Genealogy of the Cherokee Ghigau Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information

6Nellie Otterlifter* Samuel Ballard
7Rachel Otterlifter* Anderson Springston
8Elsie Otterlifter: Charles Hoskins, and Daniel Newton McIntosh
11322314Elizabeth Hildebrand. James Pettit and Robert Armstrong
2John Hildebrand. Nicey Russell and Annie Wasp
OK3Jennie Hildebrand. Joseph Cookson
4Margaret Hildebrand. John Catron
5Delilah Hildebrand. Jesse McLain
6Eliza Hildebrand. Joshua Kirkpatrick
7Stehen Hildebrand. Mary Potts and Mary Beck
8Rachel Hildebrand. Reese T. Mitchell
9Nannie Hildebrand. Thomas Horn, George Lovett, Frederick Lovett, Charles Poe and Hoskins
10Joseph Martin Hildebrand. Lucy Starr, Louvenia Patterson, Elizabeth Gentry, Mary King, Martha Wofford and Mary E. Coyne
11Brice Hildebrand. Mary Sturdivant Swimmer nee Beck and Mary Swimmer
12Mary Hildebrand. Isaac Mayfield
1132314Levi Rogers. Margaret Fields
2Richard Rogers* Eliza Lacey
OK3Joseph Rogers*
4Charles Rogers. Maria Colston
5John Rogers*
6Elizabeth Rogers. George Whitney Brand
7Alzira Rogers. Lewis Fields
8Catherine Rogers* William Elders
1112131415Elizabeth Hair. Daniel Hopkins
2Susie Hair. Charles Gourd
OK3Jefferson Hair. Chicooie O’Fields, Eliza Ramsey nee Tyner and Mary Tyner nee Sanders
4Diana Hair. Wade Hampton Robinson
5John Hair. Lucy Robinson, Annie Sanders, and Mary Butler Lucy Justice
6Nannie Hair*
7Mary Hair. John Ramsey
1112132415Jackson Candy
2Henry Candy* Nellie Goings
OK3Reese Candy. Ruth Riley, Jennie Downing* and Thomas Candy*
4Elizabeth Candy. David Ballew and Ned Grease
5Samuel Candy. Mary Hayden
7John Candy. Mary Starr and Eliza Fields
1112133415John Candy*
2Maria Candy*


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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