South Carolina Marriages 1766 – 1782

Marriage Notices 1778

MARRIAGE. Mr. Thomas Cochran. to Mrs. Susanna Hawie, widow of the deceased Mr. Robert Hawie. (Thursday, January 1, 1778.)

Marriage] Colonel Isaac Motte, of the 2nd regiment, to Miss Mary Broughton, daughter of the deceased Alexander Broughton, Esq. (Thursday, January 1, 1778.)

MARRIAGES. William Heyward. Esq; to Miss Hannah Shubrick, daughter of the Hon. Thomas Shubrick, Esq. (Thursday, January 8, 1778.)

Mr. Othniel Giles, to Lady Jane Colleton, widow of the deceased Sir John Colleton, Bart. (Thursday, January 8, 1778.)

Mr. Joseph Moore, to Mrs. Anne Taylor, widow of the deceased Mr. John Taylor. (Thursday, January 8, 1778.)

Mr. Tobias Cambridge, to Miss Elisabeth Wood, daughter of the deceased Mr. William Wood. (Thursday, January 8, 1778.)

MARRIAGES. John Mowatt, Esq; to Miss Mary Ash, daughter of the deceased Mr. Cato Ash. (Thursday, January 29, 1778.)

Mr. Paul Taylor, to Miss Martha Miller, daughter of Mr. William Miller. (Thursday, January 29, 1778.)

Mr. Joseph Lafar, to Miss Catharine Boilliat, daughter of Mr. David Boilliat. (Thursday, January 29, 1778.)

MARRIAGES. Major Samuel Wise, to Mrs. Ann Beatty, widow of the deceased Mr. Francis Beatty. (Thursday, February 5, 1778.)

William Taggart, Esq; to Mrs. Mary Haly, widow of the deceased Dr. John Haly. (Thursday, February 5, 1778.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. William Vaux, of Georgetown, to Miss Ann Pawley, daughter of Capt. Percival Pawley, of Waccamaw. (Thursday, February 12, 1778.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. Richard Perry, to Miss Helen Hunter, daughter of the deceased Mr. James Hunter. (Thursday, February 19, 1778.)

Mr. Albert Aerney Muller, to Miss Magdalen Martin, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Nicholas Martin, pastor of the Lutheran church in Charlestown. (Thursday, February 19, 1778.)

Mr. David Frederick Cruger, to Miss Isabella Liston. (Thursday, February 19, 1778.)

MARRIAGE. Dr. Cornelius Dysart, to Miss Charity Jack, daughter of Mr. Patrick Jack of N. Carolina. (Thursday, February 26, 1778.)

MARRIAGE. Capt. Clement Conyers, to Miss Francis Snell. (Thursday, March 12, 1778.)

MARRIAGE] Mr. Andrew Dewees, to Miss Katharine Chicken, daughter of the deceased Mr. William Chicken. (Thursday, March 19, 1778)

Mr. Thomas Withers, to Mrs. Deveaux, widow of the deceased Mr. Andrew Deveaux. (Thursday, March 19, 1778)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Paul Walter, to Miss Ann Geigleman, daughter of the deceased Mr. Emanuel Geigleman. (Thursday, March 26, 1778.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. John Waring. jun. to Miss Ann Smith, daughter of Henry Smith, Esq; of Goosecreek. (Thursday, April 16, 1778.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. William Roach, to Miss Mary Campbell, of Christ Church Parish. (Thursday, April 23, 1778.)

Mr. John Peak, to Miss Elizabeth Harvey. (Thursday, April 23, 1778.)

MARRIAGES. Capt. Thomas Shubrick, of the 5th regiment, to Miss Mary Brandford, daughter of the deceased ______ Brandford, Esq. (Thursday, April 30, 1778.)

Mr. George Barksdale, of Christ Church Parish, to Miss Mary Daniel, daughter of the deceased John Daniel, Esq. (Thursday, April 30, 1778.)

Mr. Richard Latham, to Miss Grace Forbes. (Thursday, April 30, 1778.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. Joseph Waring, to Miss Mary Joor, daughter of the deceased John Joor, Esq. (Thursday, May 7, 1778.)

Mr. Thomas Waring, to Miss Martha Waring, daughter of the deceased Mr. Joseph Waring. (Thursday, May 7, 1778.)

William Nisbett, Esq; to Miss Jane Scott. (Thursday, May 7, 1778.)

Mr. Stolberg Adler, to Miss Ann Rodgaman. (Thursday, May 7, 1778.)

