1876 Map of Seneca County NY

Seneca County New York Genealogy

A guide and directory to Seneca County New York genealogy, containing both online and offline resources for genealogy and historical research. This article contains sources of genealogical data about Seneca County such as biographies, cemetery records, census records, church records, court records, family records, land records, military records, naturalization records, and vital records. The vast majority of the material on this page are free to access. If we find a particular set of data that is not free we’ll place a $$$ at the end of it to signify it’s currently only available on a membership website.

Prior to March 24, 1804, Seneca County was part of various counties. When counties were established in New York State in 1683, the present-day Seneca County was part of the vast Albany County. A portion of Albany County became Tryon County on March 12, 1772. This county was named for William Tryon, colonial governor of New York. In 1784, following the peace treaty that ended the American Revolutionary War, the name of Tryon County was changed to Montgomery County in honor of the American general, Richard Montgomery. On February 16, 1791, portions of Montgomery County became Tioga, Otsego, and Herkimer Counties. Onondaga County was established from a portion of Herkimer County on March 5, 1794. The western portion of Onondaga County became Cayuga County on March 8, 1799. At that time, Cayuga County included the present Seneca and Tompkins Counties and part of Wayne County.

Cowing & Co.

Seneca County was established from the western part of Cayuga County by an act passed by the New York State Legislature on March 24, 1804. At that time Seneca County stretched all the way from Lake Ontario to south of what is today Ithaca. More specifically, it was bounded on the north by Lake Ontario, east by Cayuga County, south by Tioga County, and west by Steuben and Ontario Counties. It was a strip some sixty-three miles in length with an average width of eleven miles, totaling 744 square miles or about one-half million acres.

Archives, Societies and Libraries of Seneca County NY

Cornell University published a series of county guides to repositories across the state of New York. The repositories in Seneca County were surveyed by Helen Bunting. The information was then edited and indexed by Elaine Engst. In 1896, Cornell University published Guide to Historical Resources in Seneca County New York Repositories. This guide covered six repositories in Seneca County and can serve as a wonderful tool for what resources are available at each institution. The six are listed below with a link to view the actual guide.

Seneca County NY Archives

  • Seneca County Historian
    Each of the townships and counties in New York have an archivist that they call an historian. This is the official website for the Seneca County historian.

    • Records in the Seneca County Historian’s Office
      From a handout written by Betty Auten, the Seneca County NYGenWeb provides a list of the material accessible to the Seneca County historian in his office. This information should assist you as to what is available, in the event you need to contact them by postal mail.

Seneca County NY Historical and Genealogical Societies

There does not appear to be any one historical and/or genealogical society covering just Seneca County. There are numerous societies however found within the individual communities:

Users should also take advantage of the resources of the Central New York Genealogical Society who’s coverage includes that of Seneca County. They publish quarterly their 64 page Tree Talks publication which contains articles by noted genealogists, abstracts of records of genealogical significance and reviews of publications. They also publish an annual index of all names, and their 2009-2012 indices are available online: Tree Talks Every Name Index

Seneca County New York Libraries

To our knowledge, other then the Fayetteville Free Library, none of the other libraries have rooms or collections specific to genealogical research. The Lodi Library has sponsored genealogy classes in the past, and it’s possible they have an area of their library devoted to genealogy research in the area.

Seneca County NY Bible Records

  • Bible records from GA HA DA Chapter, Seneca Falls, N.Y.
    By Ethyl D. Tarr. Contains mostly bible records of the Peterson, Burtless, and Sweet families. Typescript. Includes Index. Available on microfiche from the Family History Center. Film No. 6018998.
  • Bassette Family Bible

Seneca County NY Biographies

Approximately 8 million Americans have been the subjects of biographical sketches in collective biography volumes. While many of these sketches are in local histories, more than 3 million appear in books with a nationwide scope, such as Who’s Who in America and Men and Women of Science. In fact, approximately 2,000 such volumes exist and have been indexed by Mirana C. Herbert and Barbara McNeil in the Biography and Genealogy Master Index (Detroit: Gale Research Co., 1980?). $$$

Seneca County NY Cemetery Records

  • Seneca County New York Cemeteries
    An all inclusive listing of cemetery records specific to Seneca County New York that can be found on the web. These include simple transcriptions, historical transcriptions, and photographs of actual gravestones.

Seneca County NY Census Records

  • Seneca County New York Census Records
    This is a listing of all free sources for Seneca County New York Census Records. These include simple transcriptions, databases, and census images.

