Hawaii History 1527 – 1926


1854Fort at Lahaina demolished by order of the government. Cornerstone of Sailors’ Home laid. July 31.
Steamer Sea Bird arrived from the coast and entered inter-island service.
Steamer West Point arrived in October to enter inter-island trade.
Kamehameha III (Kauikeaouli) died, and Kamehameha IV became sovereign. December 15.
1855W. P. Leleiohoku, afterwards Prince, born. January 10.
Second effort for Reciprocity Treaty with United States, Hon. W. L. Lee, commissioner. A treaty was signed by Marcy (U. S.) and Lee but not ratified. July 20.
Paki, a high chief, died at Honolulu. June 13.
Flour exported (43 barrels).
Eruption of -Mauna Loa with flow again running towards and threatening Hilo. August 11.
1856Steamer Kalama wrecked on Kauai (Koloa).
Lava flow from Mauna Loa ceased, distance five miles from Hilo. March.
Kamehameha IV and Emma Rooke united in marriage. June 19.
Sailors’ Home, Honolulu, opened. September 1.
1857Fort at Honolulu demolished by order of the Government. John Young (Keoni Ana), premier, died. July.
Victoria Kamamalu appointed premier (kuhina nui).
Chief Justice W. L. Lee, died. May 28.
Admiral Thomas (of Restoration fame) died. August 22.
David Malo, eminent Hawaiian historian, died.
Honey bees introduced. October 21.
1858The Prince of Hawaii (Ka Haku o Hawaii), born.
New treaty with France concluded. September 8.
Rice first systematically cultivated near Honolulu by Dr. S. P. Ford.
1859Eruption of -Manna Loa, with flow running toward Wainanalii. January 23.
Laying of cornerstone of Odd Fellows’ hall. April 26.
First Civil code published. July.
Gas light first introduced into Honolulu.
William Pitt Kinau, son of Leleiohoku and Ruth Keelikolani died at Kohala, aged 17 years. September 9.
Initial movement toward establishment of Episcopal church, from England. December 9.
1860Customs house built at Honolulu. February.
Arrival of Japanese embassy en route to United States. May.
Cornerstone of Queen’s Hospital laid. July 17.
First regular trip of steamer Kilauea, on inter-island run. July 18.
Rev. R. Armstrong, minister of public instruction, died at Honolulu. September 23.
1862Palmyra Island, in Lat. 5° 50′ North, Long. 161° 53′ West, taken possession of by Capt. Z. Bent, for Kamehameha IV and his successors, and subsequently declared by royal proclamation to be a part of the Hawaiian domain.
Death of Prince of Hawaii, aged 4 years 3 months. August 19. Funeral took place September 7.
Reformed Catholic Mission (Anglican Episcopal) arrived at Honolulu. October 11.
1863His -Majesty Kamehameha IV died, aged 29 years. November 30.
Prince Lot Kamehameha ascended the throne as Kamehameha V. November 30.
1864Hon. E. H. Allen, accredited to Washington in behalf of a treaty, as Minister Plenipotentiary. March 20.
Convention of delegates to amend the constitution called by the king. May 5.
Convention dissolved and constitution abrogated. August 13.
New constitution granted by the king. August 21.
1865Royal Order of Kamehameha I founded. April 11.
Hon. R. C. Wyllie, -Minister of Foreign Relations, died, aged 67. October 19.
Removal of remains of kings and queens from Palace grounds tomb to Nuuanu -Mausoleum. October 30.
Departure of Queen Emma on IT. B. M.’s Clio, on a visit to United States and Europe. May 6.
1866Arrival of steamship Ajax from California, inaugurating monthly steam service. January 27
Mark Twain” arrived on S. S. Ajax.. .January 27.
H. R. H. Princess Victoria Kamamalu died, aged 27 years May 29.
Return of Queen Emma from England. October 22.
1867 Effort toward a Reciprocity Treaty with the United States renewed.
Laying of cornerstone of Anglican Cathedral. Honolulu. March 5.
1868Kaona rebellion at Kona and Murder of Sheriff Neville. October 19.
Great earthquake on Hawaii, with tidal wave at Kau, and considerable loss of life. April 2.
Eruption of Mauna Loa, with flow running through Kahuku to the south point of Hawaii. April 7.
His Highness Mataio Keknanaoa, governor of Oahu, father of the late Kings Kamehameha IV and V, died, aged 75 Years. November 24.


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