Churches and Pastors of Seneca County NY

Churches and Pastors of Seneca County New York

These sketches of the churches and pastors of Seneca County New York, do not purport to give a detailed history of their organization, growth and present condition. The compilers and publishers, however, did endeavor to make it what its title claims, an accurate “Manual” of the churches and pastors, as they existed at the opening of the year 1896. To the pastors themselves, or some member of the respective churches, they were indebted in some instances for the historical sketch, and in others for the material from which they wrote. Some gave them greater detail than others, and in some cases, as will be seen, the roll of membership was furnished; but from the material at hand the compilers endeavored impartially to give as full a synopsis of local history as was possible. The sketches, even when edited, are given as from the local writer’s standpoint. The large membership of the Catholic churches compelled them to restrict their lists to only those who rented pews.

In the arrangement of the book, they listed the towns geographically from south to north and the churches in the towns alphabetically by denominational name, except in two or three instances where delay in receiving the sketch or cut compelled a transfer to later space. To the church manual, proper, they appended sketches of five clergymen of different denominations, whose ministerial work seemed to entitle them to a place in this volume.

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Churches and Pastors of Seneca County New York
Cover of Churches and Pastors of Seneca County New York

Directory of Towns and Churches:

  • Bearytown
    • Christ Reformed Church
  • Canoga
    • Methodist Episcopal Church
    • Presbyterian Church
  • Covert
    • Baptist Church
  • Deys Landing
    • St. Andrew’s Protestant Episcopal Church
  • Farmer
    • Farmer Baptist Church
    • St. Francis Solanus Catholic Church
    • Reformed Church
    • Universalist Church
  • Fayette
    • Burgh Evangelical Association
    • Evangelical Lutheran Church
    • West Fayette Presbyterian Church
  • Glenwood Chapel
    • Protestant Episcopal Church
  • Hayts Corner
    • Christian Endeavor Temple
    • Calvary Protestant Episcopal Church
  • Junius
    • Baptist Church of Junius and Tyre
    • Stone Methodist Episcopal Church
    • Union Methodist Episcopal Church
    • Presbyterian Church
  • Jerusalem
    • Lutheran Church
    • Reformed Church
  • Kidders
    • All Saints Protestant Episcopal Church
  • Lodi
    • Methodist Episcopal Church
    • Reformed Church
  • Ovid
    • Ovid Baptist Church
    • Ovid Center Baptist Church
    • Ovid Holy Cross Cathoic Church
    • Methodist Episcopal Church
    • Presbyterian Church
  • Romulus
    • Romulus Baptist Church
    • Sacred Heart Catholic Church
    • Presbyterian Church
    • St. Stephen’s Protestant Episcopal Church
  • Seneca Falls
    • First Baptist Church
    • St. Patrick’s Catholic Church
    • Christadelphian Church
    • Congregationalist Church
    • Methodist Episcopal Church
    • First Presbyterian Church
    • Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church
    • First Wesleyan Methodist Church
  • Sheldrake
    • Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Townsendville
    • Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Tyre
    • Baptist Church of Junius and Tyre
    • First Methodist Episcopal Church
    • Reformed Church
  • Varick
    • First Methodist Episcopal Church
    • Second Methodist Episcopal Church
    • First Wesleyan Methodist Church
  • Waterloo
    • First Baptist Church
    • St. Mary’s Catholic Church
    • Disciples of Christ
    • First Methodist Episcopal Church
    • First Methodist Protestant Church
    • Presbyterian Church
    • St. Paul’s Protestant Episcopal Church
  • Willard
    • Christ Protestant Episcopal Church
  • Willowdale
    • Grace Protestant Episcopal Church


[box]Source: Manual of the churches of Seneca County: with sketches of their pastors, 1895-96. Seneca Falls, N.Y.: Courier, 1896.[/box]


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