South Carolina Marriages 1766 – 1782

Marriage Notices 1776

MARRIAGES. Major Barnard Elliott to Miss Susannah Smith, Daughter of Benjamin Smith, Esq; deceased. (Friday, January 19, 1776.)

Colonel Isaac Motte to Miss Katharine Deas, Daughter of David Deas, Esq; deceased. (Friday, January 19, 1776.)

Lieut. William Moultrie to Miss Hannah Ainslie, Daughter of John Ainslie, Esq; deceased. (Friday, January 19, 1776.)

Hon. Henry Middleton, Esq; to the Hon. Lady Mary Ainslie, Widow of John Ainslie, Esq; deceased, and Daughter of the late Earl of Cromartie. (Friday, January 19, 1776.)

MARRIAGE. Isaac Macpherson, Esq; to Miss Sarah Perry, Daughter of Edward Perry, Esq; deceased. (Friday, February 9, 1776.)

MARRIAGES. William Gerard DeBrahm, Esq; to Mrs. Mary. Fenwick, Widow of the late Hon. Edward Fenwicke, Esq; deceased

Lieutenant Benjamin Legaré to Miss Alice Cox, Daughter of the late Mr. George Cox. deceased; an amiable and accomplished young Lady. (Friday, March 8, 1776.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Archer Smith. to Miss Florence Waring, Daughter of Benjamin Waring, Esq; deceased. (Wednesday, March 20, 1776.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. John Macpherson, to Miss Susannah Miles, Daughter of Silas Miles, Esq; deceased. (Wednesday, April 3, 1776.)

MARRIAGE. Capt. Charles Heatly to Miss Ann Sabb, Daughter of Mr. William Sabb, deceased. (Wednesday, April 10, 1776.)

MARRIAGES. Colonel Christopher Gadsden, to Miss Anne Wragg, Daughter of the Honorable Joseph Wragg, Esq; deceased. (Wednesday, April 17, 1776.)

Mr. William M’Gillyray, to Miss Anne Hinckley, Daughter of Mr. William Hinckley. (Wednesday, April 17, 1776.)

MARRIAGE] Lieut. George Mathews to the amiable Miss Mary Saltus, Daughter of Richard Saltus, Esq; deceased. (Wednesday, May 8, 1776.)

Capt. Edmund Richardson to Miss Rachel Heatley, Daughter of Capt. William Heatley of St. Matthew’s Parish. (Wednesday, May 8, 1776.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. Henry Nicholes, to Miss Sarah Fuller, Daughter of Thomas Fuller. Esq. (Wednesday, May 22, 1776.)

Capt. Samuel Legarè, to Miss Eleanor Hoyland, Daughter of Mr. Thomas Hoyland, deceased; an accomplished young Lady, whose many amiable Endowments bid fair to ensure the Enjoyment of every Bliss attendant on the married State. (Wednesday, May 22, 1776.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. George Harland Hartley, to Miss Elisabeth Cuming. (Friday, August 2, 1776.)

MARRIAGES. Major James Mayson, to Miss Henrietta Hart, Daughter of the Rev. Mr. Samuel Hart. (Wednesday, August 21, 1776.)

Mr. William Bellamy to Mrs. Martha Baker, Widow of Doctor Richard Baker, deceased. (Wednesday, August 21, 1776.)

MARRIAGE. Capt. Roger Sanders, of the 1st Regiment, to the amiable Miss Amarinthia Lowndes, Daughter of the Hon. Rawlins Lowndes, Esq. (Wednesday, September 25, 1776.)

MARRIAGE. Lieut. Press Smith, to Miss Elisabeth Miles, Daughter of Silas Miles, Esq; deceased. (Wednesday, October 9. 1776.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. James Wier, to Mrs. Elisabeth Baird. (Thursday, October 17, 1776.)