Seneca County NY Church Records

Offline Church Resources for Seneca County New York

St Marys Church Waterloo New York
St Marys Church Waterloo New York

The Study Center for Early Religious Life in Western New York was established at Ithaca College in July 1978. The chief purpose of the Study Center was to collect primary sources documenting religious life in the first half of the nineteenth century in central and western New York State. The Center was funded for three years with the provision that the resulting collections be transferred to this division for preservation and use.In September 1981 295 collections, mainly on microfilm, came to Cornell. The church records collected include minute books, sermons, membership registers, subscription books, trustee records, Sunday school records, circuit books, and Bible society records from numerous denominations. In addition there are papers of families and individuals including diaries, journals, letters, and account books. The following list contains the specific church resources available at Cornell University. Although most of the records were microfilmed, seventeen collections comprise original documents or photocopies. All material is available for use in the Division. Thirty-seven collections are restricted. In order to use these records, the visiting researcher must sign a form agreeing that information obtained from them will not be published or otherwise released in such form that any individual mentioned can be identified. Positive copies of non-restricted Church film may be borrowed. We do not search any of this film for mail inquirers. Requests for the loan of selected reels must be submitted through Interlibrary Services, Olin Library. Both the collection number and the title of each should appear on the request form. Address Interlibrary Loan Requests to: Interlibrary Services, Cornell University Library, Olin Library, Ithaca, NY 14853-5301.

  • #6002 Trinity Episcopal Church of Seneca Falls, NY. Vestry records, 1831-1886. 5 vols. on 1 reel pos (+) microfilm. (Mb, Bapt, Com, M, Bur).
  • #6006 First Baptist Church of Seneca Falls, NY. Records, 1827-1883. 2v, 3 items on 2+.
  • #6007 Methodist Episcopal Church of Seneca Falls, NY. Record book, 1851-1871. 1 vol. on 1+.
  • #6008 First Presbyterian Church of Romulus, NY. Records, 1802-1824. 1 vol.(photo copy) (M, Mb).
  • #6031 Ovid, NY. Miscellaneous account books, 1829-1835, 1838-1856. 2 vol.on 1+.
  • #6034 First Baptist Church of Romulus, NY. Records, 1818-1898. 8 items on 1+ (typed transcripts) (B, D, Mb).
  • #6036 Federated Church (Methodist Episcopal and Presbyterian) of Ovid, NY. Records, 1803-1977. 16 vol.on 1+ (Bapt, Bur, Cl, D, Fu, M, Mb, Pr).
  • #6038 First Baptist Church of Covert, NY. Record book, 1803-1849. 1 vol. on 1+ (Mb).
  • #6041 First Methodist Episcopal Church of Waterloo, NY. Records, 1843-1872. 2 vol.on 1+ (Mb).
  • #6042 J. Meeker Townsend, 1852-1927. Diary, January -December, 1865. 1 vol. on 1+.
  • #6043 First Methodist Episcopal Church of Varick, NY. Records, 1856-1889. lv on 1+.
  • #6048 St. Paul’s Episcopal Church of Waterloo, NY. Records, 1817-1892, 1963. 6 vol.on 2+, photocopy (Bapt, Con, M, Mb).
  • #6049 First Wesleyan Methodist Church of Seneca Falls, NY. Records, 1843-1913. 7 vol.on 1+ (Mb, Pr).
  • #6050 Christ Church (German Reformed) of Bearytown (Fayette), NY. Records, 1813-1941. (partially in German). 3 vol.on 1+ (Mb, Sub, Bapt, Comm, Con, D, 1813-1832,1835-1852).
  • #6051 Waterloo Missionary Society, NY. Record book, 1817-1824. 1 vol.on 1+.
  • #6052 Samuel Fatzinger, 1801-1858. Hymnbook, 1818. (in German). 1 vol.on 1+.
  • #6062 First Baptist Church in Lodi, NY. Record book, 1804-1924. 1 vol. on 1+.
  • #6065 Jacob Van Arsdale, 1811-1873. Sermon, 1850. 8pp. photocopy.
  • #6068 First Union Baptist Church of Christ at Farmerville (Interlaken), NY. Records, 1819-1899. 2 vol.on 1+ (Bapt, Mb).
  • #6072 First Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Lodi, NY. Records, 1823-1922. 3 vol.on 1 +. Restricted.
  • #6080 Second Presbyterian Church of Fayette in Canoga, NY. Records, 1825-1859. 1 vol.on 1+. Restricted.
  • #6091 First Presbyterian Church of Waterloo, NY. Records, 1917-1935. 7 vol.on 1+. Restricted.
  • #6118 First Presbyterian Church of Seneca Falls, NY. Records, 1807-1879. 5 vol.on 2+. Restricted.
  • #6164 First Methodist Episcopal Church of Lodi at Townsendville, NY. Church roll, 1850. 1 transcript.

