Genealogy of the Cherokee Ghigau Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information

1132234415Caroline Catron. Jesse Sanders
2Lafayette Catron. Nannie Roach
OK3Levannah Elizabeth Catron. Thomas Holmes Carlile and Levi Rogers Keys
1132235415Elvira Jane McLain*Alexander Thompson and William Hayes
2Calvin McLain. Charlotte Martin
OK3Austin McLain* Melissa Arminda Cordery
4Mary Ann McLain. Jefferson Ratliff
5Nancy Elmira McLain. Joseph Watkins and James Thomas Morrow
6John McLain. Mary Martin and Susannah Moore
7Joseph McLain. Martha Scott, Elizabeth Kerr nee Clyne and Lonnie Nelson
8Lewis McLain* Susie Woods
9William McLain. Elizabeth Chambers and Elizabeth Horn
10Mary Emeline McLain. Francis Marion Scott
1132236415William Patrick. Elizabeth Fields and Emma A. Beck nee Hayes
2Rachel Patrick. Alexander Ballard and Houston De Armond
OK3Nancy Jane Patrick. Noah Lillard and James R. Gourd
4Margaret Patrick. Henry Fry, Louis Diena and Henry Morris
5John Joshua Patick. Minerva Elizabeth Lillard and Elmira Starr nee Fields
6Elias Patrick*
7Mary Patrick. John P. Lyman and Calloway Burke
8George Washington Patrick. Polina Jane Keys, Nannie C Langley and Nannie Jenkins
9Lucy Patrick. Joseph Heinrichs
10Michael K. Patrick. Delilah Cookson and Josephine Hawkins
1132237415Jennie Hildebrand. William Lucas
2Julia Ann Hildebrand. Surry Eaton Beck, Nathaniel Wofford, James Barnett and Jasper Bee
OK3Susan Hildebrand. George Washington Mitchell
1132238415Nannie Mitchell. Charles H. Allen
2Jennie Mitchell*
OK3Rebecca Mitchell. Ezekial Proctor
4Henry Mitchell* Cynthia Beck
5Louvisa Mitchell. Daniel Anderson, John Lane and Samuel Rounds
6Mitchell Hildebrand Mitchell. Margaret Underwood
7John Mitchell. Jennie Norris nee Rennecker
8William Mitchell. Elizabeth Newton


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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