History of Cayuga County New York

This history of Cayuga County New York published in 1879, provides a look at the first 80 years of existence for this county, with numerous chapters devoted to it’s early history. One value of this manuscript may be found in the etched engravings found throughout of idyllic scenes of Cayuga County including portraits of men, houses, buildings, farms, and scenery. Included are 90 biographies of early settlers, and histories of the individual townships along with lists of men involved in the Union Army during the Civil War on a regiment by regiment basis.

While it’s counterpart, the History of Seneca County New York, published in 1876, was well published, this volume appears to have been hastily put together and not well edited. I found numerous biographies which had been duplicated within the volume, one appearing within the town, another as a plate within the book. I also found biographies mis-located, unindexed, and otherwise not findable unless one perused each page. Hopefully our corrected index will make your search through the volume, quicker.

The following is a list of biographies found within the manuscript. Included with most are a pencil engraving of the man, possibly his wife, and sometimes of his residence. The personal pencil engravings are not limited to only these names, there were many others found throughout the volume of other men.

Biographies from History of Cayuga County, New York

CorneliusAckersonSterlingView Bio
ThomasAndrewsSterlingView Bio
DHArmstrongAuburnView Bio
ElishaSedgwickAustinSennettView Bio
AbelBakerOwascoView Bio
LansinghBriggsM.D.AuburnView Bio
DavidBrinkerhoffOwascoView Bio
WilliamLBundyM.D.AuburnView Bio
CurtissCCadySennettView Bio
CCCadyJr.SennettView Bio
RichardCastnerThroopView Bio
NinianChamberlainOwascoView Bio
JohnHChedellGen.AuburnView Bio
JosephClaryDr.AuburnView Bio
KeyesCoburnRev.SennettView Bio
ElishaCookVeniceView Bio
WilliamCCookeM.D.MoraviaView Bio
WilliamCooperSterlingView Bio
JohnFCourtneyUnion SpringsView Bio
CharlesECourtneyUnion SpringsView Bio
WHCurtisM.D.MoraviaView Bio
SolomonCuykendallOwascoView Bio
HughDuganSterlingView Bio
HenrySilasDunningAuburnView Bio
WilliamElleryMentzView Bio
JeremiahFitchAureliusView Bio
BlanchardFosgateM.D.AuburnView Bio
MosesMcKinsterFryeOwascoView Bio
JLewisGrantAuburnView Bio
StephenGutchessMentzView Bio
BenjaminFHallAuburnView Bio
EbenezerHealySennettView Bio
JohnMasonHealySennettView Bio
RalphHewettSterlingView Bio
JohnWHubbardAuburnView Bio
HoytHuniskerOwascoView Bio
JamesHunterSterlingView Bio
JohnHunterSterlingView Bio
ThomasHunterSterlingView Bio
AmosHurlburtMoraviaView Bio
JohnIrelandSterlingView Bio
JamesHIrwinSterlingView Bio
WilliamIrwinSterlingView Bio
CanfieldJarrodAuburnView Bio
RobertJohnsonIraView Bio
JohnKelletSpringportView Bio
JohnTurnerKnappCatoView Bio
JohnCLegernLockeView Bio
JosiahLetchworthAuburnView Bio
HomerLockwoodVictoryView Bio
ThomasMcCreaAuburnView Bio
ThomasMcCullenMentzView Bio
JohnMcIntoshAureliusView Bio
ElijahMillerAuburnView Bio
MosesMorelandSennettView Bio
ChristopherMorganLedyardView Bio
EdwinBMorganCol.LedyardView Bio
HenryMorganLedyardView Bio
MichaelSMyersAuburnView Bio
LemuelANewlandNilesView Bio
EliphaletPateeOwascoView Bio
GeorgeIPostSterlingView Bio
CyrusPowersM.D.MoraviaView Bio
GeorgeRRichCatoView Bio
JohnRooksNilesView Bio
LouisSchuchAuburnView Bio
JohnScottSterlingView Bio
TheodoreJSearlsAuburnView Bio
WilliamSearlsRev.AuburnView Bio
WilliamHSewardAuburnView Bio
DanielSheldonBrutusView Bio
JOSpencerSpringportView Bio
CBurtonSpragueIraView Bio
ElliotGStorkeAuburnView Bio
HoraceSunderlinSennettView Bio
JosephHSylvesterM.D.MoraviaView Bio
EnosThompsonThroopAuburnView Bio
WilliamTitusHon.MoraviaView Bio
JohnUpcraftSterlingView Bio
AbrahamVan EttenNilesView Bio
FrederickVan PattenAuburnView Bio
JacobVan PettenSterlingView Bio
PeterVan PettenSterlingView Bio
JacobNWaldronSennettView Bio
JonasWhiteAuburnView Bio
RobertWhiteAuburnView Bio
HarryJeffersonWilcoxConquestView Bio
WarrenBurtonWinslowSpringportView Bio
WilliamDWoodenScipioView Bio
WarrenThatcherWordenAuburnView Bio
Cover of History of Cayuga County New York
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Source: Storke, Elliot G. History of Cayuga County, New York: with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of some of its Prominent Men and Pioneers. Syracuse, NY: D. Mason & Co. 1879.

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