Rogers Family Records

Hope Rogers

K155 HOPE ROGERS: m. Esther Meacham.
(1) Josiah: 1720-1815; m. Hannah Ford.
(A) Jonah: 1743-1799; m. Deliverance Chaffee.
(a) Jonah: m. Katharine Roberts. Ch.: Jonah, Hezekiah and Simeon.
(b) Josiah: 1768-1814; m. Mary Wheeler. Ch.: Josiah (1791-1853;m. Abigail Strong), Ariel (1794-1874; m. Melinda Brace; (2), Cynthia Cortwright), Joseph (1795-1855; m. Hannah Jones), Jonah (b. 1801; m. Catharine Lafey), David (1803-1895; m. Eliza Jones).
(c) Elihu: m. Rhoda Drake.
1. Elihu: 1800-1873; m. Bershabe Stiles; (2), Narcissus Newbury.
2. Jacob: 1803-1882; m. Elizabeth Goble.
(d) Joel: m. Mary Lumcree; (2), Mary Jackson. Ch.: Jose
(b. 1816; m. Lydia Ann Rogers), Joel, Stephen.
(2) Jethro: b. 1722; m. Hannah Holt. Ch.: Oliver (b. 1748).
(3) Jeduthan: 1724-1800; m. Anna Farnam; m. (2), Hannah Knight; m. (3), Widow Eunice (Putnam) Burgess.
(A) Jeduthan: b. 1753-1834; m. Elizabeth Fisk or Fish.
(a) Isaiah: 1784-1862; m. Lucinda Bacon.
1. Alanson: 1806-1874; m. Arvilla Chamberlin.
2. Martin: b. 1809; m. Polly Erskine (Dimick?)
3. John: m. Nancy Jane Button.
4. Isaiah: b. 1812; m. Anna Martin.
5. Philander: 1813-1891; m. Louisa Murray.
6. Rufus: 1815-1849; m. Flavia Bacon.
(B) Isaiah: b. 1760; d. in Revolutionary War.
(C) Rufus: 1767-1836; m. Jemima Strickland.
(a) William Rufus: 1798-1847; m. Sophronia Webster Benham.
1. Llywelyn App: d. 1861; m. Louisa Johnson.
2. George Dorrance: 1825-1864; m. Elizabeth Langford; d. while serving in the Civil War.
3. Lucius: 1829-1860; m. Livia McCall Goodwin; m. (2), Sarah Gratz.
4. Henry: b. 1832; d. about 1890; served in Civil War.
5. William Rufus: 1839-1862; fought in battle of Cedar Mt.
(b) Lucius Cary: 1801-1872; m. Fanny Locke.
1. Rufus Locke: 1826-1879.
2. Eliphus Hibbard: b. 1830; d. 1881, in Vera Cruz, Mexico, while serving as U. S. Consul at that place.
3. Lucius Henry: b. 1834.
4. John Emory: b. 1837.
(c) James Hervey: 1804-1873; m. (1), Mary Benham Parker; m. (2), Harriet Knight Smith. Ch.: Manley (1833-1891; m. Maria Abbey), Sterne (1834-1893; m. Eliza Graves), Junius (1838-1897; m. Mary Powell).
(d) Artemas Stowell: 1807-1853; m. Mary Perkins Brown; m. (2), Lurancy Coolidge.
1. Riley Perkins: 1837-1885; served in Civil War.
2. Harvey: 1841-1898; m. Mary E. Fiero; served under McClellan in Civil War.
3. Roselle: 1844-1864; was in the army of the Potomac.
4. Lewis Eugene: 1846-1878; m. Alathea Rynex.
5. Manley: 1849-1899; m. Lucy O. Post.
6. Manlius: 1849; m. Thirza R. Dow.

James Rogers

L156 JAMES ROGERS: d. 1755; m. Jean ….; settled in Londonderry.
(1) John: 1729-1776; m. Jean Ewins.
(A) James: 1754-1819; m. Mary Markham. Ch.: Jonathan (1785); John (1786), Joseph (1788), Ralph (1792), Samuel (1794).
(B) Jonathan: m. Polly Maes; m. (2), Elizabeth Rogers. Ch.: Ephraim and Alvah.
(C) John: d. 1832; m. Polly Reynolds; ch.: John Adams, Stephen Reynolds.
(D) Samuel: m. Anna Dodge. Ch.: Charles.

Daniel Rogers

M157 DANIEL ROGERS: 1706-1782; m. Mary Cotton Whiting; m. (2), Mrs. Elizabeth Ruggles Dummer.
(1) Daniel: 1739-1740.
(2) Jeremiah Dummer: 1743-1784; m. Bathshebe Thatcher.
(A) Samuel: m. Miss Perkins. Ch.: Samuel (d. 1849).
(3) Daniel: 1749-1803; m. (1), Mary Newman; m. (2), Hannah Whitcombe.
(A) Henry Newman: 1781-1823; m. Susannah Dalton.