The Stanley I. Reynolds Collection contains a variety of church records for Seneca County New York. You can access the specific volumes by requesting the microfilm from the Family History Center. Vol. 10-16 Seneca County Family records Church records, 1808-1884. Film Num. 812844. It contains the records for:

  • Dutch Reformed Church (Lodi)
  • Dutch Reformed Church (Ovid)
  • Methodist Episcopal Church (Lodi)
  • Methodist Church (Lodi)
  • Presbyterian Church (Lodi)
  • Presbyterian Church (Romulus) Cemetery records, 1818-1836.

Seneca County NY Court Records

New York Probate Records 1629-1971

These records are not searchable. The records are images from probate records in various county Surrogate Courts in New York. These documents are extremely valuable to genealogists and should not be neglected. In many instances, they are the only known source of relevant information. Published as it’s full title at FamilySearch: New York, Probate Records, 1629-1971.

These records are only 6% indexed (based on last check on 25 Apr 2014). In order to research for your ancestor you’ll need to know the type of record you’re searching and an approximate date, and then do it the old fashioned way, browsing the pages. Here’s some quick links into the records specific to Seneca County.

Additional Seneca County Court Records Online

Seneca County NY Directories

  • Gazetteer and business directory of Seneca County, N.Y., for 1867-8
    Free version of the entire directory placed online by the Tompkins County NY Library. Downloadable as PDF files. Searchable version is online at Ancestry as database 14999 – $$$. While the manuscript is only accessible to subscribers, the search is available for free. Non-subscribers can use the search at Ancestry to see if the person they’re looking for is available within the directory. This should save you time before downloading the large PDF’s from the Tompkins County Library. It will also save them costs of bandwidth in the event the person you are looking for is not present in the directory.

  • Reference Business Directory of Seneca County, New York, 1894-1895
    Hamilton Child’s business directory of Seneca County NY for 1894.
  • 1914 Yates, Schuyler, Tompkins and Seneca counties, New York, Farm Directory
    The American Agriculturist newspaper produced a farm directory annually for most farming communities in the United States. This manuscript is the 1914 American Agriculturist Farm Directory for the New York counties of Yates, Schuyler, Tompkins, and Seneca. It contains over 15,000 farm records which provide the name of he individual or firm who owned the farm, the spouse name, the number of children over 21 years of age, the occupation of the individual, and any boarder names. The listings are alphabetical, separated by county first, and then township, so you’ll need to page to the appropriate township before searching for your ancestor. Don’t rely on the search, as the results are not complete.
  • Brigham’s Geneva, Seneca Falls and Waterloo directory and business advertiser for 1862 and 1863 (PDF)
    This directory was digitally placed online by the Rochester and Monroe County Library system. Brigham, A. Delancey. Brigham’s Geneva, Seneca Falls and Waterloo directory and business advertiser for 1862 and 1863: including the towns of Phelps, Flint Creek, Seneca Castle and Stanley Corners, with histories of the towns from their earliest settlement. Geneva, N.Y.: A.D. Brigham, 1988. It is available at Ancestry as database 16668.

Seneca County NY Family Trees

The following contain links to known family trees of residents within Seneca County New York. We welcome additional links via the comments form at the bottom of this page.

