South Carolina Marriages 1766 – 1782

Marriage Notices 1770

MARRIED.] Mr. Elias Jaudon, to Miss Mary Dickson, Daughter of the deceased Capt. Thomas Dickson. (Wednesday, February 14, 1770.)

MARRIED.] Mr. William Doughty, Merchant, to Miss Rachel Porcher, Daughter of Isaac Porcher, Esq. (Friday, February 23, 1770.)

MARRIED.] Mr. Benjamin Matthews, Merchant, to Miss Sally Sams, Daughter of the deceased Capt. Sams. (Friday, February 23, 1770.)

Mr. Thomas Screven, to Miss Nelly Hart, Daughter of the reverend Oliver Hart. (Friday, March 16, 1770.)

MARRIED.] John Simpson, Esq; of Georgia, to Miss Elizabeth Dale, Daughter of the late ______ Dale, Esq; of North Carolina. (Friday, March 30, 1770.)

MARRIED.] Mr. William Glen, jun. Merchant, to Miss Martha Miller, Daughter of Stephen Miller, Esq. (Friday, April 13, 1770.)

MARRIED.] Thomas Hayward, Esq; Captain of his Majesty’s Ship Martin, to Miss Anne Sinclair, Daughter of the late Mr. John Sinclair. (Friday, April 27, 1770.)

MARRIED.] James Carson, Esq; to Mrs. Anne Stuart, Widow of Francis Stuart, Esq. (Friday, May 4, 1770.)

MARRIED.] Mr. Brian Cape, Merchant, to Mrs. Mary Hetherington, Widow of Mr. John Hetherington, and Daughter of Stephen Miller, Esq. (Friday, May 4, 1770.)

Mr. John Robert, of Indian Land, to Miss Elizabeth Dixon, Daughter of the deceased Capt. Thomas Dixon, of James Island. (Friday, May 4, 1770.)

In Georgia, James Hume, Esq; to Miss Mary Tannatt, Daughter of the late Edmund Tannatt, Esq. (Friday, May 11, 1770.)

MARRIED.] Mr. David Gillespie, A. B. to Mrs. Mary Rogers, Widow of Capt. James Rogers. (Friday, May 11, 1770.)

Capt. Edward Darrell, to Miss Anne Smith, Daughter of the Reverend Josiah Smith. (Friday, May 11, 1770.)

Mr. Robert Rose, to Miss Rebecca Rivers, Daughter of the deceased Mr. John Rivers. (Wednesday, May 23, 1770.)

MARRIED.] Mr. Thomas Rose, to Miss Mary Anne Clarke Saunders, Daughter of the deceased Joshua Saunders, Esq; of St. Bartholomew’s Parish. (Wednesday, May 30, 1770.)

MARRIED.] Mr. Ulysses Macpherson, to Miss Sarah Laird, only Child of the late Mr. John Laird. (Wednesday, May 30, 1770.)

Mr. Samuel Hopkins, to Mrs. Frances Dandridge, Widow of Mr. William Dandridge. (Wednesday, May 30, 1770.)

Mr. Mark Morris, to Miss Margaret Tew. (Wednesday, May 30, 1770.)

Mr. John Chesnut, to Miss Sarah Cantey. (Friday, June 15, 1770.)

MARRIED] Mr. Charles Johnston, Merchant, to Miss Mary Mackenzie, only Child of Mr. Robert Mackenzie, Merchant. (Friday, June 22, 1770.)

MARRIED.] Mr. Jonathan Sarrazin, to Mrs. Sarah Prioleau, Widow of Elijah Prioleau, Esq. (Friday, June 22, 1770.)

Mr. George Flagg, to Miss Anderson, daughter of Mr. John Anderson. (Wednesday, July 25, 1770.)

MARRIED.] Mr. William Air, to Miss Mary Stevenson, Daughter of the deceased Capt. Charles Stevenson. (Wednesday, July 25, 1770.)

Mr. Thomas Jervey, to Miss Grace Hall, Daughter of the late Mr. William Hall. (Friday, August 3, 1770.)

MARRIED.] Mr. William Hopkins, to Miss Elisabeth Welch. (Monday, August 20, 1770.)

MARRIED.] John Waring, Esq; to Mrs. Charlotte Williamson, Widow of Champernown Williamson, Esq. (Monday, September, 17, 1770.)

MARRIED.] Stephen Miller, Esq; to Miss Mary Roche, Daughter of the deceased Francis Roche, Esq. (Monday, September, 17, 1770.)

David Guerard, Esq; to Miss Martha Barnwell, Daughter of John Barnwell, Esq. (Monday, September, 17, 1770.)

Mr. James Lessley, to Mrs. Mary Stokes, Widow of the Rev. Mr. Stokes. (Monday, September 24, 1770.)

MARRIED.] Peter Delancey, Esq; Post Master General of the Southern District of North America, to Miss Elisabeth Beresford, Daughter of Richard Beresford, Esq. (Wednesday, October 3, 1770.)

MARRIED.] Dr. James Weems Moore, to Miss Susannah Jones, Daughter of the deceased Mr. Charles Jones. (Tuesday, October 9, 1770.)

Sir William Draper, Knight of the Bath, &c. was lately married at New York to Miss Sukey Delancey, Daughter of Oliver Delancey, Esq; and was to sail, about this Time, with his new married Lady for London, in the Ship Dutchess of Gordon. (Tuesday, October 23, 1770.)

