Hawaii History 1527 – 1926


1899Death of Princess Kaiulani. March 6.
First case bubonic plague in Honolulu. December 12.
1900In the work of purifying part of the city, particularly Chinatown, that section was accidentally destroyed by fire, sweeping 38 acres. January 20.
Pioneer electric railway in Hawaii established at Honolulu.
Hawaii became a de facto territory of the United States, with S. B. Dole as first governor. June 14.
Wireless telegraphy introduced, but company (Marconi system) did not open for business until March, 1901.
R. W. Wilcox elected first delegate to Congress from Hawaii.
1901Honolulu Rapid Transit Co. inaugurated. August 31.
First territorial legislature convened. February 20.
1902 Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole, titular prince of the former monarchy, elected delegate to U. S. Congress, as Republican.
Dredging Pearl Harbor bar at entrance, beginning of development of naval station. February 19.
U. S. Senatorial Commission begins investigation of affairs in the matter of proposal to make changes in the Organic Act, particularly with reference to lands.
Transfer of Anglican Church to Protestant Episcopal Church of America from His Lordship Bishop Alfred Willis to Bishop Nichols, of California. Bishop Willis sailed for Tonga.
Commercial Pacific Cable line landed at Waikiki, Honolulu, by cableship Silvertown, connecting San Francisco with Honolulu• Messages exchanged immediately; greetings from President Rouse velt and Clarence Mackay. Reception and ball in evening at Palace for officers of Silvertown. December 28.
1903S. S. Korea (Pacific Mail) makes record between San Francisco and Honolulu in 4 days, 22 hours, 15 minutes. January.
Legislature creates county government, making each island a county. Alexander Young Hotel opened. July 31.
Sugar crop for year 437,991 tons.
Robert Wilcox, revolutionist, died.
County Act by Legislature, framed, effective January 4, 1904, dividing islands into five counties, viz., Oahu, Maui, Kauai (with Niihau), and Hawaii (divided into East and West). Supreme Court declared one portion of the Act unconstitutional.
Governor Dole leaves executiveship of Territory, through appointment by the President as federal judge.
George R. Carter, secretary of the Territory, appointed governor.
Inauguration. A. L. C. Atkinson named as secretary. November 23.
New Industrial School for Boys opened at Waialee, Oahu. May 13. Torrens Act for registering and confirming titles to land, passed by legislature, in effect. July 1.
New Oceanic wharf constructed. Plans for excavation of slips for great wharves facing on Allen street.
Old Odd Fellows’ building being replaced by four-story brick structure to cost $70,000.
Completion of deepening of Pearl Harbor bar; now 30 feet deep at low tide, with width of 200 feet for 2,000 feet. August 3.
Crew of French bark Constable de Richmond, wrecked on French Frigate Shoals, October 10, reach Niihau island. October 18.
Schr. Julia E. Whaler, with supplies for Midway Island cable from Honolulu, wrecked on Midway Island. October 28.
All Gilbert Islanders brought here years ago for plantation service sent home by S. S. Isleworth. October.
1905County Government established.
1907Legislature provided for establishment of Agricultural College. Governor Carter resigned governorship. August 15. Judge W. F.
Frear appointed and inaugurated governor. August 15.
Second group of Filipinos for plantation field service arrived on Nippon Mara. February. Third shipment. July.
First Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce excursion party arrived on S. S. Ohio. March.
Oahu Country Club, Honolulu, opened. April 27.
First party of Congressmen from Washington visited Hawaii to learn about Islands. $15,000 expenses paid by legislature. May
More immigrants from Madeira Islands arrived on S. S. Kumeric. June.
Japanese government, by arrangement with United States, limited emigrants to Hawaii to 200 a month.
Commercial Club opened. July 20.
Makapun lighthouse under construction cast end of Calm, to have most powerful light in Pacific.
Hawaii’s koa lumber finds market on American mainland.
$410,000 improvement in Honolulu harbor begun by War Department. February.



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