Genealogy of the Cherokee Ghigau Family

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9Franklin Pierce Mitchell. Elizabeth Thompson and Georgia Ann Newton
10Eliza Mitchell. George Washington Talbert
11Reese T. Mitchell. Nannie Acorn
1132239415James Lovett. Annie Quinton and Annie Griffin
2Annie Lovett* Houston DeArmond
OK3David Lovett. Belle McCutchan
4John Lovett. Elizabeth Young nee Tetrincha
5Louisa Amanda Lovett* Houston DeArmond
6William Irving. Henrietta Oakley nee Fry
7Joseph Irving. Minnie Louisa See and Henriette Ann Marlowe
8Brice Poe*
11322310415Michael Hildebrand. Amanda Hair
OK2Elizabeth Hildebrand. _____Hurd
OK3Reese Hildebrand*
4Josephine Hildebrand. John Meeker
5Alice Hildebrand. Charles Antoine Schmidtman and Andrew Cornelius Cordery
6Effie Hildebrand. William W. Nelson.
11322311415Reese Hildebrand. Lydia Latta
2Elizabeth Hildebrand. Thomas Beaver, William Cramp, Andrew Crane and Samuel Campbell
11322312415Nannie Elizabeth Mayfield. Thomas L. Gaston
2Michael Mayfield. Elizabeth Sanders and Ellen Hammonds
OK3Susan Jane Mayfield. Isaac Allison Milligan and Samuel Lee Milligan
4John Ross Mayfield. Annie McDaniel and Nellie Phillips
5Lillar Mayfield. William Rufus James, John Smith and Robert B. Williams
6Joseph Mayfield. Helen Dobson and
7Isaac H. Mayfield. Sarah McNabney
8Rogina Mayfield. Cornelius Willis
1132331415James Rogers. Mary Sanders
1132334415Charles Rogers* Susie Foreman
OK2Elmira Rogers. Timothy Fields
1132336415Elizabeth Brand. Theodore Cummings and Solomon Bragg
2Francis Rogers. William Elders
OK3John Rogers. Missouri Emma Quinton
4Cynthia Ann Rogers*
5Margaret Brown*
1132337415Elizabeth Fields. William Patrick


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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