Rogers Family Records

Ancient Rogers Families

THE following titled Rogers families are listed in BURKE’S GENERAL ARMORY: Lanke, Co. Cornwall; Penrose, Co. Cornwall; Bryntangor, in Bryn Eglwys, Co. Denbigh; Wisdome, Co. Devon, Bart.; Baron Blachford; Bristol and Eastwood, Co. Gloucester; Pilton, Co. Devon; Rainscombe, Co. Wilts; Bradford, Co. Somerset; Cannington, Co. Somerset; Yarlington, Co. Somerset; The Home, Co. Salop; Stanage Park, Co. Radnor; Chelmsford, Co. Essex, Purton, Co. Gloucester; Deritend, Co. Warwick, and Sunbury, Co. Middlesex; Co. Kent, 1593; Co. Kent, and Bradford, Co. Wilts; London; Coulston, Co. Norfolk; Stourbridge, Co. Worcester, The Hill, Amblecote, Co. Stafford, and London; Little Nesse, Co. Salop, 1576; Edmonton, Co. Middlesex, Richard Rogers; Bryanstone, Co. Dorset; Dowdeswell, Co. Gloucester; Coxwell-Rogers, Dowdeswell, Co. Gloucester; Rev. John Rogers; Cadbury House, Co. Somerset; Co. Dorset (two families); Wrexham, Co. Denbigh; Balismo; Brompton Park, Co. Middlesex, and Calcutta, East Indies; Lota, Co. Cork.

Rogers of Yarlington

This family was originally of Bristol, and in the 16th century held a prominent place among the merchants of that city.

A101 RICHARD ROGERS: of the parish of St. Thomas; first who is mentioned in the grant of arms; d. 1587.
(1) Richard: Sheriff of Bristol, 1595; d. 1599.
(A) Matthew.
(B) Richard–A102.
(2) Robert: 1553-1633; m. Eleanor Cooper; had, with other issue,
(A) Sir Richard: of Bristol, and of Eastwood, Co. Gloucester; Sheriff of Co. Gloucester, 1623; 1594-1635; m. Mary Marten (sister of the celebrated republican and regicide, Col. Henry
Marten). It was at the house of Lady Rogers that Col. Nathaniel Fiennes had his headquarters, when holding Bristol for the Long Parliament.
(3) Nicholas.

A102 RICHARD [A101–(1)–(B)]: father of,

A103 JOHN: of Chaxhill, Westbury-on-Severn; d. 1690.
(1) Nicholas: of Westbury-on-Severn; d. 1699.
(2) Thomas–A104.

A104 THOMAS: of All Saints’, Worcester; d. 1721.

A105 THOMAS: of Besford Court, Co. Worcester; 1704-1773; m. 1725, Mary Engelsby.

A106 JOHN: High Sheriff of Somerset, 1804; 1743-1821; m. 1774, Anne Reynolds Robinson.
(1) Francis: his heir–A107.
(2) George: 1790-1862; unm.
(3) Robert Green (Rev.): 1800-1876; Rector of Yarlington, 1826-1876; m. (1), 1834, Mary Theodora Johnson (dau. of friend and kinsman of poet, Cowper); m. (2), Lucy Pine-Coffin; m. (3), Eliz. Harbin Gooden.
(A) Arthur Johnson (Rev.): 1846-1908; M.A.; Rector of Yarlington, 1876-1908; m. (1), 1876, Nora Fielding; m. (2), 1887, Gertrude Mary Ramsden; issue.

A107 FRANCIS [A106–(1)]: of Yarlington; 1784-1863; as capt. raised a company in the 1st E. Somerset Vol., in 1803, on premeditated invasion of Napoleon; m. 1815, Cath. Eliz. Bickley.
(1) Thomas Englesby: late of Yarlington–A108.
(2) John Francis: of The Lawn, Swannington, Norfolk; formerly an Asst. Commissary-Gen. to Her Majesty’s Forces; 1826-1901; m. (1), 1862, Mary Ann Bartell; m. (2), 1871, Maria Holmes Young, of Montreal. Ch.: Lionel Wadsworth (b. 1866); John Englesby; Basil Englesby (b. 1874); Gerard John Bickley (b. 1875); Hugh Thornton (b. 1879); Harry Denton (b. 1880); Gordon Pickering (b. 1884); Bruce Hildyard (b. 1885).
(3) Benjamin Bickley: of Lincoln’s Inn; Barrister-at-law; M.A.; Hon. Litt.D.; Hon. Fellow and late Fellow of Wadham Coll., Oxford; the well-known translator of Aristophanes; lived 1828-1919; m. 1861, Ellen Susanna Herring.
(A) Francis Robert Bickley: b. 1869.
(B) Richard Bickley: 1872-1907.
(C) Ellen Maud Bickley: m. Herbert Edwin Wright, Barrister-at-law, now of Yarlington, assumed additional surname and arms of Rogers–A109.

A108 THOMAS ENGLESBY [A107–(1)]: of Yarlington, Somerset; J. P. and D.L.; Barrister-at-law; Recorder of Wills, 1884-1903; Deputy Chairman of Somerset Quarter Sessions, 1870-92; Chancellor of the Diocese of Bath and Wells, 1884-1903; formerly Fellow of Corpus Christi Coll., Oxford; lived 1817-1912; m. 1853, Eliz. Hannah Stanger; s. by nephew-in-law.

A109 HERBERT EDWIN WRIGHT ROGERS [A107–(3)–(C)]: O. B. E.; of Yarlington, Somerset; J. P.; educated at Charterhouse and Trin. Coll., Camb.; M.A.; LL.B.; Barrister-at-Law (Lincoln’s Inn); b. 1864; m. 1892, Ellen Maud Bickley Rogers.
(1) Edwin George Englesby: M. C.; 2nd lieut. 7th Batt. Somerset L. I.; educated at Eton and Balliol Coll., Oxford; 1893-1916; k. in action.
(2) Roger Benjamin Bickley: Capt. and Adjt. 3rd Batt. Gren. Gds.; educ. at Rugby and University Coll., Oxford; b. 1897.



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  1. im related to captain moses rogers he is my great great great great great grandfather. my family still use the anme rogers

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