South Carolina Marriages 1766 – 1782

Marriage Notices 1772

MARRIAGES. Mr. William Wilson, Merchant, to Miss Polly Harvey, Daughter of William Harvey, Esq. (Monday, January 6, 1772-Supplement.)

Capt. Benjamin Darrell, to Mrs. Kezia Boone, Widow of the late Mr. Samuel Boone. (Monday, January 6, 1772-Supplement.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. William Hort to Miss Alice Gibbes, Daughter of Mr. Robert Gibbes, deceased. (Monday, January 13, 1772.)

MARRIAGE. Peter Fayssoux, M. D. to Miss Sarah Wilson, Daughter of Algernon Wilson, Esq. (Thursday, February 6, 1772.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. John Screven, of James Island, to Miss Patience Holmes, youngest Daughter of Mr. John Holmes, of John’s Island. (Thursday, February 20, 1772.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Robert Mackay of Augusta, to Mrs. Chilcott, late of Rhode Island. (Tuesday, February 25, 1772.)

1. Rest torn out.

MARRIAGE. Andrew Johnston Esq; to Miss Sarah Elliott Mackewn, Daughter of the deceased Robert Mackewn Esq; (Monday, March 2, 1772.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. James Ballandine, Merchant, to Miss Sally Buchanan. (Monday, March 9, 1772.)

Mr. Samuel Maverick, to Miss Lydia Turpin. (Monday, March 9, 1772.)

MARRIAGE. Robert Quash, junior, Esq; to Miss Constantia Hasell.1 (Monday, March 30. 1772.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Edward Gunter to Miss Martha Mellichamp. (Monday, April 6, 1772.)

MARRIAGE. In Georgia, John Simpson, Esq; of Sabine fields, to Miss Anne Mackenzie, Daughter of William Mackenzie Esq. (Monday, August 10, 1772.)

MARRIAGE. Richard Shubrick, Esq; to Miss Susannah Bulline, Daughter of Thomas Bulline, Esq; deceased. (Monday, October 5, 1772.)


Marriage Notices 1774

MARRIAGES. Edmond Cossens, Esq; to Miss Jones. (Friday, April 22, 1774.)

Beaufort, April 10th, 1774. This day was married Nicholas Lechmere, Esq; to Miss Catharine Deveaux, Daughter of Andrew Deveaux, Esq; a Lady of an agreeable Person, and of a Disposition the most amiable and engaging. (Friday, April 22, 1774.)

MARRIAGE. Nicholas Eveleigh, Esq; to the amiable Miss Mary Shubrick, Daughter of Thomas Shubrick, Esq. (Friday, May 6, 1774.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. James Rantowle, to Miss Elisabeth Ives. (Friday, May 13, 1774.)

MARRIAGE. Revd. James Henderson, Minister at Edisto, to Mrs. Hannah Sands, Widow of Mr. James Sands, Merchant. (Friday, May 20, 1774.)

“Robert Quash, junior, Esq; is not married to Miss Constantia Hasell.” Monday, April 6, 1772.

MARRIAGE. Mr. Keating Simons, to Miss Sarah Lewis. (Friday, June 10, 1774.)

MARRIAGE. James Donnom, Esq; to Mrs. Jane Pepper, Widow of Daniel Pepper, jun. Esq. (Friday, June 17, 1774.)

MARRIAGES. Thomas-Tudor Tucker, M. D. to Miss Esther Evans, Daughter of George Evans, Esq. (Friday, July 8, 1774.)

Mr. Charles Ramadge, to Mrs. Frances Swallow, Widow of Mr. Newman Swallow, Merchant. (Friday, July 8, 1774.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Richard Lushington, Merchant, to Mrs. Ball, Widow of Mr. William Ball. (Friday, July 15, 1774.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Benjamin Coachman, jun. to the amiable Miss Rebecca Singellton. (Friday, July 29, 1774.)

MARRIAGE. Thomas Ferguson, Esq; to Mrs. Elisabeth Rutledge, Widow of Mr. Andrew Rutledge, Merchant, and Daughter of Christopher Gadsden, Esq. (Friday, August 5, 1774.)

MARRIAGES. In Georgia, Nathaniel Hall, Esq; to Miss Anne Gibbons, Daughter of Joseph Gibbons, Esq; deceased. (Friday. August 19. 1774.)

In this Town, Mr. John Boomer. to Mrs. Elisabeth Cleator, Widow of Mr. John Cleator. (Friday. August 19. 1774.)

