Counties Of Todd And Christian Kentucky

Battle, J. H. Counties Of Todd And Christian, Kentucky. Historical And Biographical. F. A. Battey Publishing Co., Chicago And Louisville. 1884. At current time this manuscript consists of only the Todd County section and a few biographies from Christian County.

Biography of Nelson Wade

NELSON WADE, a leading citizen and merchant of Fairview, was born in northeastern Todd County, Ky., March 23, 1825, and is the third of ten children-seven boys and three girls-nine living, born to Brunt and Easter (Carr) Wade, natives of Virginia and Todd County, Ky., respectively. The father was of Welsh-English and the mother of …

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Biography of Michael Kennedy

THE KENNEDY FAMILY. In the year 1809 Michael Kennedy, Eleanor (McCaffrey) Kennedy his wife, and their six children Thomas, William, James, Betsey, Paulina and Urban E. removed’ from Lincoln County, Ky., to Todd County (then Christian). Michael Kennedy was a coppersmith by trade, and was brought up in Dublin, Ireland. He came to America about …

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Biography of John W. Petree

JOHN W. PETREE, a leading and enterprising citizen and farmer, was born November 27, 1830, about four miles east of Fairview, and is the third of children-three boys and two girls-three now living, born the third of five children to John and Sythie (Mobley) Petree, natives respectively of South Carolina and Johnson County, Ga.; the …

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