  • The Reigle / Riegel / Rail families and relations
    Bachman, Baldridge, Coryell, Holton, Sayre, Stoflet, Watr(o)us of Seneca Co. N.Y.; plus wills, church information, photos, and maps pertaining to Seneca County.
  • Guide for research of Bachman & Emerick families of Seneca County, New York and Thompson of Yates County, New York
    By Mildred R. Bachman. Manuscript available for free to logged in users of Family History. George Backman (1750-1820) was born in Pennsylvania. He married Polly Segurfoos in 1772. They lived in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania by 1774 and later acquired land in Seneca County, New York in 1806. Descendants lived in New York, Michigan, Oregon, Washington, and elsewhere. John Emerick (1774-1860) was born in Pennsylvania and married Elizabeth Hoover (1786-1856). They later moved to Seneca County, New York from Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. John Thompson (1798-1861), son of Edward Thompson and Ann Groves, was born in Yorkshire, England and immigrated to America in 1824. Ancestry is traced to Thompson family of Osmotherly, Yorkshire, England. John married Ann Elenor Groves (1807-1873) and later died in Yates County, New York.
  • The Covert Family
    Fischer, Carl W. (Carl Wilhem), 1913-1987; Covert, William V. (Van Nuys), 1913-; Patterson, Maurice L.. A genealogy and history of the Covert family who are descendants of Teunis Jans Covert born about 1625 in Heemstede, Holland. He married Barbara Lucas. He died about 1692/8 in Brooklyn, N. Y. Teunis emigrated from Holland in 1651.
  • Descendants of some early settlers of the Trumansburg – Covert (N.Y.) area – the Swick family
    Swick, Harriet Jackson, 1895-; Fischer, Carl W. (Wilhem), 1913-1987. Johannes Swick, probably of Dutch lineage, married Barbara (Egie) Covert, and they had six children between 1730-1748 in Somerville, New Jersey. Descendants and relatives lived in New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Minnesota and elsewhere.

Seneca County NY History

The history of Seneca County New York has been printed in a variety of manuscripts and forms over the centuries. The following items reflect the best sources for anyone researching the history of Seneca County New York or any of its villages and towns. For specific questions on the history of the towns, our researchers should visit the Local Historians in Seneca County page and contact one of the official county historians.

Historical Photographs of Seneca County New York

Covert New York Town History

  • Between the lakes: the settlement and growth of south Seneca County, the town of Covert, the village of Interlaken
    This manuscript is currently under copyright as it was published in 1976. To access the manuscript you’ll either need to purchase or borrow it. We have found a method to search it for your names before purchasing it.

  • Some interesting notes on Interlaken, & Sketches of 25 early settlers of the town of Covert
    This manuscript does not appear online in any form.

  • Early history, &c, Town of Covert, Seneca Co., NY
    Written by Wayne E Morrison this manuscript was published in 1983 at Ovid, New York. It remains copyrighted and is not accessible online.

Fayette New York Town History

Junius New York Town History

Ovid New York Town History

  • Ovid School Graduates, Seneca County, NY
    This is a list of school graduates from Ovid High School for the years of 1900-1939, not inclusive, and the Catalogue of the Trustees, Instructors and Students of Ovid Academy For the Year Ending August, for 1854-1860, not inclusive. Part of Seneca County NYGenWeb.

Romulus New York Town History

Seneca Falls New York Town History

  • Grip’s historical souvenir of Seneca Falls, NY
    This manuscript provides an historical look at Seneca Falls New York starting with the Native Americans who resided there first, and taking us through the 19th Century by short articles on people, businesses, places, and events that helped shape the history of Seneca Falls New York.
  • Seneca Falls School Graduates, Seneca County, New York
    This is a list of school graduates from Mynderse Academy for the years of 1900-1946, not inclusive, and for St. Patrick’s School for the years of 1915 and 1919. Part of Seneca County NYGenWeb.
  • The Seneca Falls of David B. Lum, 1806-1875
    Contains a series of articles written by David B. Lum, founder of the Historical Society of Seneca Falls. Film No. 6061271.

Waterloo New York Town History

  • Grip’s historical souvenir of Waterloo, NY
    This manuscript provides an historical look at Waterloo New York starting with the Native Americans who resided there first, and taking us through the 19th Century by short articles on people, businesses, places, and events that helped shape the history of Waterloo New York.
  • Waterloo School Graduates, Seneca County, NY
    This is a list of school graduates from St. Mary’s School for the years of 1908-1939, not inclusive, and the Waterloo Central High School for 1961. Part of Seneca County NYGenWeb.

Seneca County NY Immigration and Naturalization Records

  • Seneca County NY Naturalization Records and Declarations of Intentions, 1827-1930
    The collection consists of images of naturalization records from county courthouses in New York for the years 1791 to 1980. The records may include declarations of intent, petitions, indexes, and final papers. The content and time period varies by county – for Seneca County it contains:

    • Declarations of intention 1854-1955, vol. 1-9
    • Declarations of intention, petition evidence 1854-1874
    • Naturalization index 1803-1854 file 1-7, no 1-1417
    • Petition evidence 1803-1932
    • Petitions for naturalization 1906-1913 vol 1-2
    • Petitions for naturalization and petition evidence 1913-1955 vol 3-15
  • The early Italian immigrants to Seneca Falls, New York, 1894-1930
    By Susan Barber Bove. Contains list of Italian immigrants from census records. ISBN: 0961172002. Researchers unable to access the manuscript at the Family History Center in Salt Lake City can find the same information in the census records for Seneca County New York.