Mr. Patrick Moon, to Miss Martha Forrest. (Thursday, October 17, 1776.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Peter Smith, to the amiable Miss Mary Middleton, Daughter of the Hon. Henry Middleton, Esq. (Thursday, November 21, 1776.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. John Ernest Poyas, to Mrs. Mary Schwartzkorff, Widow of Dr. Schwartzkorff, deceased. (Thursday, November 28, 1776.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Richard Wainwright, to the amiable Miss Anne Dewar, Daughter of Mr. Charles Dewar, deceased. (Thursday, December 12, 1776.)

MARRIAGE. Reverend Mr. Hill, to Mrs. Susanna Greene, Widow of Mr. Nathaniel Greene, deceased. (Thursday, December 19, 1776.)
Marriage Notices 1777

MARRIAGES. William Mathewes, Esq; to Miss Elisabeth Coachman. Daughter of the deceased William Coachman, Esq. (Thursday, January 16, 1777.)

Lieut. Peter Bounetheau, to Miss Elisabeth Weyman, Daughter of Mr. Edward Weyman. (Thursday, January 16, 1777.)

Mr. Solomon Milner, to Miss Ann Ash, Daughter of the deceased Mr. Cato Ash. (Thursday, January 16, 1777.)

Mr. John Abercrombie, to Mrs. Sarah Mitchell, Widow of the deceased Mr. Moses Mitchell. (Thursday, January 16, 1777.)

Mr. Peter Bottiton, to Mrs. Mary Air, Widow of the deceased Mr. William Air. (Thursday, January 16, 1777.)

Mr. Matthias Hutchinson, to Mrs. Elisabeth Brandford, Widow of the deceased Mr. Barnet Brandford. (Thursday, January 16, 1777.)

Mr. John Bennett, to Miss Mary Godfrey. (Thursday, January 16, 1777.)

MARRIAGE. Hopson Pinckney, Esq; to Miss Elisabeth Cannon, Daughter of Mr. Daniel Cannon. (Thursday, February 6, 1777.)

MARRIAGE. Solomon Freer, Esq; to Mrs. Ann Matthewes, Widow of the deceased Benjamin Matthewes, Esq. (Thursday, February 13, 1777.)

Mr. Elisha Sawyer, to the beautiful and accomplished Miss Ann Blake, Daughter of Edward Blake, Esq. (Thursday, February 13, 1777.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. M`Cartan Campbell, to Miss Sarah Fenwicke, Daughter of the Hon. Edward Fenwicke, Esq; deceased. (Thursday, February 27, 1777.)

MARRIAGE. Dr. Peter Fayssoux, to Mrs. Ann Johnston, Widow of the deceased William Johnston, Esq. (Thursday, March 20, 1777.)

MARRIAGES. Capt. John M`Call, to Miss Ann Lessesne, Daughter of the deceased Thomas Lessesne, Esq. (Thursday, April 10, 1777.)

Dr. James Air, to Miss Elisabeth Legarè, Daughter of Mr. Solomon Legarè, sen. (Thursday, April 10, 1777.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. James Touseger, to Miss Margaret Ball, Daughter of the deceased Mr. Samuel Ball. (Thursday, April 17, 1777.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Robert. Rivers, to Miss Ann Hanscome, Daughter of Mr. Thomas Hanscome. (Thursday, April 24, 1777.)

MARRIAGES. Capt. Joseph Glover, jun. to the amiable Mrs. Ann Webb, Widow of the late Benjamin Webb, Esq; deceased, a Lady possessed of every Accomplishment that can render the Married State happy. (Thursday, May 1, 1777.)

Mr. John Bryan, Merchant, to Miss Rachel Simons, Daughter of the deceased Benjamin Simons, Esq. (Thursday, May 1, 1777.)

MARRIAGES. John Harleston, jun. Esq; to Miss Elisabeth Lynch, Daughter of the deceased Thomas Lynch, Esq. (Thursday, May 8, 1777.)

Mr. Jonathan Lawrence, to Miss Sarah Daniel, Daughter of Robert Daniel, Esq. (Thursday, May 8, 1777.)

Mr. James M`Call, to Miss Ann Dart, Daughter of the Hon. Benjamin Dart, Esq. (Thursday, May 8, 1777.)