MARRIAGE. John Dutarque. Esq; to Miss Lydia Gaillard, Daughter of Theodore Gaillard. Esq. (Friday, August 26, 1774.)

MARRIAGE. At Saltketchers. Dr. Nathan Brownson, to Mrs. Elisabeth Martin, Widow of John Martin, Esq; late of Newport in Georgia. (Friday, September 2, 1774.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Jeremiah Brower, Merchant, to Miss Christian Miller. Daughter of Stephen Miller, Esq. (Friday, September 9, 1774.)

MARRIAGE ] Mr. Josiah Bonneau, Merchant, to Miss Susanna Eberson. (Friday September 23, 1774.)

Mr. Patrick Murray, to Miss Oats, Daughter of Mr. Edward Oats. (Friday September 23, 1774.)

In Georgia, Hon. Henry Yonge, Esq; to Miss Christiana Bulloch, Daughter of James Bulloch, Esq. (Friday September 23, 1774.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. John Imrie, to Mrs. Margaret Esmand, Widow of Mr. George Esmand, late Printer in Barbados. (Friday, October 7, 1774.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. Joseph Atkinson. Merchant, to Miss Mary Burrows, Daughter of William Burrows, Esq. Mr. Thomas Rose, to Miss Mary Blake, Daughter of Capt. Edward Blake. (Friday, October 14, 1774.)

MARRIAGES. Thomas Middleton, Esq; to the amiable Miss Mary Gibbes, Daughter of Robert Gibbes, Esq. (Friday. November 4, 1774.)

Capt. John Sommers, to Miss Martha Perry, Daughter of Edward Perry, Esq; deceased. (Friday. November 4, 1774.)

Mr. Thomas Broughton, jun. to Miss Elisabeth Lessesne, Daughter of the late Mr. Isaac Lessesne. (Friday. November 4, 1774.)

Mr. Charles Cogdell, to Mrs. Jane Wilkie, Widow of Mr. John Wilkie. (Friday. November 4, 1774.)

Mr. Job Palmer, to Miss Sarah Morgan. (Friday. November 4, 1774.)

MARRIAGES. David Rhind, Esq; to Miss Elisabeth Cleiland, Daughter of the late Dr. John Cleiland. (Friday, December 23, 1774.)

Mr. William Webb, to Miss Margaret Doyley, Daughter of the late Daniel Doyley, Esq. (Friday, December 23, 1774.)


Marriage Notices 1775

MARRIAGE. William Elliott, Esq; of Beaufort, to Mrs. Mary Cuthbert, Widow of James Cuthbert, Esq; late of Georgia. (Friday, January 6, 1775.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. Jacob Ion, to Miss Mary Ashby. (Friday, January 20, 1775.)

Mr. George Heriot, Merchant in Georgetown, to Miss Sarah Tucker, Daughter of Capt. Thomas Tucker. (Friday, January 20, 1775.)

William Allston, jun. Esq; to Miss Rachel Moore, Daughter of John Moore. Esq. (Friday, January 20, 1775.)

Capt. Isaac Burton, to Miss Anne Remington, Daughter of John Remington, Esq. (Friday, January 20, 1775.)

MARRIAGE. Richard Howley, Esq; to Mrs. Sarah Fuller. (Friday, January 27, 1775.)

MARRIAGES. David Ramsay, A. M. M. B. to Miss Sabina Ellis, Daughter of the deceased Mr. William Ellis, Merchant in this Town. (Friday, February 10, 1775.)

Mr. George John Fardo, to Miss Elizabeth Godfrey. (Friday, February 10, 1775.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. Daniel Hall, Merchant, to Miss Susanna Matthews, Daughter of the late William Matthews, Esq. (Friday, February 24, 1775.)

Mr. James Hampden Thomson, A. M. late Tutor in the College of New Jersey. to Miss Elisabeth Martha Trezevant. (Friday, February 24, 1775.)

MARRIAGE. Rowland Rugely, Esq; to Miss Hamilton Dawson, Daughter of the Reverend Mr. Dawson, Rector of St. John’s Parish, Colleton County, deceased. (Friday, March 17, 1775.)

MARRIAGE. Honorable John Drayton, Esq; to Miss Rebecca Perry, Daughter of Mr. Benjamin Perry, deceased. (Friday, March 24, 1775.)

