Dawes Commission Case Files

The Dawes Commission was setup by Congress to enroll Native Americans into one of five tribes: Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, or Seminole. During the process of enrollment, Native Americans submitted many personal documents (if available) and received an interview in person, which was then recorded on paper. A determination was eventually made by this commission, using the information submitted, and the Commissioners own prejudices, on whether the applicant had the right to be part of that Nations Tribe. All the information was compiled into a packet of material and assigned a Case Number. Without discussing the injustice of such a move by the American Government, some valuable material is left for Native American researchers inside those packets.

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The information found below is relevant to the specific card/case number used to identify each Dawes Packet. This is an index of the census card, and not a complete index of the Dawes Packet. But it should give you an idea of the people who may be mentioned inside the packet.

Dawes Commission Case Files


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