Capt. John Evans, to Miss Mary Anderson. (Thursday, May 7, 1778.)

MARRIAGE. John Rose, Esq; to Miss Susannah I’on, daughter of the deceased Capt. George I’on. (Thursday, May 14, 1778.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. George Rout, to Mrs. Ann Parker, widow of the deceased Mr. George Parker, merchant. (Thursday, May 21, 1778.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Jacob Valk, to Mrs. Ann Roberts, widow of the deceased Dr. William Roberts. (Thursday, May 28, 1778.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. John Splatt Cripps to Miss Elisabeth Farr, daughter of Thomas Farr, Esq. (Thursday, June 4, 1778.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. John Lessesne to Miss Mary Frederick, daughter of the deceased Mr. Jeremiah Frederick. (Thursday, July 9, 1778.)

MARRIAGE. Capt. Philip Sullivan, to Miss Susannah Shackleford, daughter of the deceased Mr. ______ Shackleford. (Thursday. July 16, 1778.)

MARRIAGES. Rev. Mr. Christian Streight, Pastor of the Lutheran Church in this town, to Miss Mary Hoof. (Thursday. July 16, 1778.)

At St. Helena, Mr. John Dedier to Miss Margaret Cook. (Thursday, July 30, 1778.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. Thomas Rivers, to Miss Mary Warham, daughter of Mr. Charles Warham. (Thursday, September 3. 1778.)

Capt. Cornelius Schermerhorn, to Miss Carolina. Snyder, daughter of Mr. Paul Snyder. (Thursday, September 3. 1778.)

Mr. Richard Woodcraft, to Miss Rizpah Rivers, daughter of the deceased Mr. John Rivers. (Thursday, September 3. 1778.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Abraham Sasportas to Miss Rachael Da Costa, daughter of Mr. Isaac Da Costa. (Thursday, September 17, 1778.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. William Day to Miss Elizabeth Postell, daughter of the deceased James Postell, Esq; of Dorchester. (Thursday, September 24, 1778.)

MARRIAGE. Capt. James Ladson, of the 1st regiment, to Miss Judith Smith, daughter of the deceased Hon. Benjamin Smith, Esq. (Thursday, October 8, 1778.)

MARRIAGES. Capt. Thomas Gadsden, of the 1st Regiment, to Miss Martha Fenwicke daughter of the Hon. Edward Fenwicke, Esq; deceased. (Thursday, October 15, 1778.)

Mr. Andrew Hazell, to Miss Mary Milner, Daughter of the deceased Job Milner, Esq. (Thursday, October 15, 1778.)

At Williamsburgh, Virginia, St. George Tucker, Esq; of the Island of Bermuda, to Mrs. Randolph, Matoax, in Prince George. (Thursday, October 15, 1778.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Thomas Elfe to Miss Mary Pagett. (Thursday, November 5, 1778.)

MARRIAGE. Andrew Leitch, Esq; to Mrs. Catharine Spooler, widow of the deceased Mr. George Spooler. (Thursday, November 12, 1778.)

Mr. John Holmes to Miss Helen Boomer, daughter of Mr. John Boomer. (Thursday, November 12, 1778.)

Mr. John Stokes, to Miss Margaret young, daughter of Mr. Thomas Young. (Thursday, November 12, 1778.)

MARRIAGE. Dr. Oliver Hart to Miss Sarah Brockington. (Thursday, November 19, 1778.)

MARRIAGES. Capt. Benjamin Mathews to Miss Mary Mathews, daughter of the deceased William Mathews, Esq. (Thursday, November 26, 1778.)

Mr. James Edwards to Miss Rebecca Fripp, daughter of Capt. John Fripp, of St. Helena. (Thursday, November 26, 1778.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Alexander Rantowle to Miss Eleanor Wardrobe. (Thursday, December 3, 1778.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Richard Muncreef, to Miss Elisabeth Young, daughter of the deceased Major William Young. (Thursday, December 24, 1778.)

Thomas Middleton, Esq; of Crowfield, to Miss Elizabeth Deas, daughter of the deceased David Deas, Esq. (Thursday, December 24, 1778.)

Mr. Samuel Mordecai, to Miss Catharine Andrews, daughter of Mr. Abraham Andrews. (Thursday, December 24, 1778.)

MARRIAGES. William Scott, jun. Esq; to Miss Elisabeth Rivers, daughter of the deceased Mr. Jonathan Rivers. (Thursday, December 31, 1778.)

