Genealogy of the Cherokee Ghigau Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information

4Ezekial Harlan. Rachel Sands
5Nancy Perlony Harlan. Riley J. Keys, Joseph Vann Lasley and Joseph Robins
6Jennie Harlan. Charles Coody Rogers and Granville Torbett
1112832415James Ellis Harlan. Margaret Reed and Nancy Ann Gibson nee
2Sallie Matilla Harlan. John Poole, George Lane, Lewis Ross Kell, James Chastine Blythe and Charles Chandler
OK3Mary Josephine Harlan. Mitchell Sanders. 4 John Brown Harlan. Mary Ann McGhee
5Ruth Jane Harlan. William Writtenberry and Joseph Henry Hunt
6Timothy Dwight Harlan*
7Emily D. Harlan. George Finley
1112833415George Harlan Harnage*
1112834415Emily Roach. Edward Walls and Aaron Crittenden
2William Roach. Nannie Lowrey and Eliza Lowrey
OK 3Nannie Roach. Lafayette Catron and John Horn
4James Roach*
5Mary Roach*
6George Roach. Nannie Pritchett and Sarah Triplett
7John Roach. Nellie Grant
8Sarah Roach. Looney Townsend and William Sullivan
9Joshua Roach*
1112931415Jennie Harlan. Garrett Lane and John Blythe
2John Harlan*
OK3Napoleon Harlan. Sarah Evaline Blythe
4Lucinda Harlan. Thomas Archer and Albert Willard
5David Lewis Harlan. Harriette Shoe and Nessie Ann Hardin
6Albert Weir Harlan. Sarah Ballard and Matilda Kirby
7Lafayette Harlan. Margaret Davis
8Murion Harlan. Belle Cue
9George Washington Harlan. Sarah Jane Cecil.
10Eliza Harlan. Thomas Cannon and Henry Hardin Trott
11Andrew Oliver Harlan. Cora Pearl Richards
1112932415John Craig. Mary Underwood
2Adeline Craig. Henry Clay McDonald and James Bivins
OK3Penelope Craig. Logan Henderson Duncan
4William Craig*
5Granville Craig. Jennie Means
6Louisa Jane Craig. Huff D. Coats
7Frank Wallace Craig. Catherine Tetrick
1112933415Rodolph Leslie Perry*
2Hannah Almeda Perry. William B. James
OK3Oliver Valdi Perry Stacy Eliza Burson


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

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