Cover of History of Cayuga County New York

History of Cayuga County New York

This history of Cayuga County New York published in 1879, provides a look at the first 80 years of existence for this county, with numerous chapters devoted to it’s early history. One value of this manuscript may be found in the etched engravings found throughout of idyllic scenes of Cayuga County including portraits of men, houses, buildings, farms, and scenery. Included are 90 biographies of early settlers, and histories of the individual townships along with lists of men involved in the Union Army during the Civil War on a regiment by regiment basis.

While it’s counterpart, the History of Seneca County New York, published in 1876, was well published, this volume appears to have been hastily put together and not well edited. I found numerous biographies which had been duplicated within the volume, one appearing within the town, another as a plate within the book. I also found biographies mislocated, unindexed, and otherwise not findable unless one perused each page. Hopefully our corrected index will make your search through the volume, quicker.

The following is a list of biographies found within the manuscript. Included with most are a pencil engraving of the man, possibly his wife, and sometimes of his residence. The personal pencil engravings are not limited to only these names, there were many others found throughout the volume of other men.

Biographies from History of Cayuga County, New York

Surname Given Middle Notes Town Page
Ackerson Cornelius Sterling View Bio
Andrews Thomas Sterling View Bio
Armstrong D H Auburn View Bio
Austin Elisha Sedgwick Sennett View Bio
Baker Abel Owasco View Bio
Briggs Lansingh M.D. Auburn View Bio
Brinkerhoff David Owasco View Bio
Bundy William L M.D. Auburn View Bio
Cady Curtiss C Sennett View Bio
Cady C C Jr. Sennett View Bio
Castner Richard Throop View Bio
Chamberlain Ninian Owasco View Bio
Chedell John H Gen. Auburn View Bio
Clary Joseph Dr. Auburn View Bio
Coburn Keyes Rev. Sennett View Bio
Cook Elisha Venice View Bio
Cooke William C M.D. Moravia View Bio
Cooper William Sterling View Bio
Courtney John F Union Springs View Bio
Courtney Charles E Union Springs View Bio
Curtis W H M.D. Moravia View Bio
Cuykendall Solomon Owasco View Bio
Dugan Hugh Sterling View Bio
Dunning Henry Silas Auburn View Bio
Ellery William Mentz View Bio
Fitch Jeremiah Aurelius View Bio
Fosgate Blanchard M.D. Auburn View Bio
Frye Moses McKinster Owasco View Bio
Grant J Lewis Auburn View Bio
Gutchess Stephen Mentz View Bio
Hall Benjamin F Auburn View Bio
Healy Ebenezer Sennett View Bio
Healy John Mason Sennett View Bio
Hewett Ralph Sterling View Bio
Hubbard John W Auburn View Bio
Hunisker Hoyt Owasco View Bio
Hunter James Sterling View Bio
Hunter John Sterling View Bio
Hunter Thomas Sterling View Bio
Hurlburt Amos Moravia View Bio
Ireland John Sterling View Bio
Irwin James H Sterling View Bio
Irwin William Sterling View Bio
Jarrod Canfield Auburn View Bio
Johnson Robert Ira View Bio
Kellet John Springport View Bio
Knapp John Turner Cato View Bio
Legern John C Locke View Bio
Letchworth Josiah Auburn View Bio
Lockwood Homer Victory View Bio
McCrea Thomas Auburn View Bio
McCullen Thomas Mentz View Bio
McIntosh John Aurelius View Bio
Miller Elijah Auburn View Bio
Moreland Moses Sennett View Bio
Morgan Christopher Ledyard View Bio
Morgan Edwin B Col. Ledyard View Bio
Morgan Henry Ledyard View Bio
Myers Michael S Auburn View Bio
Newland Lemuel A Niles View Bio
Patee Eliphalet Owasco View Bio
Post George I Sterling View Bio
Powers Cyrus M.D. Moravia View Bio
Rich George R Cato View Bio
Rooks John Niles View Bio
Schuch Louis Auburn View Bio
Scott John Sterling View Bio
Searls Theodore J Auburn View Bio
Searls William Rev. Auburn View Bio
Seward William H Auburn View Bio
Sheldon Daniel Brutus View Bio
Spencer J O Springport View Bio
Sprague C Burton Ira View Bio
Storke Elliot G Auburn View Bio
Sunderlin Horace Sennett View Bio
Sylvester Joseph H M.D. Moravia View Bio
Throop Enos Thompson Auburn View Bio
Titus William Hon. Moravia View Bio
Upcraft John Sterling View Bio
Van Etten Abraham Niles View Bio
Van Patten Frederick Auburn View Bio
Van Petten Jacob Sterling View Bio
Van Petten Peter Sterling View Bio
Waldron Jacob N Sennett View Bio
White Jonas Auburn View Bio
White Robert Auburn View Bio
Wilcox Harry Jefferson Conquest View Bio
Winslow Warren Burton Springport View Bio
Wooden William D Scipio View Bio
Worden Warren Thatcher Auburn View Bio
Cover of History of Cayuga County New York
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[box]Source: Storke, Elliot G. History of Cayuga County, New York: with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of some of its Prominent Men and Pioneers. Syracuse, NY: D. Mason & Co. 1879.[/box]

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