Rev. James Rogers

N158 REVEREND JAMES ROGERS: 1720-1775; m. Mercy Tefft (1715-1781).
(1) James: 1746-1792; m. Mercy Tefft (1749-1837; niece of Mercy Tefft, above).
(A) Samuel: 1779-1846; m. Lydia Eggleston (1785-1824); m. (2), Sally Buell; had with other issue
(a) Thomas S.: 1810-1874; m. Lucinda Gardner; m. (2), Margaret Ash; m. (3), Almira Carpenter; had with other issue
1. Thomas Lucindus: 1841-1901; m. Ella Sophia Nickerson (1846-1929).
A. Charles Thomas: 1869-1925; m. Alice Lucy Gardner.
B. Howard Lewis: b. 1871; m. Clara Hunt Phillips;
b. Nov. 1874. Ch.: Caroline Cranford (b. 1907), Dorothy (b. 1909), Thomas Nickerson (b. 1910), John Gardner (b. 1913), Mary Virtue (b. 1915).
C. Alice May: b. 1873; m. Laurence J. Webster; b. 1871.
a. Frank G. Webster: b. 1903; m. Polly Baldwin.
(I) Nancy Virginia Webster: b. 1926.
D. Edith Salvine: b. 1874; m. Lansing C. Holden; b. 1858; and had
a. Lansing C. Holden: b. 1897; m. Edith Gillingham; b. 1896. Ch.: Lansing C. Holden (b. 1927), Penelope Lancaster Holden (b. 1928),
b. Edith Rogers: b. 1902; m. George Wight Cooke. Ch.: Wight Holden Cooke (b. 1925), Cynthia Lee Cooke (b. 1928).
E. Carrie Nickerson: b. 1875; m. Alexander Henderson (b. 1877).
F. Gardner: b. 1880; m. Grace Phillips. Ch.: Nickerson
(b. 1908), Cranford (d. 1928), Elaine, Howard Gardner.
3. Harriet M.
4. Mary L.: m. David Cole.
(b) Samuel: m. Lydia Remington.
(B) James: twin of Samuel.

John Rogers

O159 JOHN ROGERS: m. Elizabeth Foster.
(1) Abraham Foster; m. Patty Faulkner.
(A) Luke: 1792-1849; m. Sarah Wright Brown.
(a) James Sumner: 1824-1875; m. Rebecca Bently.
(b) Charles Wright: 1830-1898; m. Harriet Elizabeth Britton.
(c) William Henry: b. 1837; m. Sarah Abigail Matthews;  served in the Civil War; marched with Sherman.

James Rogers

P160 JAMES ROGERS: m. Mary ….; settled in Dunbarton.
(1) Robert: was the celebrated “Ranger” who did great service in the French and Indian War; in the Revolution he became loyalist, and went to England 1777; d. 1800; in 1778 was banished from New Hampshire by an act of Legislature; and on Mar. 4, his wife was divorced from him.
(2) Richard: was also in the “Ranger” service during the French and Indian War.
(3) James: served in the French and Indian War; m. Margaret McGregor.

Jonathan Ferris Rogers

Q161 JONATHAN FERRIS ROGERS: b. 1790 at or near Patterson, Putnam County, N. Y.; d. Feb. 22nd, 1853, near Archbold, Fulton County, Ohio; m. Oct. 20th, 1813, Putnam County, N. Y., to Martha Haviland (dau. of Eli Birdsall and Anna Towner Haviland; b. July 4, 1796, d. 1872, near Ranson Center, Hillsdale Co., Mich.).
(1) James Ferris: b. 1814, in Patterson, Putnam Co., N. Y.; d. Jan. 1st, 1893; m. Ann Eliza Crosson (d. Dec. 15, 1862); m. (2), Anna Saurbek (b. in Switzerland; d. 1891).
(A) Eunice Lillian: b. 1843; d. 1858.
(B) Elmer Harrison: b. 1846; d. 1914; m. Jemima Williams; m (2), Harriet Weaver and had issue, Edward who died in infancy, Clara, Frank, Wallace, Harriette, Mary.
(C) Francis Haviland: 1850; d. (no record); m. Lou McClure, of Wauseon, Ohio, and had Bishop McClure and Edna C.
(D) Mary: (twin); b. 1855; d. 1855.
(E) Martha: (twin); b. 1855; d. 1910; m. Robert Kenedy of Caledonia Station, Mich.; four ch.
(F) James Oscar: b. 1859.
(G) Marcus Perry: b. 1862; d. 1927; m. and has a son living in Watsonville, Calif.
(H) Henry Orvil: b. 1863; k. in Penna. Ry. accident, Ft. Wayne, Ind., 1914; unm.
(I) Arnold Jonathan Ferris: b. 1866; musician; unm.
(J) Thomas Wilson: b. 1871; d. 1892; unm.
(K) Charles Emanuel: b. 1873; m. and has a son and daughter.
(L) William Warren: b. 1877; m. and had two sons and five daus.
(M) Grace Laura Pearl: b. 1881; m. Edward B. Spalding; 1 dau., Barbara.
(2) Amos: m. Effa Borum, and had Amanda, Harriet, Frank, Alanson, Edgar, Martha, James and Emery.
(3) Ann: m. Warren McCutcheon and had Luella, Eustace, Orvan and Albert.
(4) Jackson S.: m. Mary Rogers and had Lewis, Towner, Carrie.
(5) John Arnold: m. Sally Hoover and had issue.
(6) Maryann: m. William W. Haviland and had Clarence and Charles.
(7) Laura B.: m. Adam Andre, and had Valorus P., and one who d. y.
(8) Stephen Friend: m. Mary Ann Clingman, and had Anson, Belle and Emma.
(9) Eliza: m. Charles Baker and had John (deceased), Mary (m. Gen. Cook) and Serrada (m. Mr. Green).



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