Seneca County NY Land Records

  • Residence of Barney Snyder, Junius Township
    Residence of Barney Snyder, Junius Township

    Centennial historical sketch of the town of Fayette, Seneca County, New York

    • Contains a table of early military land patents for Fayette in Appendix A, p. 137-138.
    • Awards made by Onondaga Commissioners (1798-1802) in case of disputed soldiers’ claims in military tract (Fayette lots), Romulus Township, Appendix A, p. 139.
    • West Cayuga Reservation. Lots in the Town of Fayette, surveyed in 1796 by Joseph Annin and John J. Cantine, Appendix A, p. 140.
    • Canoga Reservation. Surveyed by Joseph Annin in 1807, Appendix A, p. 141.
  • Seneca County NY Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants
    The first act granting bounty lands in New York was passed on March 20, 1781. This and other subsequent acts set aside land in the Finger Lakes region in central New York and was known as the Military Tract. Included were the present day counties of Cayuga, Cortland, Onondaga and Seneca and parts of Oswego, Schuyer, Tompkins, and Wayne. The Military Tract consisted of 60,000 acres and was divided into 28 townships, subdivided into farm lots of 600 acres. Each of these townships bore the name of a classical literary hero. Land was also purchased from the Onondaga Indian Nation and the Cayuga Nation in 1788 and 1789. Purchases were also made from the Oneida and Tuscaroras. Upon the purchase of this land, New York held the balloting for the distribution of the land. The name of each veteran was written on a slip of paper and put into a box. The names of the lots were written on another slip of paper and these were matched with the veteran’s name as they were pulled from the boxes. Letters of Patent were given to the veterans. The land was to be settled within seven years and certain fees such as surveying costs had to be paid. Four lots from each township were set aside for use of schools and churches, some were given or sold by the state to fufill other obligations. Only a minor part of the land that was given to the Revolutionary War soldiers actually was settled by the veterans. Because of the time that it took for the state to get clear title of the land, many became impatient and sold their rights to land speculators. Part of Seneca County NYGenWeb.

Seneca County NY Maps and Gazetteers

Seneca County NY Military Records

  • Appointments to the New York State Militia from Seneca Co., 1817-1822
    From the Annual Report (1901) of the State Historian as documented in Vol III, Council of Appointment, Military Records, 1784-1821 – (This volume begins with 1817) . Part of Seneca County NYGenWeb.
  • Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services, 1841, Seneca County NY
    Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services; with their names, ages, and places of residence, as returned by the marshals of the several judicial districts, under the act for taking the sixth census.” Washington: Printed by Blair and Rives, 1841. Reprinted by Southern Book Company, Baltimore, 1954. Part of Seneca County NYGenWeb.
  • Centennial Anniversary of Seneca County
    Papers read before the society upon the occasion of the centennial celebration of the formation of Seneca County.

    • Seneca County in the War of 1812, p. 59.
  • War of 1812 – Fayette Rifle Company
    A list of men serving in the Fayette Rifle Company. From Centennial Historical Sketch of Fayette, Seneca Co., NY 1800-1900 by Diedrich Willers [Press of W.F. Humphrey, Geneva, NY, 1900; reprinted by W.E. Morrison & Co., Ovid, NY, 1982], Appendix F. Part of Seneca County NYGenWeb.
  • New York, Town Clerks’ Registers of Men Who Served in the Civil War, ca 1861-1865 $$$
    The state of New York contributed the greatest number of men to the Union Army during the Civil War and sustained the heaviest losses of any state in the Union. This database contains registers of these men, which were compiled between the years 1861 and 1865, as an organizational aid to award pensions and other veterans’ claims. The series in this database consists of printed forms which town clerks filled in by hand throughout New York State. Chapter 690 of the Laws of 1865 required each town clerk, upon receiving “suitable blanks” from the chief of the State’s Bureau of Military Record, “to make out a full and complete record of the names of all the soldiers and officers who composed his town’s quotas of the troops furnished to the United States.” For the genealogist this register has a great deal of information about any ancestors who served during the Civil War. It provides details about regiment, rank, place of enlistment, and may provide several other particulars about the soldier’s life. Had your ancestor been a member of these fighting forces they would have come from one of the wealthiest states in the nation. Supplying almost one sixth of all supplies to the Union’s force during the war, New York also contributed 467,047 troops, including 6,089 men in the regular army, 42,155 sailors and marines, and 18,197 who paid commutation (an exchange of services for the reduction of a penalty or punishment).
  • New York State Civil War Soldier Database
    Information includes more than 360,000 men who served in New York State Volunteer and the United States Sharpshooter units and the state’s three regiments of United States Colored Troops during the Civil War.