Capt. Benjamin Tucker, to Miss Sarah Ballantine, daughter of the deceased Mr. ______ Ballantine. (Thursday, December 31, 1778.)

Mr. William Trusler, to Miss Jane Anderson, daughter of the deceased Mr. Hugh Anderson. (Thursday, December 31, 1778.)

Capt. Alexander Boyce, of the 6th regiment, to Mrs. Catharine Othelia. M’Allister, widow of the deceased Capt. M’Allister. (Thursday, December 31, 1778.)
Marriage Notices 1779

MARRIAGE. Alexander Rose, Esq; to Miss Margaret Smith, daughter of the Hon. William Smith Esq; deceased, late Chief Justice of New York. (Thursday, January 21. 1779.)

Mr. Francis Bonneau, to Miss Hannah Elfe, daughter of deceased Mr. Thomas Elfe. (Thursday, January 21. 1779.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. Jeremiah Rose to Miss Susanna Stent. (Thursday, March 18, 1779.)

Mr. John Singleton to Miss Jane Miller. (Thursday, March 18, 1779.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. Stephen Baker, son of Col. John Baker, late of Georgia, to Mrs. Martha Fuller, daughter of William Fuller, Esq. deceased. (Friday, April 23, 1779.)

Capt. William Ransom Davis, of the 5th regiment, to Miss Eleanor Norville. (Friday, April 23, 1779.)

Mr. David Stevens, to Mrs. Mary Adams. (Friday, April 23, 1779.)

Andrew Quelch, Esq; to Mrs. Sarah Fyffe, widow of the deceased Mr. John Fyffe. (Friday, April 23, 1779.)

Mr. Thomas Tims, to Miss Anne Hext. (Friday, April 23, 1779.)

MARRIAGE. Capt. Benjamin Stone to Miss Lovey Rivers, daughter of Col. Robert Rivers. (Friday, July 30, 1779.)

MARRIAGES. Mr. Edmund Petrie to Miss Anne Peronneau, daughter of the deceased Alexander Peronneau, Esq. (Friday, August 27, 1779.)

William Bull jun. Esq; to Miss Elizabeth Reid, daughter of the deceased Dr. Reid. (Friday, August 27, 1779.)

Mr. Gershon Cohen, to Miss Rebecca. Sarzidas, daughter of the deceased Mr. Abraham Sarzidas, of Georgia. (Friday, August 27, 1779.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. John Farr, to Mrs. Smith, widow of Mr. Press Smith, deceased. (Friday, September 24, 1779.)

MARRIAGES. Capt. John Wilson to Mrs. Mary Ladson, relict of Capt. Thomas Ladson, deceased. (Friday, October 1, 1779.)

Daniel Tucker, Esq; of Georgetown to Miss Elizabeth Hyrne, Daughter of the late Col. Henry Hyrne. (Friday, October 1, 1779.)

MARRIAGE. Brigadier-General Moultrie to Mrs. Hannah Lynch, widow of the Honorable Thomas Lynch, Esq; deceased. (Friday, October 15, 1779.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. John David Miller, to Miss Jane Richton, daughter of Mr. M’Cully Righton. (Friday, October 29, 1779.)

MARRIAGE. Thomas Broughton, Esq; to Miss Susannah Donnom, daughter of the deceased James Donnom, Esq. (Friday, November 19, 1779.)

MARRIAGE. Mr. Edgar Wells, to Miss Claudia Bennett, daughter of the deceased Mr. _______ Bennett. (Friday, December 3, 1779.)

MARRIAGE. Capt. Alexander Keith, to Miss Susannah Bullein, daughter of the deceased John Bullein, Esq. (Friday, December 10, 1779.)
Marriage Notices 1780

MARRIAGES. Capt. John Hatter, to Mrs. Elisabeth Torrans, widow of the deceased Mr. John Torrans. (Wednesday, November 1, 1780.)

Ensign Robert Campbell, of the 71st regiment, to Miss Elisabeth Mitchell, daughter of Mr. John Mitchell. (Wednesday, November 1, 1780.)

MARRIAGE. Lieut. ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL, of the 71st regiment, to Miss MARGARET PHILP, daughter of Robert Philp, Esq. (Wednesday, December 20, 1780.)


Salley, A.S., Jr. Marriage Notices in The South Carolina and American General Gazette, From May 1766 to February 28, 1781 and in its successor The Royal Gazette 1781-1782. Columbia, SC: State Company. 1914

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