Genealogy of the Cherokee Ghigau Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information

7George Harlan Starr. Nellie Carr, Nannie Bell and Mary Taylor nee Blackburn*
8Joseph McMinn Starr. Delilah Adair
9Rachel Starr* Samuel Lattamore
10Nannie Starr* Samuel Lattamore
11Deborah Starr. Richard Newland, William Harvey Sloan
12Ellis Starr* Delilah Johnson
11125314John West. Ruth Fields
2Bluford West* Nannie Alberty
3Eliza West. Leroy Markham
4Rosa West. Nelson Rogers
5Ellis West. Clara Buffington
6George West* Elizabeth Vann
7Ezekial West*
11126314Sallie Phillips. Robert Beatty
2Lucinda Phillips. Looney Price
OK3Ruth Phillips* Alexander Foreman
4John Philips*
5Joseph Phillips
6Ellis Fox Phillips*  Mary Foreman
7Elizabeth Phillips. Edmond Bean,* William Thornton, David Bell* and Tatnall Holt Post.*
8Martha Phillips*
11127314Barbara Hildebrand. Hiram Linder
2James V. Hildebrand. Sarah Elizabeth Fields
OK3Jennie Hildebrand. John Williams
4Catherine Hildebrand. Levi Bailey
5John Walker Hildebrand. Eliza Jane White
6Ellis Harlan Hildebrand. Sallie Stover and Josephine _____
7Lewis W. Hildebrand. Lucy Ratliff
8Isaac Newton Hildebrand. Jennie Ratliff
9Mary Elizabeth Hildebrand. Daniel Jones Frazier
10Minerva Hildebrand. Charles Ratliff, Anderson Reynolds
11128314Eli Harlan. Delilah Alberty
2Ellis Sanders Harlan. Nannie Barnett
OK3Sallie Harlan. Jacob Harnage
4Elmira Harlan. Joshua Roach
11129314David M. Harlan. Lucinda Tucker, Rebecca Welch nec Vannoy and Julia Ann Lane nee Tucker
2Eliza Harlan. Samuel Craig
OK3Susan Jane Harlan. James Perry
111210314Nannie Otterlifter. Haynes and David Miller
2Alexander Otterlifter. Elsie Sleepingrabbit
OK3Jew Otterlifter
4Lucy Otterlifter. Fox Taylor
5Diana Otterlifter. Samuel Ballard


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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