South Carolina Marriages 1766 – 1782

Marriage Notices 1781

MARRIAGES. Mr. Josiah Bonneau. to Miss Jean Bolton, daughter of the deceased Mr. James Bolton. (Wednesday, January 17, 1781.)

MARRIAGE. ROBERT M’CULLOH, Esq; to Miss ANNE ROUPELL, daughter of George Roupell, Esq; his Majesty’s Post Master General in the Southern District of North America. (Wednesday, January 24, 1781.)

MARRIAGES. James Murray, Esq; of the Royal Navy, to Miss Elisabeth Elliott, daughter of the deceased Mr. Richard-Burnham Elliott. (Saturday, February 24, 1781.)

Mr. John Smith, to Miss Ann White. (Saturday, February 24, 1781.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Daniel Jenkins of Edisto, to Miss Martha Sea brook, daughter of the deceased Mr. Benjamin Seabrook. (Wednesday, February 28, 1781.)


MARRIAGES. Mr. John Glaze, of Dorchester, to Miss Joanna Dawson. daughter of Mr. John Dawson. (Wednesday, March 14, 1781.)

Mr. Job Colcock, to Miss Harriet Bradwell, daughter of the deceased Mr. Joseph Bradwell. (Wednesday, March 14, 1781.)

MARRIAGE. Last Thursday evening, Major John Carden, of the Prince of Wales’s American Regiment, to Miss Judith Wragg, daughter of the Honorable William Wragg, Esq; deceased. (Saturday, March 17, 1781.)

MARRIAGE. Lieut. MacNeill, of the 9th regiment, to Miss Blair Spence. (Wednesday, March 21, 1781.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. William M`Leod, to Miss Mary Alexander, daughter of Mr. William Alexander. (Wednesday, May 30, 1781.)

Mr. Glen. Drayton, to Miss Elisabeth Elliott, daughter of the deceased Mr. Samuel Elliott. (Wednesday, May 30, 1781.)

Mr. John Kemmell, to Miss Rachel Long, daughter of Mr. Felix Long. (Wednesday, May 30, 1781.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. John Parkinson, to Miss Katharine Nicholson, daughter of the deceased Mr. Francis Nicholson. (Wednesday, July 11, 1781.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. John Champneys, to Mrs. Mary Wilson, Widow of the deceased Mr. William Wilson. (Wednesday, August 22, 1781.)

MARRIAGES. Capt. Wightman, of the Prince of Wales’s American Regiment, to Miss Sarah Brown, of Georgetown. (Saturday, September 22, 1781.)

Mr. Stephen Brown, to Mrs. Elisabeth Tallman, widow of the deceased Mr. John-Richard Tallman. (Saturday, September 22, 1781.)

Mr. Robert Vardell, to Miss Mary Weston. (Saturday, September 22, 1781.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Charles Freer, to Miss Mary Stanyarne, daughter of Mr. William Stanyarne, of John’s Island. (Saturday, October 6, 1781.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. John Tunno, to Miss Margaret Rose, daughter of John Rose, Esq. (Saturday, October 20, 1781.)

MARRIAGE. Major John Coffin, of the Provincial Cavalry, to Miss Anne Mathewes, daughter of the deceased William Mathewes, Esq; of John’s Island. (Wednesday, October 24, 1781.)

MARRIAGE. Capt. Roworth, of the King’s Rangers, to Miss Nancy Deveaux, daughter of William Deveaux, Esq; of Beaufort, South Carolina. (Ibid.) (Saturday, November 10, 1781.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Thomas Roper, to Miss Lydia Harvey. (Saturday, November 10, 1781.)

Mr. William Dewees, to Miss Jane Rogers. (Saturday, November 10, 1781.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Richard Wrinch, to Mrs. Sarah Mackenzie, widow of the deceased Capt. Mackenzie. (Wednesday, November 14, 1781.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Ralph Dawes, to Miss Margaret Peronneau, daughter of the deceased Mr. Alexander Peronneau. (Saturday, November 17, 1781.)

On the 19th instant was married, at Beaufort, Major John Carden, of the Prince of Wale’s American Regiment, to Miss Kitty Hazard, daughter of William Hazard, Esq; of that place. (Wednesday, November 28, 1781.)

MARRIAGE. Capt. George Ker, of the 1st Battalion of General Delancey’s Brigade, to Miss Mary Fotheringham, daughter of the late Dr. Alex. Fotheringham, of Dorchester. (Wednesday, December 5, 1781.

MARRIAGE. Mr. Alexander Oliphant, to Miss Elisabeth Ham. daughter of Mr. Thomas Ham. (Wednesday, December 12, 1781.)


Marriage Notices 1782

MARRIAGE. Captain Norman M`Leod, of the Provincial Light- Infantry, to Miss Katharine Campbell, daughter of Alexander Campbell, Esq; of Balole, North Britain; an amiable young Lady.

Mr. Nicol Primerose, Merchant, to Miss Katharine Livie, daughter of the late Alexander Livie, Esquire. (Wednesday, March 13, 1782.)

MARRIAGE. Major Gibbs of the Royal Ninety-Six Militia to Mrs. Jane Downs widow of the deceased Major Downs, of the Royal Camden Militia. (Saturday, June 8, 1782.)

Salley, A.S., Jr. Marriage Notices in The South Carolina and American General Gazette, From May 1766 to February 28, 1781 and in its successor The Royal Gazette 1781-1782. Columbia, SC: State Company. 1914

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