Hawaii History 1527 – 1926


1830Lot Kamehameha, afterwards Kamehameha V, born. December Il. 1831 Lahainaluna Mission Seminary, Maui, for Hawaiians, opened. September.
Catholic priests banished to California on Brig Waverley. December 24.
1832William Lunalilo, afterwards King Lunalilo, born. January 31. Fourth company of American Missionaries arrived in the Averick, from Boston. June 3.
Kaahumanu died in Manoa Valley, aged 58 years. June 5. High Chiefess Kinau appointed premier (kuhina nui). June.
1833Kamehameha III (Kauikeaouli) assumes reins of government confirms Kinau as premier (kuhina nui). March.
Sixth company of American missionaries arrived. May 1. Bethel church at Honolulu opened. November 28.
1834Kamehameha IV (Alexander Liholiho) born. February 9.
First newspaper printed in the Hawaiian Islands, called “The Lama Hawaii,” at Lahainaluna, Maui, February 13.
The periodical, “Kumu Hawaii,” commenced at Honolulu.
1835Sugar planting commenced systematically at Koloa, Kauai. Prince Leleiohoku and Princess Nahienaena married. Seventh company of missionaries arrived. June 6.
John Young, pioneer, died December 16.
1836Emma Rooke (afterwards Queen Emma), born. February 2.
Female seminary at Wailuku, Maui, opened.
First English newspaper, “Sandwich Islands Gazette,” issued July 30.
Arrival of Father Walsh, Catholic priest. September 30.
David Kalakaua (afterward King Kalakaua), born at Honolulu, of Kapaakea and Keohokalole. November 16.
Princess Nahienaena, wife of Leleiohoku, died at Honolulu, aged 21 years. December 30.
1837Kamehameha III and Kalama married. February 4. Eighth company of missionaries arrived. Fathers Bachelot and Short, Catholics, return on schooner Clementine. April 17.
Rev. William Richards resigns from the mission to join the Hawaiian government. July 3.
Arrival of H. B. M.’s ship Sulphur. July 7.
Arrival of French frigate Venus. July 10.
Laying out the public streets of Honolulu begun.
Father M. Maigret, Catholic priest, arrives on Europa. November 2.
Remarkable rise and flow of the tide throughout the Islands. November 7.
Fathers Maigret and Bachelot depart in the Honolulu. November 23.
1838Chiefs commence to study political economy with Mr. Richards. August.
Princess Victoria Kamamalu was born of Kinau and Governor Kekuanaoa. November 1.
Lydia Kamakaeha (afterwards Queen Liliuokalani) born. September 2.
1839Premier Kinau died at Honolulu. April 4.
 Chiefess Kekauluohi became premier (kuhina nui). April 5.
Printing of the first edition of the Hawaiian Bible. Finished. May 10.
Declaration of Rights edict. June 7.
Kawaiahao church cornerstone laid. June 8.
Edict of Toleration promulgated (religious equality). June 17.
French man-o’-war L’Artemise (Captain LaPlace) arrived. July 9.
Enforced treaty with France signed, Capt. LaPlace carrying away $20,000. July 25.
1840School for young chiefs opened at Honolulu, Mr. and Mrs. A. Cooke, teachers. May.
Hoapili, governor of Maui, died. January.
Father Maigret returns to Honolulu, May.
Rev. Hiram Bingham and family return to the United States. August 3.
U. S. Exploring expedition under Commodore Wilkes arrived. September.
Kamehameha III gives first written constitution to the people of the Hawaiian Islands. October 8.
1841Kapiolani died at Kaawaloa, Hawaii. May 5.
Ninth missionary company arrived. May 9.
1842Treasury Board appointed, Dr. G. P. Judd, president. May 15.
High Chief Halailio and Rev. Mr. Richards sail as commissioners to the governments of France, England, and the United States. July 8.
School for children of missionaries at Punahou, Honolulu, commenced (now Oahu College) ; land given by Boki and Liliha for educational purposes in the ’20s. July 11
Stone meeting-house at Kawaiahao dedicated.
Tenth missionary company arrived.
Richard Charlton, British Consul, departed for England, via Mexico, seeking warship to make demands of Hawaiian Government. September 26.
United States recognizes status of independence of the Hawaiian Islands. December 19.
Steamer S. H. Wheeler arrived from San Francisco and entered coastal and inter-island trade under name of Akamai. November 14.
Koloa plantation, Kauai, has first steam engine for mechanical purposes.


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