Mr. Edward Trescott, to Miss Katharine Bocquet, Daughter of Mr. Peter Bocquet. (Thursday, May 8, 1777.)

Mr. William Wayne, to Miss Esther Trezevant, Daughter of the deceased Mr. Daniel Trezevant. (Thursday, May 8, 1777.)

MARRIAGES. John Barnwell, jun. Esq; to Miss Ann Hutson, Daughter of the Reverend Mr. William Hutson, deceased. (Thursday, May 15, 1777.)

Capt. Richard Cogdell, of the 5th Regiment, to Miss Mary Stevens, Daughter of the deceased Mr. John Stevens. (Thursday, May 15, 1777.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. Richard Cole. to Miss Ann Boomer, Daughter of Mr. Jacob Boomer. (Thursday, May 29, 1777.)

Mr. Henry Byers, to Miss Catharine Delka, Daughter of Mr. John Delka. (Thursday, May 29, 1777.)

MARRIAGE. At Georgetown, Mr. John Wilson, to Miss Margaret Hazell, Daughter of the deceased Thomas Hazell, Esq. (Thursday, June 12, 1777.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. William Long, Merchant, to Mrs. Elisabeth Kirkwood, Widow of the deceased Mr. Alexander Kirkwood. (Thursday, June 26, 1777.)

MARRIAGES. Lieut. David Dubois, to Miss Susanna Muncreef, Daughter of Mr. Richard Muncreef. (Thursday, July 10, 1777.)

Mr. John Saunders, to Mrs. Martha Hunt, Widow of the deceased Mr. Joseph Hunt, of Godfrey’s Savannah. (Thursday, July 10, 1777.)

Mr. David Douglass, to Miss Weatherford, Daughter of Martin Weatherford, Esq; of Augusta. (Thursday, July 10, 1777.)

MARRIAGES. Charles Dupont, Esq; to Miss Sarah Coachman, Daughter of Benjamin Coachman, Esq.

Mr. Thomas Hendlin, to Mrs. Amy Arnold, Widow of the deceased Mr. Thomas Arnold. (Thursday, July 17, 1777.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. George Cooke, Merchant, to Mrs. Eleanor Wade, Widow of the deceased Mr. Richard Wade. (Thursday, July 24, 1777.)

MARRIAGE. Dr. Francis Walter Marshall, to Miss Mary Hinds, Daughter of Mr. Patrick Hinds. (Thursday, August 28, 1777.)

MARRIAGE. Charles Clifford, Esq; to Miss Elisabeth Perry, Daughter of the deceased Josiah Perry, Esq. (Thursday, September 11, 1777.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. Thomas Smith, to Miss Jane Young, Daughter of Mr. Thomas Young. (Thursday, November 6, 1777.)

Capt. Thomas Chenie, to Miss Elisabeth Wood. (Thursday, November 6, 1777.)

Mr. David Burger, to Miss Mary Nelmes. (Thursday, November 6, 1777.)

MARRIAGES. Benjamin Smith. jun. Esq; to Miss Sarah Dry, daughter of the Hon. William Dry, Esq. (Thursday, November 20, 1777.)

Gabriel Capers, Esq; to Miss Sarah Lloyd, daughter of the deceased Mr. William Lloyd. (Thursday, November 20, 1777.)

Mr. John Withers, to Miss Frances Gray, daughter of the deceased Henry Gray, Esq. (Thursday, November 20, 1777.)

Capt. Abraham Mendas Sexias, to Miss Ritsey Hart, daughter of Mr. Joshua Hart. (Thursday, November 20, 1777.

MARRIAGE. Capt. John Blake to Miss Margaret Mercier, daughter of the deceased Capt. Peter Mercier. (Thursday, November 27, 1777.)

Salley, A.S., Jr. Marriage Notices in The South Carolina and American General Gazette, From May 1766 to February 28, 1781 and in its successor The Royal Gazette 1781-1782. Columbia, SC: State Company. 1914

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