South Carolina Marriages 1766 – 1782

Marriage Notices 1768

Mr. Charles Shepheard, Merchant, to Miss Elizabeth Radcliffe, Daughter of Mr. Thomas Radcliffe. (Friday, February 19, 1768.)

Mr. David Dott, Merchant., to Miss Sarah Baker, of St. Andrew’s Parish. (Friday, February 19, 1768.)

MARRIED.] The Reverend Mr. John Thomas, Minister of the Independent or New England Meeting in this Town, to Miss Mary. Lamboll, the only Child of Thomas Lamboll, Esq; (Friday, February 26, 1768.)

MARRIED.] Mr. Roger Smith, Merchant, to Miss Mary Rutledge, Daughter of the deceased Dr. John Rutledge, Esq; (Friday, April 8, 1768.)

MARRIED.] William Brisbane. Esq; to Miss Eunace Stevens, Daughter of the Reverend Mr. Stevens. (Friday, April 15, 1768.)

MARRIED] Mr. Nathaniel Fuller, to Miss Nancy Fuller, Daughter of Thomas Fuller, Esq. (Friday, April 22, 1768.)

MARRIED] Mr. Thomas Osborn, of Jacksonburgh, to Mrs. Catharine Spry, Widow of Mr. Joseph Spry. (Friday, April 29, 1768.)

MARRIED.] Reverend Mr. John Tonge, Rector of St. Paul’s, to Miss Susanna Perry. Daughter of Edward Perry, Esq. (Friday, September 9, 1768.)

MARRIED] Mr. Robert Dillon, to Miss Christiana Chiffelle, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Chiffelle, rector of St. Peter’s, Purrysburgh, deceased. (Friday, October 14, 1768.)

MARRIED] Mr. Thomas Doughty to Miss Mary Legaré, Daughter of Mr. Daniel Legate, sen. (Friday, October 14, 1768.)

Mr. William Richardson to Miss Anne Guignard, Daughter of Mr. Gabriel Guignard, deceased. (Friday, October 21, 1768.)

MARRIED] John Colcock, Esq; to Miss Millicent Jones. (Friday, November 4, 1768.)

MARRIED.] Mr. James Christie to Miss Hephzibah Rose. (Friday, November 4, 1768.)

Mr. Richard Waring to Miss Nancy Branford. (Friday, November 25, 1768.)

MARRIED.] In Charlestown, Mr. John Scott, junr. to Miss Sarah Peronneau. (Friday, November 25, 1768.)

On John’s Island, Mr. Thomas Ladson to Miss Mary Cole. (Friday, November 25, 1768.)

Mr. Nathaniel Barnwell to Miss Elizabeth Waight. (Friday, November 25, 1768.)

At Dorchester, Mr. Isaac Droze to Miss Mary Elisabeth Dowse. (Monday, December 19, 1768.)

MARRIED] Capt. Richard Todd, to Miss Elisabeth Winborn, only child of the late Mr. Samuel Winborn. (Monday, December 19, 1768.)
Marriage Notices 1769

Mr. John Webb, to Miss Mary Doughty, daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Doughty. (Monday, January 9, 1769.)

MARRIED] William Skirving, Esq; to Miss Anne Hutchinson, daughter of Thomas Hutchinson, Esq. (Monday, January 9, 1769.)

Mr. Benjamin Merchant, to Miss Frances Timothy, daughter of Mr. Peter Timothy. (Monday, January 23, 1769.)

MARRIED.] On Sunday last, William Wragg, Esq: to Miss Henrietta Wragg, daughter of the Honorable Joseph Wragg, Esq; deceased. (Monday, February 6, 1769.)

MARRIED.] John Savage, Esq; to Miss Anne Gaillard.1 (Monday, February 6, 1769.)

Capt. George Higgins, of the Snow Portland, to Miss Elisabeth Colles. (Monday, February 13, 1769.)

They write from Georgia, that Basil Cowper, Esq; was married the 15th inst. to the amiable Miss Polly Smith. daughter of John Smith, Esq. (Monday, February 27, 1769.)

MARRIED] Mr. Arnout Schermerhorn, to Miss Polly Mackay, daughter of the late deceased Capt. John Mackay. (Monday, February 27, 1769.)

Mr. William Lee, to Miss Nancy Theus, daughter of Mr. Jeremiah Theus. (Monday, March 6, 1769.)

MARRIED] James Skirving, Esq; to Mrs. Charlotte Matthews, widow of James Matthews, Esq. (Monday, March 20, 1769.)

