Pioneers of the Seneca County Medical Society

An Historical Sketch of the Seneca County Medical Society

At the anniversary meeting of the Seneca County Medical Society held at Waterloo, July 23, 1885, a resolution was introduced by Dr. S. R. Welles, and adopted by the Society, that a committee be appointed which should prepare biographical sketches of members of the Society from its earliest history to the present time.

It was the design of the resolution to prepare as full a report as possible, and to gather and place in a tangible form, for preservation, all that could be learned of the individual history of the members of the profession from the earliest date of the settlement of the county; and in order that the report might be complete and valuable, a form was prepared which indicated the nature of the information desired, and which was sent to each member of the medical fraternity, and to all others whom it was thought could furnish anything of interest.

It was also intended to incorporate with the report an account of the history of the Society itself from its earliest beginning. In the matter of the history of the pioneers of the profession, dependence was placed upon old settlers in different localities, who from personal recollection or tradition, could add something to the knowledge of the subject.

All this involved considerable labor and patience, and much correspondence, the results of which are herewith presented.

The committee are aware that these notes are not by any means complete, which partly arises from the apathy of some of those to whom circulars were addressed, asking for information, and partly because the books of the secretary and all early records of the Society being lost, the historical facts which were most desirable were veiled in the haze of the past.

Sufficient material of interest has been gathered, however, to warrant the publication of these preliminary pages, with the hope that some subsequent historian may, at a future day, complete the record.

75 biographies were published and an alphabetical list of names of those included are listed below:

  • A. J. Alleman
  • H. E. Allison
  • L. W. Bailey
  • George A. Bellows
  • M. B. Bellows
  • M. D. Blaine
  • Ephraim W. Bogardus
  • Alfred Bolter
  • G. B. Bristol
  • James C. Carson
  • John T. Cass
  • John B. Chapin
  • C. C. Coan
  • Oliver C. Comstock
  • Lyman Congdon
  • Robert S. Copp
  • George W. Davis
  • John Denniston
  • Richard Dey
  • E. Dorchester
  • Jeremiah Dunn
  • John L. Eastman
  • Norman Eddy
  • Linus Ely
  • Alfred Emens
  • D. F. Everts
  • A. M. Farnham
  • John Flickinger
  • P. H. Flood
  • Nathan W. Folwell
  • Friedrich Glauner
  • Louis A. Gould
  • Franklin B. Hahn
  • James A. Hahn
  • Lewis Halsey
  • Silas Halsey
  • Jacob Hasbrouck
  • H. G. Hopkins
  • S. P. Johnson
  • E. Wirt Lamoreaux
  • Elias Lester
  • Justus Lewis
  • Caleb Loring
  • Thomas C. Magee
  • Mather Marvin
  • A. Nellis, Jr.
  • Lewis Oakley
  • O. S. Patterson
  • Lewis Post
  • Hiram J. Purdy
  • Henry Reeder
  • Jared Sandford
  • E. J. Schoonmaker
  • Frank G. Seaman
  • Alfred Sears
  • F. B. Seelye
  • A. F. Sheldon
  • D. A. Shiley
  • William A. Swaby
  • W. E. Sylvester
  • John M. Townsend
  • John G. Tubbs
  • Abram N. Van Tyne
  • Ethan Watson
  • Humphrey C. Watson
  • Gardner Welles
  • Randolph Welles
  • S. R. Welles
  • Charles L. Wells
  • Landon Wells
  • C. C. Wheeler
  • Richard K. Wheeler
  • W. W. Wheeler
  • Theoda Wilkins
  • P. M. Wise

[box]Source: An Historical Sketch of the Seneca County Medical Society with some account of its living and of its pioneer members. Printed by Resolution of the Society, 1887.[/box]

Seneca County NY,


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