South Carolina Marriages 1766 – 1782

On Wednesday, November 22, 1758, Robert Wells began the publication in Charles Town of  The South Carolina, Weekly Gazette. With the issue for April 4, 1764, its name was changed to The South Carolina and American General Gazette. The writer knows of but one paper now in existence between the first issue and the change of its name. That is possessed by Mrs. Charlotte D. Garriss, of Columbia, and is No. 12, Wednesday, February 7, 1759.

The South Carolina Gazette of Monday, October 8, 1764, contains, under the date line “Charles-Town, October 1. 1764”, “A short view of domestic occurrences, &c. since the discontinuance of this Gazette, from the 31st of March last” in which the following account is given of the change of the name of The South- Carolina weekly Gazette to The South-Carolina and American General Gazette:

April 4th, The paper hitherto called the South-Carolina weekly Gazette, appeared under the new and pompous title of “THE SOUTH CAROLINA AND AMERICAN GENERAL GAZETTE,” the king’s arms at the head of it was displaced, to introduce a new cut; and the public was advertised, that that paper “was circulated IN ALL the provinces of South-Carolina, North- “Carolina Georgia, East-Florida and West Florida, and sent to every place “of note on the British American continent and to all the islands, also- to “Great-Britain and other parts of Europe, so that advertisements published “in it had a very general as well as speedy circulation,” &c.

The Charleston Library Society possesses a supplement to the issue for Wednesday, April 18, 1764, but its files begin regularly with the issue for Friday, May 30, 1766, being No. 395.

List of Article’s for Marriage Notices in The South Carolina and American General Gazette, From May 1766 to February 28, 1781


Marriage Notices 1766

MARRIED.] In Charlestown, July 7th. Captain Alexander Gillon, of the brigantine Free-Mason, to Mrs. Mary Cripps, widow of Mr. William Cripps. (Friday, July 11, 1766.)

MARRIED.] In Charlestown, Sept. 9th. Mr. Alexander Michie, Merchant, to Miss Henrietta Carrol. (Friday, Sept. 12, 1766.)

MARRIED.] Sept. 7th. Thomas Fuller, Esq; to Mrs. Elizabeth Miles, relict of Mr. Edward Miles. (Friday, September 19, 1766.)

MARRIED.] October 4. Mr. Alexander Chisolme, jun. to Miss Christiana Chisolme, Daughter of Mr. Alexander Chisolme. (Friday, September 19, 1766.)

Captain John Moncreiff, of the Brigantine Smyth, to Mary Fley.
October 9th. Mr. Samuel Prioleau, jun. to Miss Katherine Cordes, Daughter of John Cordes, Esq; deceased. (Friday, October 10, 1766.)

MARRIED. ] Mr. Francis Clayton, of North Carolina, merchant, to Miss Mary Colcock, daughter of the deceased John Colcock, Esq; (Friday, November 21, 1766.)

MARRIED.] Lately at Philadelphia, Mr. Isaac Lessesne, jun. of this place, merchant, to Miss Hannah Noarth, daughter of Captain George Noarth, of Philadelphia. (Friday, November 28, 1766.)

MARRIED.] Benjamin Guerard, Esq; to Miss Sarah Middleton, Daughter of Col. Thomas Middleton, Esq., (Friday, November 28, 1766.)

John Matthewes, jun. Esq; to Miss Mary Wragg, Daughter of William Wragg, Esq; (Friday, December 5, 1766.)

MARRIED.] Honorable Thomas Skottowe, Esq; to Miss Lucia Bellinger, daughter of Edmond Bellinger, Esq., (Friday, December 5, 1766.)

Mr. Thomas Lind, to Miss Catharine Smith. (Friday, December 5, 1766.)

In Georgia, Mr. George Baillie, to Miss Jourdina Crooke. (Monday, December 29, 1766)


Marriage Notices 1767

MARRIED. ] Mr. Andrew Cunningham, merchant, to Mrs. Margaret Cochran, widow of Doctor John Cochran. (Friday, January 9, 1767.)

MARRIED.] Mr. William Somersall, of St. Christophers, to Miss Sally Legaré, daughter of Mr. Thomas. Legaré, of this town. (Friday, January 16, 1767.)

On Tuesday last, the Honorable ROBERT CATHERWOOD, Esq; of St. Augustine, was married to Miss Jenny Chads, lately arrived here from England, sister of Captain Chads of his Majesty’s Navy. (Friday, February 13, 1767.)

MARRIED.] Feb. 15th. Mr. Robert Swainston, of Watboo, to Miss Deborah Sabb. (Friday, February 13, 1767.)

19th. Mr. John Lord, to Miss Broun, daughter of Robert Brown, Esq; deceased. (Friday, February 13, 1767.)

22d. John Matthewes, Esq; to Miss Nancy Harvey, daughter of Mr. John Harvey. (Friday, February 13, 1767.)

Mr. Thomas Netherclift, of Georgia, merchant, to Miss Nancy Macqueen, daughter of John Macqueen, Esq; deceased. (Friday, February 27, 1767.)

MARRIED.] James Hasell, junior, Esq; of North Carolina, to Miss Susanna Foissin. (Friday, March 6, 1767.)

