.

E134 REV. CHARLES COXWELL: M. A.; of Ablington House, Co. Gloucester;
J. P. and D. L.; Rector of Dowdeswell; 1771-1854; m. 1796, Anne Rogers.
(1) Edward Rogers: J. P. and D. L.; d. s. p.
(2) Richard Rogers: E135.
(3) Charles Coxwell: of Malvern, Co. Worcester; J. P. and D. L.; one of the Hon. Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms, 1828-36; 1806-1893; m. 1829, Mary Elizabeth Cresswell.
(4) William Coxwell (Rev.): M. A.; assumed by Royal Licence, 1854, the additional surname and arms of Rogers; Rector of Dowdeswell, 1854-94; lived 1809-1899; m. 1841, Charlotte Skinner Nicholls; issue.

E135 RICHARD ROGERS COXWELL-ROGERS [E134–(2)]: F. S. A.; of Ablington Manor, and Dowdeswell, Co. Gloucester; J. P. and D. L.; High Sheriff, 1857; assumed by Royal Licence, 1850, the additional name and arms of Rogers; 1803-1876; m. 1848, Elinor Baker.
(1) Richard Massy Gordon: 1850-1860; accidentally drowned at Drayton.
(2) Charles Edward: 1853-1892.
(3) Godfrey Hugh Wheeler: 1857-1913; m. 1882, Aileen Emma Barry.
(A) Richard Hugh: 1883-1915; killed in action.
(4) Ellen Eliza Ann: now of Upper Dowdeswell; m. 1877, Geo. Ed. Beale Beale Browne: issue–E136.
(5) Grace Florence: now of Dowdeswell.

E136a ELLEN ELIZA ANN: (Mrs. G. E. Beale Browne) now of Ablington Manor, and Dowdeswell Court, Co. Gloucester.

E136b GRACE FLORENCE COXWELL-ROGERS: now of Ablington Manor, and Dowdeswell Court, Co. Gloucester.



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