Hawaii History 1527 – 1926


1924House of Representatives (Washington) passed unanimously Hawaii’s “Bill of Rights.” Senate passed Bill. January.
National Parks Bureau convention, on mainland, resulted in large appropriations for Hawaii National Park (Kilauea volcano), for roads, trails, improvements. January.
Old Pali road reconstructed. February.
French cruiser Jeanne d’Arc departed for France after visiting Honolulu for 10 days. February 4.
S. S. Laconia visited Honolulu with round-the-world party of 720. February 6.
Commissioner-General W. W. Husband, of Federal immigration bureau, reorganized Honolulu station. March.
British battleship Hood, cruiser Repulse, and lesser warships arrived at Honolulu. June 6.
Huge triple pier (wharves 8, 9 and 10) completed, adding enormous dock space for ocean liners. July 30.
1925American war fleet conducts notable maneuvers in Hawaiian waters. April.
Commander John Rodgers and crew of navy plane PN-9 flew from San Francisco to within 180 miles of Maui. September 2. Lost until September 10, when discovered by navy submarine. Crew received great official welcome in Honolulu.
Hawaiian Historical Society launched plan for celebration in January, 1928, of 150th anniversary of discovery of Hawaiian Islands by Capt. James Cook, details proposed by A. P. Taylor, librarian, Archives of Hawaii. August. Hawaiian Legislative Commission takes plan to Washington to urge State Department to extend invitations to Governments of Great Britain, France, Spain, Russia, Sweden, to join with United States in mobilizing a squadron off Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii, on January 16, 1928, to fire a salute of honor to Capt. Cook. November 11.
“Aloha Tower,” at foot of Fort street, rising to dominate waterfront anti be a welcome beacon to travelers. (Dedicated July, 1926)
Governor Farrington reappointed by President Coolidge. March. S. M. Damon Building (Bishop Bank) opened. November 9. First National Bank building completed. December.
Ground broken for new Bank of Hawaii building. November 13.
Malolo, finest passenger vessel ever constructed in an American shipyard being constructed at Philadelphia for Matson Navigation Co., to be completed 1927 and make run between San Francisco and Honolulu in 41/2 days. November.
New Royal Hawaiian Hotel, to cost $2,000,000, being erected at Waikiki on site of old Seaside Hotel. Owned by Territorial Hotel Co. and Matson Navigation Co.
Lord Allenby a visitor in Honolulu. May.
Hawaiian Historical Society adopts Taylor plan for sesquicentennial of Captain Cook’s discovery of Hawaii, for 1928. June.
1926Sanford B. Dole, former President of Republic of Hawaii, died.
June 9. State funeral June 11.
Matson liner Malolo launched at Philadelphia. June 26.
Honolulu celebrates Sesquicentennial of Independence with monster military and civic parade and night pageant. July 5.
Daughters and Sons of Hawaiian Warriors honor old U. S. Frigate Constellation at Sesquicentennial Exposition, Philadelphia, by presenting a Hawaiian flag and leis. July 7. (See Constellation, July, 1843.)
Crown Prince and Princess of Sweden visit Honolulu. August 9. Oceanic S. S. Co. liners arrive under Matson Navigation Co. flag. May.
German cruiser Hamburg, first to visit Honolulu since World War, arrives. June.
New Territorial Office building occupied. October. New Cooke Memorial Museum completed. Sugar output for 1926, estimated, 757,000 tons.



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