1757, July 11, Fort Loudoun Letter 1


Juft as my Dispatches were a letter from Capt. Morris Arrived from Theowee, Dispatched from Esign Bogges, with a letter from Capt. Daniel Pepper, from New Windfor, a Coppy of which I send your Excellency with a letter from Leiut. Wall Directed to me, & a coppy of another that he wrote to John Hatton of Theowee which Original Ensign Bogges acquaints me that he has Sent to your Excellency, together with one of James Nosmith I do no Approve of Leuit. Wall writing to me to interceed for him with your Excellency, after his last Behaviour in attempting to go to the french for he is too great an Offender for me to Solicit anything in his favour, The purport of Capt. Dan Pepper Dispatches are of Such a Nature that I am amased and at a Lofs to imagine what can be the Reafon of Such Runing Reports, when everything here appears quiet and Calmn, they are only old Folk’s Renewed again, but before this Mefsenger went off I Sent for the Little Carpenter, and axquainted him with the Contents of Capt. Daniel Pepper Letter, which he Approved much off, for being Sent for, and gave me the following Anfwer thereupon, he Says that when he cam home, and heard that the Mefsengers that went to the Oak Chois was Returned back to Chota with two of the Creek Indians, and one Indian women, he Sent up Willianawaw to hear what news they brought in with them, the Mefsenger belonging to Chota told him that they had been to the Oak Chois Town to the old Warriour, and had Talked together concerning the Savannahs and the Tellicoe People’s Talk, the Oak Chois Warriour told him that the Tellicoe people has came as Mefsenger’s from Chota to the Savannahs and ____ ___ ____ being Sent as the Said by the whole Cherokee Nation from meeting at Chota, which the warriour of the Oak Chois was Supprised at, that Chota Should Send Mefsengers and did not order them to come to the Oak Chois according to agreemt. Made by Chota when he was there himself, therefore he though that the Tellicoe people came of their own accord as he now has heard they did and that they were not Mefsengers as they Said, but only a Contrived thing between the Savannahs and the Tellicoe people; the Mefsenger Likewise told illinawaw that the Warriour of the Ok Chois inquired Concerning the whit People’s Building a fort at Tufkegee, and that the did not approve of Letting them Live there and has Sent word to Chota to tell the white people to go away, and not to allow them to live there, that if they did not drive them away, in time to come Something might happen between the white people and the Cherokees butr then the whit people would be too Strong Settled and the Sooner the whited people Should Leave the fort and go home to Carolina then they Should Like it the Better, that then they might Live as before with the Traders only amongst them, to bring a Sufficient Supply of goods for them which he has no other Dependence on any but the Englifh to supply them, for the french does not Supply them with Necefsaries to Conpare to the Englifh nor they have it not for themselves; the Chota Mefsenger Said that the Warriour of the Oak Chois invited him to go to the Albamer fort with him but he Sayes he made an excufe and was not willing to go to which the warriour of the Oak Chois Replyed we Shall not be Long gone, we shall Soon be back again, So the Chota Mefsenger consented and went with him to the Albamer fort, when he came there, he Says the french was very glad to See the Cherokees and after they had Sett Down, the french Officer brought a Large paper _______in his hand and told them, that was the Talk of the Cherokee Nation, Giving to them by the Tellicoe people that was Sent as Mefsengers from Chota, bu the consent of the warriours the Chota Mefsenger Says that he told the french Officer it was no talk from the head man of his Nation, but that the Talk was made between the Tellicoe Peole and the Savannahs unknown to any of the head men or warriours at Chota, this i9s all the news that is told as yet untill there is a publick meeting of the had men of the Nation at Chota, which will be in four days from this day, then all the Talk is to be heard, that they have brought with them, the Carpenter Say’s if he had been the Mefsenger, when the warriour of the Oak Chois told them to Drivethe White people away from Turkegee, he would have told them to Let him see the Creek drive wawy the french that was Settled amongst them, and had a fort in their Nation and when they had done that, then they might tell the Cherokees to Drive the white people from Tufkegee, and then the Cherokees & Creeks would Live without white people the Carpenter Says he has no Dependance on any bt the Englifh for they are the peole that allways Supplyed his Nation with Necefsaries for theiruse, but Some of his people has been foolish and did not consider this, but Believed all bad Talks they heard but whilst he is a Live no hurt Shall happen to the English in his Nation, and that it was by the Defire of the warriours of his Nation that the white peole has Settled a fort at Tufkegee, which is for the Defence of the Cherokee Nation against the french and their Indians, he Likewise Says he will be at the Meeting at Chota, and Shall hear the Talk the Creeks has Sent in and Accordingly Shall give them an answer, for he Doubts not, but that they have got a french Talk with them having been at the french fort in the Creeks, the Chota Mefsenger Says that the Warriours of the Oakchois intended to come to Chota along with him, but that the day before they came off, Some Cowatas broutght an Account that the white people was Building a fort between the Creeks and Augusta, which news Stoped them from coming to Chota this news of Building a fort the Carpenter Laughs at and Say’s he is Sure its false, altho Some of his people are foolish enough to believe it and Like the Creeks afraid for he Saysthe Creeks are afraid on the account of the fort at Tufkegee he further Defired me to acquaint your Excellency. To write him a letter by the return of this Mefsenger, that he wants to hear from you, and when A Ship will be Ready for igland, and to mention to you that no good Strouds is come into this Nation Since they meet Governour Glen at ________for what is brought up, changes its Colour immediatel ______to Remember the Traders, all the Utensils for the Gunner are come up, the Prefents for the Great Warriour & his Brother has been Delivered to them I am Sir with the Greatest of Respect.

Your Excellency moft Humble
and Obedient Servant

Ray Demere

Lyttelton, William Combe Baron Thomas Lyttelton. Letters of the Late Lord Lyttelton. Philadelphia: Moses Thomas. 1812.

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