Genealogy of the Cherokee Ghigau Family

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10Ezekial Starr. Nannie Catherine Harkins nee Seabolt
11Mary Jane Starr* James Johnson
1112436415Nannie Mayfield. George Harnage
2Penelope Mayfield. John Thompson Adair
OK3John Wilson Mayfleld. Sarah Starr and Mary Ann Stovall*
4Emily Walker Mayfield. John Griffith Harnage
5Carter Walker Mayfield. Jennie Blackburn
6Elvira Mayfield. Newton Howell and William Henry Barker
7Sabina Mayfield. Dr. George Wyche
8Victoria Hulda Mayfield. Thomas Henry Still and Robert Gilmore
1112437415Jennie Starr. George Howard
2John Walker Starr*
OK3Mary Frances Starr. Lucien Burr Bell
4George Colbert Starr*
5Ezekial Eugene Starr. Margaret Starr
6Joseph Jarrette Starr*
7Caleb Ellis Starr. Malderine Elizabeth Adair and Jennie Butler nee
8Samuel Jesse Starr. Sarah Ruth McClure
1112438415Nancy Ann Starr. William Wirt Duncan and Young Charles Gordon Duncan
2George Harlan Starr*
OK3Martha Jane Starr. George Washington Crittenden.
4Joseph McMinn Starr. Sarah Crittenden and Susie Shell
5Walter Adair Starr. Ruth Ann Alberty nee Thornton, Ella Elizabeth Christie and Saphronia F. Barrett nee Crutchfield*
6Sallie Elizabeth Starr. Frank Howard
7Edward Bruce Starr. Rachel Pauline Henry
9Caleb Wilson Starr
11124311415James Newland
2Nannie Newland. Nathan Merrell
OK3William Henry Sloan. Nannie Lane and Martha Jones
4Samuel Harker Sloan
5Edward Estel Sloan. Naomi Ann Cole
6John Willis Sloan
1112532425William Mosley West. Elizabeth J. Clyne
2George R. West*
OK3Martha S. West* Jackson Cozens
4John Calhoun West. Margaret Elizabeth Hickey
5Kiamitia West. Allen Gilbert
6James Polk West. Missouri Barnett.
7Ruth E. West. Richard Brewer and William Walter Finley
8Franklin Pierce West. Nannie Ellis Allen nee Brewer


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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