Seneca County NY Newspapers

  • History of the Seneca County New York Press
    This history of Seneca County New York Press as transcribed from the History of Seneca Co., New York by Morrison in 1876. Provides a history of the printing industry in Seneca up until 1875.
  • Seneca County New York Newspapers
    The following information is an attempt to provide details into the availability of Seneca County New York newspapers, but also the sources available online and offline for the genealogist and historian to access the newspapers, or transcriptions therefrom. Newspapers remain a vital source of material for genealogists. They often provide vivid insight into the lives of our ancestors unlike other factual records, and should not be overlooked when conducting genealogical research.

Seneca County NY Vital Records

Vital records registration started in New York State outside of New York City in 1881. Generally, the New York State Department of Health provides uncertified copies of the following types of records for genealogy research purposes:

  • Birth certificates – if on file for at least 75 years and the person whose name is on the birth certificate is known to be deceased.
  • Death certificates – if on file for at least 50 years.
  • Marriage certificates – if on file for at least 50 years and both spouses are known to be deceased.

The time periods are waived for direct-line descendants. A direct line descendant is a person in the direct line of descent, i.e., the child, grandchild, great grandchild of the person whose record is requested. The direct-line descendant applicant must provide the following:

  • Proof of their relationship to the person whose record they are requesting.
  • Proof of the death of the person whose birth certificate they are requesting.
  • Proof of the death of both spouses whose marriage certificate they are requesting.

See more information and order if needed here: New York Birth Marriage and Death Records

Seneca County NY Birth Records

Early births in New York state were recorded on the town level and the years vary by town. The New York State Department of Health began recording births in 1881 at a state level. Births were never recorded on the county level. This local aspect of birth records, along with the lack of publication has made access to these records more difficult. I would suggest approaching the Seneca County Historian for information about historical births in Seneca County.

Another source for birth records are Seneca County newspapers. Please see that section for specific newspapers and the available indexes for them.

Seneca County NY Marriage Records

Early marriages were sometimes recorded on the town level and the years vary by town. In 1880, town clerks were to record the marriage and a copy was sent to the New York State Department of Health. Marriages were recorded by the Seneca County clerk starting in 1908 and up until 1935.

  • Marriages and Deaths from Misc. Newspapers, for Waterloo, Seneca Falls, Ovid, Trumansburg and Geneva, 1807-1908
    Written by Crystal W. Fegley, Provo, Utah: Brigham Young University, 1970. Microreproduction of typescript (71 p.), written in 1969. Film Num. 833158
  • Seneca County New York Marriage Records, 1841-1855
    This is an eclectic mix of New York records written by the Daughters of the American Revolution, Oneida NY Chapter, and self published by them as Volume 6: Bible, cemetery and church records, 1746-1927. Within the documents they recorded were a group of marriage records for Seneca County NY for the years of 1841-1855. Microfilm of typescript, made in 1928-1929, at the Utica Public Library, Utica, New York. This film is available for loan from the Family History Center. Film Num. 1435718 Item 1.
  • Account Book of the Reverend Isaac Easterbrook 1853-1879
    By Jesse Howell Finch, edited by by Carl W. Fischer. Consists of a record of the marriages and funerals of the Rev. Isaac Easterbrook in southern Seneca County, Schuyler County and nearby areas 1853-1879 with some account of the activities of this minister and fees paid him. This manuscript is available from the Family History Library as microfiche. Film No. 6047981.
  • New York, County Marriages, 1908-1935
    Name index and images of New York county marriage records. New York state began requiring marriage records for each county in 1908. Seneca County has been indexed.

There are numerous “New York” marriage record databases online at Ancestry, however, these lack any identity with Seneca County, and searches through them have failed to produce matches for towns or people within Seneca. Another source for marriage records are Seneca County newspapers. Please see that section for specific newspapers and the available indexes for them.

Seneca County NY Death Records

Another source for death records are Seneca County newspapers. Please see that section for specific newspapers and the available indexes for them.


Seneca County NY,


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