Genealogy of the Cherokee Cordery Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information

OK3David M. Rogers. Mary Strickland
4Robert Nicholas Rogers. Sarah Jones
5Mary Rogers. James Douglas
6Sarah Rogers. Joseph L. Moore
7William Rogers*
8Augustus Lovely Rogers. Margaret Hallman and Julia A. Petree
11124314Eliza Mary Rogers. William Harris
2Oscar Rogers. Elmira Josephine Bolin and Queen ______
OK3Sarah Jemima Rogers. James Chastain Skinner Blythe and Frank Skinner
4Margaret Caroline Rogers*
5John Rogers
6Catherine Rogers  Mansfield Seymore
7Joseph Ann Rogers.   Willis Claybourne Hall
11125314Lovely Rogers
2Joseph Lovely Rogers. Margaret McCarty
3John Cooley Rogers*
11126314Sarah McNair. Brice Martin Adair
2Martha McNair* Joel Bryan Mayes
OK3Lucullus McNair. Rachel Mayes
4John R. McNair. Cynthia Hufaker and Elizabeth Parrott
5Clement McNair*
6Mary Delilah McNair. Benjamin Franklin Adair
7Talbert McNair. Nellie Carter
8Oscar McNair*
9Nicholas Benjamin McNair. Rachel Sanders and Martha E. Jones
11127314Laura Rogers. Thomas Dunn Beard
2Emily Lovely Cherokee Rogers. Nathan Wofford
OK3Sarah Rogers. William Cavender
4William Ridge Rogers. Lucy P. Rogers
11128314Julia P. Lowe*
2Sarah Alice Lowe, George Moor
3John J. Lowe. Annie Knox
4Octavia Lowe* Jackson Nichols
11129314Henry Lenoir*
2Mary Octavia Lenoir
OK3Thomas Rogers Lenoir. Mary J. Franklin
4John Albert Lenoir. Mary Jackson
5Sarah Frances Lenoir. Zachariah Taylor Roberts
6Cynthia Ann Lenoir. Marion Roberts
7Emma Elizabeth Lenoir. Alexander Pearson Roberts
111210314Mary Kenney Rogers
2Catherine Rogers. Isaac Newton Strickland
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1 thought on “Genealogy of the Cherokee Cordery Family”

  1. I am pleased to observe that details on ancestors are invaluable in terms of confirming family oral history using naming traditions. I have noted that the Collins family genealogy is not mentioned here. Members of the Cherikee Collins family again originates with the Delaware Indians in New Jersey then to the Choptank Indians living in Eastern shore virgina and moving from Delaware colony. Have any historical sources related to the Collins fam free families if color Shawnee Ind. fam genealogies among the Lewes Indians DE-MD in a compiled genealogy? Cherikee in
    Cherokee Strip, OK or among the Kanza Sioux in SEMissouri? I am researching family connections to the Great Woman Nippy Houston and that Sam is a cousin who is directly related to me via this Cordery-Rogers lineage to my GGf chf. J. Rogers!! Thanks for the info! Drive out the white people! I am grateful to the Native American people for giving blood, good fortune, worthwhile great life ! God Damn the US!

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