History of Seneca County New York

History of Seneca County New York

This history of Seneca County New York published in 1876, provides a look at the first 75 years of existence for this county, with numerous chapters devoted to it’s early history. The value of this manuscript may be found in the etched engravings found throughout of idyllic scenes of Seneca County including portraits of men, houses, buildings, farms, and scenery. Included are 35 biographies of early settlers, and histories of the individual townships along with lists of men involved in the Union Army during the Civil War on a township by township basis.

The following is a list of biographies found within the manuscript. Included with each biography is a pencil engraving of the man and sometimes of his residence. The personal pencil engravings are not limited to only these men, there were many others found throughout the volume.

Biographies from History of Seneca County, New York

Thomas H.ArnoldTyreView Bio
SamuelBirdsallWaterlooView Bio
CharlesBonnelWaterlooView Bio
HenryBonnelWaterlooView Bio
Deacon JohnBooromCovertView Bio
IsraelBrownRomulusView Bio
Jacob P.ChamberlainSeneca FallsView Bio
Hon. SamuelClarkWaterlooView Bio
Hon. JesseClarkWaterlooView Bio
Hartwell B.CompsonTyreView Bio
Judge JamesDeMottLodiView Bio
General JohnDeMottLodiView Bio
Edwin R.DobbinWaterlooView Bio
Samuel H. D.D.GridleyWaterlooView Bio
Rev. John M.GuionSeneca FallsView Bio
Judge SilasHalseyLodiView Bio
Hon. WilliamJohnsonSeneca FallsView Bio
Daniel S.KendigWaterlooView Bio
Captain ElijahKinneOvidView Bio
WilliamKlineTyreView Bio
David B.LumSeneca FallsView Bio
HenryMosesSeneca FallsView Bio
DavidOdellTyreView Bio
ErastusPartridgeSeneca FallsView Bio
Le Roy C.PartridgeSeneca FallsView Bio
JedediahPeirsonWaterlooView Bio
Colonel HalseySandfordView Bio
JasonSmithTyreView Bio
Colonel RalphSmithLodiView Bio
Robert L.StevensonTyreView Bio
TownsendLodiView Bio
AbrahamVan DorenOvidView Bio
Gardner M.D.WellesWaterlooView Bio
Hon. ElishaWilliamsWaterlooView Bio
WilsonOvidView Bio
History of Seneca County New York
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[box]Source: History of Seneca Co., New York: with illustrations descriptive of its scenery, palatial residences, public buildings, fine blocks, and important manufactories, from original sketches by artists of the highest ability. Philadelphia: Everts, Ensign & Everts, 1876.[/box]




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