1893 Ieshatubby Roll

This is a verified roll of Chickasaws registered by Ieshatubby in the Choctaw Nation under the act of June 20, 1893. The sheets are divided into columns for names, number of men, number of women, number of boys, number of girls, and totals. On page 1, two names are crossed out and rewritten, such as Alexander Perryman, which is changed to Agnes Perryman. On page 2, the name of Julius Bond is crossed out. On page 3, the name of Watie Nicholas is also crossed out. On page 4, the names of Solomon Owens, Mary Myers, and Viney Folsom are crossed out. This roll does not indicate the amount paid or the recipients of the payments. It consists of two sheets of legal-cap paper; some names are written in ink, others in pencil. The word “paid” is generally written or indicated by ditto marks in the totals column. This roll was utilized by the Dawes Commission for enrollment purposes but was never indexed.

If any item is highlighted in red, there is a discrepancy. Please refer to the notes below the table for details. The row numbers are not from the original document and are provided here only for reference.

1Aaron Arpeler11316
2Semany Arpeler112
3Leonades McClish112
5Emily Lefflor11
6Tecumsch McClish1113
7Byington Gates1113
8Alexander Agnes Perryman1113
9Sily Leades11
10Amos Wade11
11Ennice Wade1113
12Frank Pope11
13John Borisland11
14Emma Johnson11
15Lily Brown11
16Bethnie Brown11
17Sampson Brown11
18Ellis Dukes11
19Mulissy Stick11237
20J. R. Colbert11
21Leoi Orphan11114
22Allohejh Lewis11
23Edmund Colbert11
24Jackson Perry11315
25B. F. Albesson11
26Colberson Thompson11
27Eliza Carter112
28Isham Rump11226
29Peter Dennie11215
30Jane Dukes – Paid11
31Colberson James11
32Ashommie Durant1135
33Judes Durant112
35Kisson Ried1113
36Thomas Anderson11
37Robert Miller1135
38Emerson Seely112
39W. H. James – Paid1157
40Jincy Colbert – Paid11
41Adam Seely11
42Julius Bond11
43Lewis Cass11
44Ellis Anolatubbie11
45Cassie Carter112
46Mary Anacher11
47Peter Alberson123
48Isham Seely11
49Nicholas Alberson11
50William Arpeler1236
51Fannie Alberson11
52Willie Worcester11
53Mary Rellings1225
54Bessie Anderson1225
55Alvina Moore1 Paid1
56Fiby Folsom112
57Ellen Marqutte123
58Peter Nail11
59Charles Perry1113 Paid
60Jonas Arkeler1113
61B. F. Johnson11
62William Johnson11
63George Johnson1135
64Peter Benton1124
65Cornelia Benton112 Paid
66Louisa Coleman11 Paid13 Paid
67Alvin Louis11 Paid
68Lualla Analtubbie1 Paid1 Paid
69James Zip Anultubbie1 Paid1 Paid
70Joseph B. Moore1 Paid1 paid
71Mary E. Phillips116210
72Mattie Scale11125
73Kitsy Ott123
74William Kochee11
75Mathes Thompson134
76William Thompson1214
77Minnie Yancey112
78Henderson Trenham11
79J. M. Leader11316
80Mathes Davis1113
81Louis Duncan11
82Waitie Nicholas11
83Lizzie Jennings1113
84Stephen Perry11
85James Perry11
86Rebecca McAlester1215
87Robert Conowa34
88Mitchell Shawiniger12
89John McNelly1113
90Lucy Lee112
91Mathy Lane113
92David Owen11136
93Solomon Owen11
94Mary Myers11
95Hannah McIntosh1 T.J.P.1
96Mary McIntosh1 T.J.P.1
97Annie Grayson1 T.J.P.1
98Lewis Prudy11
99Kizzie Shawanogee1 T.J.P.1
100Sallie Cannowa1 T.J.P.1
102Rufus James1113
103Nancy Powell1225
104Abel Worcester1124 Paid
105Timmer11 Paid
106Morginnie Perry112 Paid
107Viney Folsom11 Paid
108Eli Loman11 Paid
109Alfred Nail11 Paid
110Houston Perry112 Paid
111Matha Hune1225 Paid
112Mary Neighbors112
113Billy Carny11 Paid
114Saffron Thompson11
115Ebel Wesly11 Paid
116Willis Thompson11 Paid
117E. W. Perry1157 Paid
118Eliza Hotter11 Paid
119Edward Leader11 Paid
120Winchester Leader11 Paid
121Annie Wood1113 Paid
122Albert Desham11 Paid
123Lula DavisPaid11 Paid
124Allen Carney437 Paid
125Coleman Perry1215 Paid
126Joe Moore11 Paid
127Auston Moore11 Paid
128George Fallin135 Paid
129H. M. Quincey11 Paid
130Jane Garland11 Paid
131Sofa Pashhoma11 Paid
132Nokecha11 Paid
133W. A. Welch1113 Paid
134Robert Welch11114 Paid
135Charles WelchT. J. Phillips 11114 Paid
136Ellis CorbyT. J. Phillips 11 Paid
137Hayes King11 Paid
138R. R. Burland11 Paid
139T. D. Thompson11 Paid
140J. M. Mann11 Paid
141J. W. Brinnije11 Paid
142John Prola11 Paid
143Susan Baker11 Paid
144Ieshatubbe1 Paid
145Nicholas Worcester1 Paid12
146Francis Cartlidge112
147Libe Secly11
148Sillin Willis11


Row 24 – Row total does not add up correctly. I am not certain if that is from an errant mark being taken as a 1, or a miscalculation in the original.
Row 60 – Arkeler is almost certainly Arpeler.
Row 87 – Row total does no add up correctly. Missing 1 man?
Row 88 – Row total does no add up correctly. Missing 1 man?
Row 91 – Row total does no add up correctly.
Row 128 – Row total does no add up correctly.
Row 144 – Only a total. Missing mark in column for Ieshatubbe, the man who took the roll.
Row 147 – Missing total.
Row 148 – Missing total.


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