Reverend James Latta, to Miss Sarah Wilson. Daughter of Mr. Hugh Wilson deceased. (Friday, March 24, 1775.)

Mr. Plowden Weston, Merchant, to Miss Mary Anne Mazyck, Daughter of Isaac Mazyck, Esq; deceased. (Friday, March 24, 1775.)

Mr. Daniel Holmes, to Miss Elisabeth Freer, Daughter of Mr. Solomon Freer. (Friday, March 24, 1775.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. John Bradwell, to Miss Elisabeth Lloyd, Daughter of the late Mr. William Lloyd. (Friday, March 31, 1775.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. Benjamin Webb to Miss Anne Doyley, daughter of the late Daniel Doyley, Esq. (Friday, April 7, 1775.)

Mr. Robert Muncreef to Miss Mary Dewar, Daughter of Mr. Charles Dewar. (Friday, April 7, 1775.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. Hext Prioleau to Miss Margaret Williams, an accomplished young Lady, Daughter of Robert Williams, jun. Esq. (Tuesday, April 18, 1775.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. John Bush, Merchant, to Mrs. Mary Miles, Widow of Mr. William Miles.

In January last was married, at Port Arlington in Ireland, Paul Mazyck, Esq; to Miss Hamon, only Daughter of the Rev. Dr. Hamon of the said Place; an amiable and most accomplished young Lady.” (Friday, April 21, 1775.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. Edward Legge. of Ashley-Ferry. to Mrs. Waldren, Widow of Mr. Patrick Waldren. (Friday. May 5, 1775.)

Mr. William Burt, to Miss Anne Jones. (Friday. May 5, 1775.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. John Cordes, to Miss Judith Banbury. Daughter of Mr. William Banbury. (Friday, May 12, 1775.)

Dr. William Clarkson, to Miss Anne Hutchinson. (Friday, May 12, 1775.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. Paul Porcher, jun. to Miss Jane Jackson.1 ( Friday, May 26, 1775.)

Mr. Samuel Eaton to Mrs. Providence Jenkins, Widow of the late Mr. Samuel Jenkins, of Edisto. ( Friday, May 26, 1775.)

Mr. Hamilton Stevenson to Miss J. Murray. ( Friday, May 26, 1775.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. James Bentham, Merchant, to Miss Polly Hardy. (Friday, June 9, 1775.)

MARRIAGES. John Raven Mathewes, Esq; to Miss Elisabeth Holmes, Daughter of Isaac Holmes, Esq; deceased. (Friday, June 16, 1775.)

John Frierson. Esq; to Miss Polly Walne Davis, eldest Daughter of the Rev. Mr. William Davis, deceased. (Friday, June 16, 1775.)

MARRIAGE. John Glaze, Esq; to Mrs. Margaret McNeil, Widow of Dr. Archibald McNeil, deceased. (Friday, June 30, 1775.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Samuel Jaudon to Miss Elisabeth Atkinson. (Friday, July 7, 1775.)

MARRIAGES. Benjamin Smith, Esq; to Miss Sarah Smith, Daughter of Mr. George Smith, Merchant. (Friday, August 11, 1775.)

Capt. Thomas Tucker to Mrs. Mary Flinn, Widow of the late Mr. William Flinn. (Friday, August 11, 1775.)

Mr. Thomas Ellis to Miss Anne Glaze. (Friday, August 11, 1775.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Charles Shepherd to Miss Elisabeth Gibbes, Daughter of William Gibbes, Esq. (Friday, September 1, 1775.)

MARRIAGE. Philotheos Chiffelle, Esq; to the amiable Miss Rebecca Hutchinson, Daughter of Thomas Hutchinson, Esq. (Friday, October 20, 1775.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Jervis Henry Stevens, to Miss Elisabeth Davis, Daughter of the late Rev. Mr. John Davis, of St.. Mark’s Parish. (Friday, December 15, 1775.)

1″The Intimation in our last, of the Marriage of Mr. Paul Porcher, Jun. to Miss Jane Jackson, was premature.” (Friday, June 2, 1775.)

MARRIAGE. Dr. James Clitherall, to Mrs. Elisabeth Smith, Widow of Thomas Loughton Smith, Esq; deceased. (Friday, December 22, 1775.)


Salley, A.S., Jr. Marriage Notices in The South Carolina and American General Gazette, From May 1766 to February 28, 1781 and in its successor The Royal Gazette 1781-1782. Columbia, SC: State Company. 1914

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