Dr. Barnet Wait to Mrs. Martha Urquahart. (Friday, March 6, 1767.)

MARRIED] March 8th, “Anthony la Motte, Esq; the only son of Messire Rene Douin de la Motte, one of the King of France’s counselors, and chief secretary in the ministry, to Miss Dorcas Randall, the only daughter to the Honorable William Randall, Esq; surveyor general of his Majesty’s customs in the southern district in America, and accomplished young lady.” (Friday, March 6, 1767.)

Mr. William Cattel to Miss Sabina Lynch, daughter of Thomas Lynch, Esq., (Friday, March 6, 1767.)

March 10th, John Gordon, Esq; to Miss Kitty Smith, daughter of the Honorable William Smith, Esq: a member of his Majesty’s council in New York. (Friday, March 13, 1767.)

MARRIED] John Huger, Esq; to Miss Charlotte Motte, daughter of Jacob Motte, Esq., Publick Treasurer of this province. . (Friday, March 13, 1767.)

Mr. Edward Oats to Miss Elisabeth Walker, niece of Captain Thomas Walker deceased. (Friday, March 20, 1767.)

MARRIED] Mr. Thomas Hartley to Mrs. Mary Hiatt, widow of Mr. Anthony Hiatt. (Friday, April 3, 1767.)

MARRIED.] At Savannah, Captain Thomas Savage, of this town, to Miss Polly Butler, only daughter of the deceased William Butler, Esq. (Friday, April 3, 1767.)

In Charlestown, Dr. John Delahowe to Mrs. Anne Boyd, widow of Captain Robert Boyd. (Friday. May 1, 1767.)

MARRIED] At Bath in England. William Haggat, Esq; to Miss Elizabeth Walter, daughter of the deceased Colonel Walter of this province. (Friday. May 1, 1767.)

At New York. Ralph Izard, of this province, Esq; to Miss Alice DeLancey, daughter of Peter DeLancey, Esq; of West Chester. (Friday, June 5, 1767.)

MARRIED] Mr. Francis Rose, to Miss Betsey Lining, daughter of the deceased Dr. John Lining. (Friday, July 3, 1767.)

MARRIED] Mr. James Graham, merchant, to Miss Sally Stuart, daughter of the Honorable John Stuart, Esq. (Friday, July 17, 1767.)

MARRIED.] Benjamin Huger. Esq; to Miss Polly Golightly, daughter of Culcheth Golightly, Esq; deceased. (Friday, July 24, 1767.)

MARRIED.] Mr. Francis Varambaut, to Mrs. Anne Lataw. (Friday, July 24, 1767.)

In Georgia, John Milledge, Esq; to Mrs. Anne Rasberry. (Friday, July 31, 1767.)

MARRIED] Dr. John Anderson to Mrs. Anne Gordon, widow of the Revd. Charles Gordon. (Friday, July 31, 1767.)

Mr. Daniel Price to Miss Eleanor Jones, sister of Mr. Edward Jones. (Friday, August 7, 1767.)

MARRIED] Mr. Edward Thomas, to Miss Anne Gibbes, daughter of Mr. William Gibbes. (Friday, August 7, 1767.)

Mr. Andrew Rutledge, to Miss Elizabeth Gadsden, daughter of Christopher Gadsden, Esq; (Friday, October 2, 1767.)

MARRIED] Mr. John Baker, merchant, to Miss Amy Legarè, daughter of Mr. Thomas Legarè. (Friday, October 16, 1767.)

MARRIED,] Honorable John Burn, Esq; to Mrs. Anne Baron, widow of Mr. Alexander Baron. (Friday, October 16, 1767.)

Mr. James Stanyarne, to Mrs. Henrietta. Raven, widow of Mr. William Raven. (Friday, October 16, 1767.)

Mr. Alexander Alexander, to Miss Rachel Anderson. (Friday, October 16, 1767.)

Mr. David Guerard, to Miss Judith de St. Julien. (Friday, October 30, 1767.)

MARRIED] Mr. Peter Valton, to Miss Betsey Timothy, daughter of Mr. Peter Timothy. (Friday, November 6, 1767.)

MARRIED.] Mr. John MacCall, jun. to Miss Charlotte Glen, daughter of Mr. William Glen. (Friday, November 13, 1767.)

MARRIED.] Mr. Edward Griffith, merchant, to Miss Patty Miles, daughter of Mr. Thomas Miles, deceased. . (Friday, November 27, 1767.)

Mr. George Blakie to Mrs. Elisabeth Roffe, widow of Mr. John Roffe. (Friday, November 27, 1767.)

MARRIED] Mr. George Thomson, merchant, to Miss Jeanie Yorston, a young lady lately arrived here from Edinburgh. (Friday, December 18, 1767.)

MARRIED.] Daniel Horry Esq; to Miss Harriett Pinckney, Daughter of the honorable Charles Pinckney, Esq; a Member of his Majesty’s Council and Chief Justice of this Province, deceased. (Friday, December 18, 1767.)

Salley, A.S., Jr. Marriage Notices in The South Carolina and American General Gazette, From May 1766 to February 28, 1781 and in its successor The Royal Gazette 1781-1782. Columbia, SC: State Company. 1914

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