Genealogy of the Cherokee Cordery Family

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5 Emily Rogers. Edley Adair and Louis Dunbach
6 Ira Rogers*
11322314 Nannie Harris. Willis Cumpton
2 Parker Collins Harris. Elizabeth Little and Narcissa Little
OK 3 Thomas Jackson Harris. Martha Bailey
11222314 Mary Narcissa Harris. George Sisson and Jesse Wolf
2 Martha Elizabeth Harris. William Jackson
OK 3 Sue Harris. Alfred Mason Gott
4 Joseph Charles Harris. Emma Jane Walker
5 Trusle Bird Harris* Mary Elizabeth Alberty
11325314 Emily Harris*
2 James S. Harris. Jennie Hunter and Pyrene Strickland
OK 3 Joseph B. Harris. Beuna Vista Deaver and Rosa B. Chew
4 Redbird Harris. Sarah Ellen Rogers
5 William G. Harris*
6 Charles Harris. Apsilla Bailey
7 Parker Collins Harris. Mary Angeline Davis
8 Eliza Jane Savannah Harris. William D. McMakin
9 Philo Harris. Margaret Hammer nee Smith
10 John Harris
11 Colonel Johnson Harris. Nannie E. Fields, Mary Elizabeth Adair and Caroline Alice Collins nee Hall
11326314 Mary Ann Autry* John H. Shinn
2 Martha Autry*
3 Elizabeth Jane Autry. John H. Shinn
4 Edward Parker Autry*
5 Christopher Columbus Autry. Mary Jane Jones nee Bridges
6 Catherine Autry. Robert Jackson King and George Wallace
7 William Harrison Autry*
113210314 Sarah Ann Mimms
2 Eliza Mimms. James Hughes
3 Cenia Mimms. James Hughes
4 Rennie Mimms*
5 Laura Mimms
6 John Mimms
7 Columbus Mimms
113211314 Parker Collins. Mildred Matthews
11321214 Joseph Boudinot Collins*
2 Martha Ann Hall Collins. George Grisom McDaniel.
OK 3 Mary Malissa Collins. Robert W. Foster
4 Thomas Parker Collins. Caroline Alice Hall
11421314 Eli Pindar*
2 Susie Pindar. William Wharton Chisholm * and William Archibald Foreman
3 Charles Pindar*


Starr, Emmett. History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: The Warden Company. 1921

1 thought on “Genealogy of the Cherokee Cordery Family”

  1. I am pleased to observe that details on ancestors are invaluable in terms of confirming family oral history using naming traditions. I have noted that the Collins family genealogy is not mentioned here. Members of the Cherikee Collins family again originates with the Delaware Indians in New Jersey then to the Choptank Indians living in Eastern shore virgina and moving from Delaware colony. Have any historical sources related to the Collins fam free families if color Shawnee Ind. fam genealogies among the Lewes Indians DE-MD in a compiled genealogy? Cherikee in
    Cherokee Strip, OK or among the Kanza Sioux in SEMissouri? I am researching family connections to the Great Woman Nippy Houston and that Sam is a cousin who is directly related to me via this Cordery-Rogers lineage to my GGf chf. J. Rogers!! Thanks for the info! Drive out the white people! I am grateful to the Native American people for giving blood, good fortune, worthwhile great life ! God Damn the US!

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