MARRIED] Mr. John Wilkie, to Mrs. Jane Hext, Widow of Mr. Alexander Hext. (Wednesday, October 31, 1770.)

“A few days ago was married, in St. Bartholomew’s Parish, Mr. JAMES JORDAN, to Miss SUSANNAH CHRISTY, an agreeable young Lady, with a handsome Fortune.” (Tuesday, November 6, 1770.)

MARRIED.] Elias Horry, jun. Esq; to Miss Elisabeth Branford, eldest Daughter of the deceased William Branford, Esq. (Tuesday, November 6, 1770.)

Alexander Mazyck, Esq; to Miss Charlotte Broughton, Daughter of Nathaniel Broughton, Esq. (Tuesday, November 6, 1770.)

Mr. Edward Kirk, of New Providence, to Miss Charlotte Bennet. (Tuesday, November 20, 1770.)

MARRIED.] Mr. Andrew Lord, Merchant, to Mrs. Gadsden, Widow of Thomas Gadsden, Esq. (Tuesday, November 27, 1770.)

MARRIED.] Major Pierce Butler, of the 29th Regiment, to Miss Polly Middleton, Daughter of the deceased Colonel Thomas Middleton. (Tuesday, November 27, 1770.)
Marriage Notices 1771

Mr. John Brewton, Merchant, to Miss Polly Weyman, Daughter of Mr. Edward Weyman. (Monday, January 14, 1771.)

MARRIED.] Robert Williams, jun Esq; to Miss Anne Roper, eldest Daughter of William Roper Esq. (Tuesday, February 19, 1771.)

MARRIED.] Mr. John Potter, to Miss Sarah Hinds, Daughter of Mr. Patrick Hinds. (Wednesday, February 27. 1771.)

MARRIED.] Mr. Arnoldus Vanderhorst. to Miss Elizabeth Raven, only Child of the deceased William Raven, Esq. (Tuesday, March 12, 1771.)

MARRIED.] John Nevin, Esq; to Miss Nancy Baker. (Tuesday, March 26, 1771.)

MARRIED. Dr. Peter Spence. to Miss Frances Brown. Daughter of Joseph Brown, Esq. (Tuesday, March 26, 1771.)

Mr. Nathan Tart, to Miss Frances Garden, Daughter of the Rev. Alexander Garden, Rector of St. Thomas’s. (Tuesday, March 26, 1771.)

Mr. William Scott, jun to Miss Elizabeth Legaré, Daughter of Mr. Daniel Legaré, Sen. (Wednesday, April 10, 1771.)

MARRIED. Isaac Chanler, M. D. to Miss Sarah White. (Wednesday, April 17, 1771.)

MARRIED. William Roper, jun. Esq; to Miss Hannah Dart, Daughter of Benjamin Dart. Esq. (Monday, May 6, 1771.)

MARRIED. Mr. Daniel Heyward, jun. to Miss Margaret Heyward. (Monday, May 6, 1771.)

Mr. Thomas Bull, to Miss Sarah Simpson. (Monday, May 13, 1771.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. John Lining, to Miss Mary Rivers. (Monday, May 13, 1771.)

Mr. Henry Crouch, to Miss Josepha Watson. (Monday, June 10, 1771.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. John Fraser, to Miss Polly Stobo, Daughter of James Stobo, Esq. (Monday, July 1, 1771.)

MARRIAGES. Dr Benjamin Willply, to Miss Sally MacGaw. (Monday, July 1, 1771.)

Col. Christopher Rowe, to Mrs. Chevillette, Widow of Col. John Chevillette. (Monday, July 8, 1771.)

MARRIAGE. Benjamin Wigfall, Esq; to Miss Martha Dutarque (Tuesday, September 10, 1771.)

MARRIAGES. Daniel Heyward, sen. to Miss Elizabeth Simons, Daughter of Benjamin Simons, sen. Esq. (Tuesday, September 10, 1771.)

Mr. John Inrie to Mrs. Elisabeth Russel, Widow of Mr. Alexander Russel. (Tuesday, September 10, 1771.)

At Purysburg August 27th, 1771, Mr. Acquilla Miles, to Mrs.1 (Tuesday, September 10, 1771.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. Edward Simons, to Miss Lydia Ball. (Monday, October 28, 1771.)

Mr. William Swallow, to Miss Sarah Prince. (Monday, October 28, 1771.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Robert Porteous, of Beaufort, Merchant, to Miss Anne Wigg, of the same Place, Daughter of the late Col. Wigg. (Monday, November 18, 1771.)

MARRIAGES. Paul Trapier, jun. Esq; to Miss Elisabeth Foissin, Daughter of the late Elias Foissin, Esq. (Monday, November 25, 1771.)

Mr. Edward Jermaine, to Miss Sarah Cahusac. (Monday, November 25, 1771.)

Mr. John Miot, to Miss Frances Harden. (Monday, November 25, 1771.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. James Wakefield, Merchant, to Miss Sally Cannon, Daughter of Mr. Daniel Cannon. (Tuesday, December 3, 1771.)

Salley, A.S., Jr. Marriage Notices in The South Carolina and American General Gazette, From May 1766 to February 28, 1781 and in its successor The Royal Gazette 1781-1782. Columbia, SC: State Company. 1914

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