MARRIED.] Mr. William Telfair, of. Georgia. Merchant, to Miss Elisabeth Bellinger, daughter of Edmond Bellinger, Esq. (Monday, March 20, 1769.)

Roger Pinckney, Esq; to Mrs. Susanna Hume, widow of Robert Hume, Esq. (Monday, March 20, 1769.)

Mr. James Harvey, Merchant, to Miss Mary Gibbes, daughter of Culcheth Gibbes, Esq. (Monday, March 20, 1769.)

Mr. Thomas Walter. Merchant, to Miss Anne Lessesne, daughter of Mr. Isaac Lessesne. (Monday, March 27, 1769.)

MARRIED.] John Mackenzie, Esq; to Miss Sally Smith, daughter of Thomas Smith, jun Esq. (Monday, March 27, 1769.)

Mr. James Cassels, of Georgetown, to Miss Nancy Mann2, daughter of the late Dr. Mann. (Monday, April 3, 1769.)

MARRIED.] Alexander Wright, Esq: son of his Excellency James Wright, Esq; Governor in chief. &c. of his Majesty’s Province of Georgia to Miss Elizabeth Izard, Daughter of John Izard, Esq; deceased. (Monday, April 10, 1769.)

1. The Account, in a former Paper. of the Marriage of John Savage. Esq; of Ninety Six to Miss Gaillard is not true. (Monday, April 17, 1769.)

2. Mr. James Cassels of Georgetown, is married to Miss Sukey (not Miss Nancy) Mann.”-Monday. April 17, 1769.

MARRIED] Dr. George Haig, to Miss Susanna Mackewn. Daughter of Robert Mackewn, Esq: deceased. (Monday, May 1, 1769.)

MARRIED.] Mr. John Perkins to Miss Sarah Cozzens of Georgia. (Monday, May 8, 1769.)

MARRIED.] Charles Dudley, Esq; (late of this Province) Collector of his Majesty’s Customs at Rhode Island, to Miss Crook, Daughter of Robert Crook, Esq. (Monday, May 8, 1769.)

Mr. William Johnson, to Miss Nightingall. Daughter of Mr. Thomas Nightingall. (Monday, May 15, 1769.)

MARRIED] Paul Trapier, Esq; of Georgetown, to Mrs. Waties, Widow of John Waties, Esq. (Monday, May 15, 1769.)

Mr. Henry Webster, of Ponpon, to the Widow Ford of Willtown. (Monday, May 15, 1769.)

Dr. William Remington, to Miss Anne Iten. (Monday, May 15, 1769.)

Dr. Alexander Fitzgerald of Cape Fear, to the Widow Beatty of Ponpon. (Monday, May 29, 1769.)

MARRIED] Mr. Thomas Corbett, Merchant, to Miss Margaret Harleston, Daughter of the late John Harleston, Esq. (Monday, June 12, 1769.)

MARRIED] Capt. Charles Augustus Steward of his Majesty’s 21st Regiment. to Miss Dolly Powell, Daughter of George Gabriel Powell, Esq. (Tuesday, June 20, 1769.)

MARRIED.] Lately at St. Augustine, Lieut. Frederick Muncaster, of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, to Miss DeBrahm, Daughter of William Gerhard DeBrahm, Esq; Surveyor-General of the Southern District of North America. (Monday, July 10, 1769.)

MARRIED.] Mr. John Bull, to Miss Sarah Phillips, Sister of James Phillips, Esq. (Monday, July 17, 1769.)

MARRIED] Mr. Godin Guerard to Miss Nancy Matthews, Daughter of the deceased John Matthews. Esq. (Wednesday, August 30, 1769.)

MARRIED] Dr. Archibald MacNeill, to Miss Elisabeth Postell, Daughter of Elijah Postell, Esq. (Wednesday, August 30, 1769.)

Mr. Richard Wayne, Merchant, of Miss Elisabeth Clifford, Daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Clifford. (Monday, September 18, 1769.)

MARRIED.] Mr. John Brailsford, to Miss Elisabeth Muncreef, Daughter of Mr. Richard Muncreef.. (Monday, September 18, 1769.)

Mr. George Anerum, to Miss Catharine Porcher, Daughter of Isaac Porcher, Esq. (Monday, September 18, 1769.)

Mr. Eli Kershaw, to Miss Mary Cantey, Daughter of John Cantey, Esq. (Monday, December 4, 1769.)

Salley, A.S., Jr. Marriage Notices in The South Carolina and American General Gazette, From May 1766 to February 28, 1781 and in its successor The Royal Gazette 1781-1782. Columbia, SC: State Company. 1914

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